Bethel Doubles

PDGA logoSunday, August 7, 2022 at Bethel University in Arden Hills, Minnesota
XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned doubles tournament

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About this tournament

Let's have some fun and play doubles! This is a two round PDGA C tier "bring your own partner" doubles event a ... more
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Chris Johnson    August 7 at 11:37pm

How are AM payouts being made available to those that “cashed”?

Tom Marcus   August 8 at 1:35pm

If you weren't able to make the award ceremony I will keep track of any credit earned and you can redeem at another event or get a hold of me. [email redacted]

Cole Rademacher    August 6 at 8:07pm

Am I able to get a refund and drop out of the tournament? I believe I got covid from a concert I want to on Tuesday and I’ve been down in the dumps.

Tom Marcus   August 7 at 2:28am

Yes, a refund for your team I am assuming?

Tom Marcus   August 7 at 4:12am

I have initiated the refund for you and your partner.

Pete Carr    August 5 at 2:02pm

Just tried to register for the waitlist and said it was closed. If it opens, would register another team!

Thank you

Tom Marcus   August 5 at 2:43pm

I can let you know if a spot opens up.

Pete Carr   August 5 at 2:57pm

Sounds good thank you!

Jacob Mraz    August 5 at 2:23am

I’m registered and on the waitlist and am wondering if you can withdraw me from the tournament?


Tim Mader-Brown    August 4 at 7:58pm

Is there a deadline for the waitlist?


Adam LeMay    August 4 at 6:19pm

Weather isn’t looking great. What is the weather protocol for the event?


Ken Chan    August 2 at 6:00pm

I fat fingered the dgpa for my partner Jason Freund on team Butthurt in the rec division. The number should be 193147. Will you please fix that?

Tom Marcus   August 2 at 8:31pm

Got it.

Josh Hillberg    August 2 at 1:21pm

Any chance you will be adding more teams?

Tom Marcus   August 2 at 3:09pm

No, we are maxed out. You should sign up for my remaining doubles events which are not yet full: Sportsman's Hill Doubles 8/21, Becker Doubles 9/11, and Kaposia Doubles 10/16

Mark Nelson    August 2 at 3:28am

Any chance our team Anhyzer One Bites The Dust can move from INT to REC?

Tom Marcus   August 2 at 11:53am

I have made that change for you. Thanks!

Alex Kooker    August 1 at 11:45pm

Could you please move the team "Off the Chain" from Recreational to Novice please?

Tom Marcus   August 2 at 12:05am

Got it.

Dominick Reiss    August 1 at 10:09pm

Hey Tom, I am a part of Team DONT and I am now realizing that we messed up and we meant to sign up for Recreational. Is there a way we can switch it or are we doomed to be inter-medial Team DONT?

Tom Marcus   August 1 at 11:26pm

I have made that change for you. Thanks!

Tom Marcus    August 1 at 9:56pm

We are going to chop hole 15 in half to add one extra hole to the layout playing 19 holes both rounds!


Trey Stoller    August 1 at 8:49pm

Is 108 the cap for the tournament or will you be moving people off the waitlist? I have a double partner and we want to sign up for rec

Tom Marcus   August 1 at 9:42pm

Trey, 108 is the current cap. There are 3 teams currently on the waitlist. I might be able to add one hole to the layout in which case those 3 teams would get in and the event would still be full. I can let you know if a spot opens up or if you and your partner sign up for the waitlist and don' ... more

Taylor Bruhschwein    July 30 at 5:13pm

Which baskets will we be playing? All blues?

Tom Marcus   July 31 at 12:55pm

Yes, Except for hole 10 we will throw to the short pin location.

Luke Simcik    July 26 at 11:35pm

If one of the partners of the duo has an active PDGA membership, but the other does not have a PDGA number at all how does that work? Can the one partner still collect any potential prizes?

Tom Marcus   July 27 at 2:19pm

The player without the pdga membership would need to pay the $10 non pdga fee during online registration for this C tier event. B tiers and higher need current membership to compete. Non pdga members can't receive cash in pro divisions. If you were to play pro and cash, you would get half the p ... more

Tom Marcus    June 30 at 5:59am

Upon further review, the Recreation division and below will play the short tees to the shortest possible basket locations.

David Caccamo   August 5 at 12:45pm

Tom, the e-mail said that all divisions will play from the long tees. Which is correct?

Tom Marcus   August 5 at 1:39pm

For doubles, we will play the long tees. Sorry for the confusion. For singles on Saturday the B pool will play short tees.

Andrew Datwyler    May 2 at 8:26am

Will there be a mixed (M/F) division?

Tom Marcus   May 2 at 5:39pm

No, I wanted to offer those divisions but the pdga/disc golf scene interface made that overly difficult. We will have to work with the divisions that we have available. A mixed team could compete in the available divisions. Hopefully next year those divisions will be available on the sites.

Taylor Bremness    April 17 at 12:47am

Hey Tom, I have a relative that would like to do one of these doubles tournaments with me but he doesn’t have a PDGA number and isn’t ranked. If we are going off the honor system he isn’t as good as me and I’m in the Rec division. Could the both of us still sign up for the Rec division or does he have to be ranked?

Tom Marcus   April 17 at 1:07am

Players don't have to be PDGA members to play. There is a $10 non pdga member fee. Based on what you are saying, having you guys play Rec would be the best option. Thanks for asking.

Tom Marcus    March 28 at 2:47am

The registration is set up and ready to go. Players can register with their partners for the division(s) for which they qualify based on their PDGA rating. Players can play in divisions above their rating/classification but can't play in divisions below their rating/classification. These PDGA doubles events don't affect individual ratings but players still earn PDGA points.

For example, if golfer A is a male classified as an amateur and has a rating of 920, he would need to find a p ... more