Battle in the Pines II - Powered by Prodigy Discs

PDGA logoSaturday, January 15, 2022 at Summerville Country Club in Summerville, South Carolina
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Welcome to the Battle in the Pines II Powered by Prodigy Discs at the beautiful Summerville Country Club in Su ... more
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Jared Keels    January 13 at 6:32pm

Requested to withdrawal yesterday morning due to a positive Covid test. Just wanted to make sure y’all received it.

Avery French   January 14 at 12:19am

Hey Jared, I’m processing refunds tonight as we’ve had others drop as well due to Covid and schedule changes. I hope you are feeling ok and continue to do so!

Cody Henderson    January 12 at 7:34pm

Can anyone pay to play the course Thursday or is it just for tournament participants?

Avery French   January 13 at 12:12pm

Yes, there is no charge. We encourage players to purchase a drink or food item from the course clubhouse!

Joshua Swaney    January 12 at 2:19pm

It’s it possible for me to be moved to MA2 please ?

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Alex Hanger   January 12 at 4:11pm

Hey Avery, Josh is my buddy that is visiting me from out of town. Any chance we could be pair together for the first round on Saturday?

Avery French   January 12 at 5:49pm


Alex Hanger   January 12 at 6:57pm


Chance Price    January 12 at 12:53am

Is there a caddie book that has the layout and OB’s listed? I’m trying to get out on Thursday but may have to play it blind. Something to reference would be nice.

Avery French   January 12 at 1:34am

Hey Chance, I’ll send a guide over to you!

Lynne Gerber    January 9 at 7:26pm

For the practice round on Thursday… do we sign up for a tee time? And can we do that on line before Thursday? Or are we s’opposer to just come at 1:00 and stand in line to get a time between 2:00 and some time in pm? Also, how long should we figure it takes to play a round with 4 people?

Avery French   January 9 at 7:50pm

No tee time required for practice rounds. Show up anytime after 1. Rounds will take 2-3 hours.

Ian stephens    January 7 at 11:55pm

Are we already assigned tee times and holes? If so where can I find that?

Avery French   January 8 at 12:18am

We will be sending that out Monday or Tuesday.

Jeff Maimone    January 7 at 10:07pm

Can you move me to the MPO division?

Avery French   January 7 at 10:26pm


Lynne Gerber    January 7 at 6:56pm

Re caddies: may we have a caddy? And may caddy ride in cart? My husband had planned to caddy but I guess if we’re supposed to use carts, we don’t need caddy anyway?

Avery French   January 7 at 10:27pm

Hey Lynne, I’ll send you an email.

Alex Hanger    January 7 at 5:33pm

Looking forward to next weekend! Are the pars on the UDisc layout correct? The three that are listed are sub-600ft while the par 4s are 500, 600, and 635 feet respectively.

Avery French   January 7 at 6:16pm

Hey Alex, we’ve had issues with Udisc reverting back to former pars when the female division layout is updated. There are a couple pars that are incorrect at the moment. Udisc is solving the issues and this will be fixed before next week. There are no par 5s for male divisions.

Alex Hanger   January 7 at 7:51pm

Sounds good, thanks for the update!

Brandon Phipps    January 7 at 4:31pm

What’s the plan for spectators?

Avery French   January 7 at 6:18pm

Spectators are welcome but carts are only reserved for players. There may be additional carts that spectators can rent day of but that is solely dependent on weather and availability from golf course.

Garrett Picton    January 7 at 3:00pm

Hey Avery. I know your email said carts are for participating players only. My dad was going to travel with me and Caddy for me. Am I allowed to walk if I want to? Or is expected for pace of play that all players ride? If we are riding…. Are we expected to ride with a card mate as well?

Avery French   January 7 at 3:50pm

Hey Garrett, I’ll email you.

Garrett Picton   January 8 at 2:46am

Sounds good. I’ll keep an eye out for something from you.

Fred Geer    January 7 at 2:07pm

Hey Avery if you can get me a later tee time Saturday it would work out good for me. I'm going to try and go into work that morning.


Jason Paul    January 6 at 8:26pm

Wasn’t the practice on Thursday starting at 12?

Avery French   January 6 at 9:23pm

Thursday Jan. 13

Alex Hanger   January 7 at 5:26pm

It was originally 2pm from what I saw. Now it's a 1pm according to the recent email

Logan Thibodeau    January 6 at 1:22am

Spot for MA1? I’m the only one on the waitlist

Avery French   January 7 at 1:12pm

You’re in now!

David Specia    January 5 at 7:39pm

Do you anticipate opening anymore MPO spots or movement on the MPO waitlist?

Avery French   January 5 at 7:55pm

We plan to cap it at 96, so I recommend getting on the waitlist as you never know who may drop.

David Specia   January 5 at 8:13pm

Thanks for the info! Just registered for the waitlist and hope it works out.

Brandon Phipps    January 4 at 7:54pm

Can I be moved to Ma40 please

Avery French   January 4 at 8:41pm


Lynne Gerber    January 3 at 2:59pm

Do we need to sign up for tee times for practice rounds? And if so, how do we do so? Also, is Friday basically off limits for practice? Are there other disc golf courses in the area that you’d recommend?

Avery French   January 3 at 3:21pm

Hi Lynne, we will be sending out more info in the next couple of days. Practice will be Thursday only and I recommend Naval Weapons Station, Woodlands Nature Reserve and Trophy Lakes.

Lynne Gerber   January 4 at 4:09pm

Thanks! Sounds good.

Walter Bachelder    December 23 at 3:25pm

Is there a waitlist that I can see how many players are on it before me if I reg for it. Will be traveling from Maine and want to see what the odds are I would get in

Avery French   December 23 at 3:46pm

Hey Walter, currently you would be the first on the waitlist. We anticipate allowing a few more people in, so you should be good!

Lucas Denson    November 28 at 10:28pm

What time are latest tee times on Sunday?

Do they all start at 10:00 am or do different divisions have different tee times?


Curtis Shriver    November 25 at 5:16pm

Will golf carts be used for this event?

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Curtis Shriver   November 25 at 8:13pm

Thank you

Avery French   December 4 at 12:07am

Hey Curtis, we will now be having carts at this event!

Curtis Shriver   December 4 at 12:48am

That's sweet. I'll see you in January