Top Shelf Pop-Up #6: Bomber Blast supported by Innova Discs

PDGA logoFri-Sat, April 2-3, 2021 at Cameron Park Lake in Cameron Park, California
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Tournament DirectorMike Berry
Tournament DirectorParker Berry

About this tournament

This is a Friday/Sat event with Sunday being Easter.

Friday at Cameron Park Lake -
Ams and Int play in the morning (tee times posted a few days before)
Pro and 40+ play in the afternoon (tee times)

Saturday morning -
Pioneer Park round for MA1, MA2, FA1, MA60
Skull Mountain round for MPO, MP40, MP50, MP60, MA40 and MA50
Awards and raffle to follow immediately after at Pioneer Park.

Big thanks to sponsor Ron “Skull” Brown and El Dorado Disc Sports for help with making this event happen!

Seeking hole sponsors and event sponsors! Social media shoutouts, business names on prize packs.

Safety Protocol

Anyone who is in a high-risk category as noted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or is feeling any symptoms should not participate.

Social Distancing:

The number of participants and staff will be limited. There will be no more than five players in any one group with all participants required to practice physical distancing.

Participants are asked to observe social distancing measures and all mandates to include staying a minimum of 6’ apart. Wearing of face masks will be suggested at all times you are not on the teebox, at your lie, eating or drinking or, during the round, at least 30 feet from any other person.

As Tournament Director, I advise players to avoid congregating in any area (parking lot, practice baskets, bathroom areas, staffing area, etc.) Please do not arrive to the Golf Course more than 30 minutes prior to your tee time and do not stay at the course for more than 30 minutes after your round.

We are providing all event information (course rules, FAQs, etc.) by email and Facebook to avoid the need for larger gatherings like player meetings.

Scores, Equipment & Water

The players in a group may agree on a single player to keep score electronically with PDGA live scoring and another player should keep a paper score card. At the end of the round, digital scores should be verified by checking the paper card and then submitted electronically if possible. Mobile devices should not be shared among players.

Participants should not touch discs, bags, carts, or any other property belonging to another participant. Participants should bring and control their own food and water for the entire round. Players should carry as much water on the round as they can reasonably manage.

Players should consider uniquely marking their discs on both the top and the bottom of the discs, thereby helping to identify the owner of a disc without the need for someone to touch it to flip it over.

Players should clear their disc from a target before another player putts out. A player should not putt into a target that already has another disc within it.

Players should carefully remove their disc from a target and avoid touching any surface of the target while doing so.

Refund policy

Hangtown Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds and cancellations. No refunds after March 25.
$10 fee after March 21.


