Belch'n Turkey XIX

PDGA logoSaturday, November 27, 2021 at The Sinks in Chattanooga, Tennessee
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Anthony Caldwell    December 1 at 3:08am

Will there be tournament footage on youtube?

Kevin Turner   December 1 at 12:50pm

No coverage this year.

Tracey Baird    November 30 at 1:57pm

Another great tournament by you and your team Kevin. Thanks for all that ya'll do.

Kevin Turner   December 1 at 12:50pm

Thank you Tracey, glad that you could make it again this year.

Ken Harrison    November 25 at 5:08pm

I'm on the ma60 waitlist, when will I know that I won't be able to play?

Andrew Bushey   November 25 at 7:37pm

Hi Ken, unfortunately we do not know if people will continue to drop or when. We will not be adding additional spots beyond the 180. More information on the waitlist can be found on the pictures tab on the DGS event page.

Dylan Honeycutt    November 23 at 1:30pm

Hey Kevin, I need to drop this year, will be out of town with family. Hope the tourney goes great!

Kevin Turner   November 23 at 1:38pm

Hi Dylan, sorry to hear that buddy. I moved you off the registration list and will send you a refund as soon as your spot is claimed. Have a good Thanksgiving.

Kevin Turner   November 23 at 2:49pm

Got your spot filled and sent your refund. Hope you can make it next year buddy.

james palmer    November 22 at 12:29am

I need to withdraw from MA40. I've injured my shoulder and can't play. I tried to withdraw through the link but it didn't work.

Kevin Turner   November 22 at 12:17pm

Hi James, sorry you can't make it and I will get your refund sent over shortly. Hope your shoulder gets better.

Caleb Jones    November 19 at 11:41pm

For B pool at the Sinks do we play short tees to short baskets for every hole?

Charles Yoder   November 20 at 4:11am

Normally yes. Short tee to first basket

Kevin Turner   November 20 at 1:28pm

Yes, all short tees and the first available basket. The pin positions for both pools are listed in the pictures section.

Josh Pridemore    November 16 at 6:55pm

There is a fee to get on the waitlist. Will this be refunded if it doesn’t end up opening for me and I don’t play? Just wanted clarity on the waitlist fee. Thanks!

Kevin Turner   November 16 at 7:24pm

Hi Josh, the $3 waitlist fee is non-refundable and goes toward tourney expenses. There is more information on how the waitlist works in the pictures section.

Josh Pridemore   November 16 at 8:48pm

Ah thank you! Sorry, I did not see this.

Kevin Turner    October 14 at 11:28pm

Curtis Shriver   October 14 at 11:42pm


Richard Van Manen   October 15 at 12:25am


Todd Thurman    October 13 at 5:07am

Are there any events that are going on during the week before this event? I remember something about a doubles event last year.

Richard Van Manen   October 13 at 10:47pm

Tyler from DD is doing a flex C-Tier at one of the Montlake courses on Friday, then another one at Dallas Island on Saturday

Todd Thurman   October 14 at 8:41pm

Richard, I meant in November... The week of Thanksgiving....

Andrew Bushey   November 11 at 7:07pm

Hi Todd, there is a doubles event the day before the Turkey. If you search for Dam Dubs 2021 on Disc Golf Scene you should be able to find it.

Jeff Wetjen    October 1 at 1:28am

Kevin....any idea when the second round will start?

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Kevin Turner   October 1 at 11:56am

It will most likely be after the first round.

Curtis Shriver   October 1 at 12:16pm

I thought the format changed this year to minimize the between rounds time and prevent it getting too dark before the end of the rounds. Both rounds are the same folks on the card and you start from the same hole each round. Adter the first round, you just wait for everybody on your card to show up ... more

Curtis Shriver   October 1 at 12:26pm

Honestly, it'll probably be the same start time as the last couple of times you've played it.

Robert Wright    September 23 at 2:09am

Slim chance but will the waitlist for ams open at all? Was going to try and get in for MA3 and it wasn’t letting me

Kevin Turner   September 23 at 2:27am

Hi Robert, each pool's waitlist is limited to 20 (one has 21 because two people registered at the exact same time) because historical, there are not that many drops in each pool. It is a slim chance but I have adjusted that to 25.

Tyler Einecker    June 30 at 8:57pm

Will there be a novice division?