Cameron Park Lake
Cameron Park, CA   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Jeff Russell484896$379
2Jason Herm475198$223
2Spencer Ling455398$223
4Daniel Turner485199$125
4Kyle Normand465399$125
4Nic Frost465399$125
7Sean Tapley4952101$86
8Dustin Evanger4855103$71
8Nathan Grayem5251103$71
10Dale Dennett5351104$54
10Ryland Plummer5153104$54
10Shea Callahan5054104$54
13Andrei Anderson5154105
13Cameron Martin5253105
15Joshua Emigh5551106
16Jerime Saunders4958107
16Josh Sparlin5354107
18Brent McCoy5157108
18Justin O5157108
18Mike Leeman5652108
21Beau Cleveland5158109
21Brandon S Eggenberg5257109
21Jon "Lestat" Yergler5752109
24Scott Brown5555110
25Kelly Jew5655111
25Mike Milligan5259111
25Shaun Long5358111
28Cameron Sales5758115
29Sam Pates6061121
Pro 40+
1Tateki Noma4951100$217
2Modesto Urbina5056106$138
3Dominic Drozdowicz5354107$101
4Anthony J Couch5553108$37
4Dave Mc5553108$37
6Dustin Wolfe5559114
6Jason Barfield5856114
6Robert Sanders5856114
9Todd Barker5959118
10Chris Raudenbush6161122
Pro 50+
1Chris Carpenter4656102$177
2Ron "Skull" Brown5153104$111
3Thomas Yang5354107$83
4Jaysen McDaniel5257109
5Ray Barron Jr5655111
6Mike Griffith5359112
7Marty Johnson5363116
Pro 60+
1Steve Welck5654110$133
2Doug Johnson5560115$79
3Ken Contryman5958117
4Kevin Morse6669135
1Roger Vartabedian494594$83
2Peter De Gier494897$64
3Erik Burkett475299$56
4Ezra Hapner5050100$49
5Brandon Hill4952101$41
5Derek Peart4952101$41
7Alan Hyde5250102$29
7Brandon Goad5250102$29
7Thomas Byrd5151102$29
10Mitchell Conner5350103$24
10Wyatt Bowles5152103$24
12Gregory McDonald5450104$19
12John OBryan5153104$19
12Kyle Gaches5549104$19
12William Ashley5153104$19
16Andrew Thomason5154105$5
16Ryan Takayama5451105$5
16Victor Camara5154105$5
19Bailey Brown5650106
19James Agnone5452106
19Luke Bishop5551106
22Trevon Williams5552107
23Casey Bagozzi5652108
23Philip Grossman5949108
25Brent Moore5455109
25David Wilson5455109
27Dan Nutley6051111
28Andrew Sitzmann5458112
28Daniel Arismendi5557112
28Josh Branco5953112
31Chris Blandford5760117
31Matt Gowans5859117
33Daniel Armendarez6258120
34Jake Castro6367130
35Courtland A. Wilson7669145
Amateur 40+
1Joe Avansino5055105$55
2CJ Nakayama5852110$38
3Jason Williams5655111$29
4Carlos Hernandez5659115$19
4Darren Weston5758115$19
6Justin Weilacher5860118
7Jason Merck6365128
8Kevin Inglin6169130
9Justin Miller6470134
10Zach Kimbrough62-62
Amateur 50+
1Shawn Shu Shu Stanley4958107$46
2Jason Hamby5355108$25
2Ken Griffith5553108$25
4Ron(Bonehead) Jones5457111
5Chris Moes5563118
6Steve Hixenbaugh73-73
Amateur 60+
1Chris Impens5756113$40
2Frank Levings5955114$24
3Ron McHenry6056116
4John Johnson6564129
1Adam 'Static' Pelayo485199$56
2Tyler Sewell5051101$50
3Christopher Wirtz5054104$49
3Mariano Hernandez5054104$49
5Alex Bluemel5353106$44
5Steve Hitchcock5353106$44
7Erik Galindo5553108$40
7Nicholas Rathbun5355108$40
9Andrew Riggs5455109$36
9Jacob Tisinger5851109$36
9Mat Straka5653109$36
12Anthony Casavecchia5654110$24
12Christopher Hall5753110$24
12Gabriel Lopez5654110$24
12James Pavlichek5654110$24
12Justin Borges5555110$24
12Michael Brewer5753110$24
12Trevor Jones5357110$24
12Vance Byer5258110$24
20Adam Raty5655111
20Chris Burford5457111
20Doug Barnes5952111
20Marcus Smith5655111
24Fabian V Lopez5855113
25Chad Passof6054114
26Michael McClure5758115
26Richard Manuel5758115
26Wyatt Haenel5758115
29Joseph DeVictoria5957116
29Peter Serface6155116
31Richard Grube5760117
32James Caudle6454118
32Taylor Rozier5662118
34Hank Dickey6059119
34Ryan Monte6257119
34Victor Smith5465119
37Cameron Campbell6060120
38Ryan Shepard6760127
39Nick Hodgson6367130
40Dylan Rader7762139
41Jason Halk53-53
42Kevin Wade58-58
Advanced Women
1Mara Saltzman5960119$38
2Bryn Vollenweider6558123$24
3Lexie Williams6368131$9
3Selena Zambrano6863131$9
5Karen Welck7569144