Battle for the Ribbon at BRP ~ Sponsored By; MVP Disc Sports!!

PDGA logoSaturday, May 13, 2023 at Blue Ribbon Pines in East Bethel, Minnesota
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

This event will be 2 rounds of 18. Round 1 players will play holes 1-18. Round 2 players will play hole ... more
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Tristan Lindgren    May 11 at 3:45pm

For everyone curious on the layout and other general information. Follow the link below:

I will send out an email tomorrow with more information as well

Tristan Lindgren   May 11 at 3:46pm

It’s best to look at it on a computer.

Scott Allen    May 11 at 1:27am

When will we know what the layout looks like? Will there be a map to go over possibly?

Tristan Lindgren   May 11 at 2:48pm

They current layout for the course is up and ready to go at BRP. I’ll post details right now.

Angela Stewart    May 8 at 4:50pm

Any chance for another FA spot to open. I missed the last spot this morning that was open. I'm guessing it wasn't dedicated.

Tristan Lindgren   May 9 at 1:06pm

I do apologize, I did an overall cap for both ams and pros instead of doing individual divisions. I will do things differently from now on!

JONATHAN J SCHARLEMANN    May 5 at 12:09am

Helo, I have a couple friends who want to watch. One of them I could declare a caddie, but the second would be consided a "spectator." So according to the rule book, one would need to stay In a the "spectator area". BRP has several places where they could "hang out" and watch. There's the consession stand and the stands by hole 1. Would he be allowed in those areas? I just want to be able to give him good information.

Tristan Lindgren   May 5 at 12:54am

As long as they stay behind the card at some distance and don’t disrupt the card… I’m okay with them walking with you so long as it’s okay with everyone else. Usually spectators aren’t that big of a deal until you get into major & elite events. This is a C-tier eve ... more

Casey Freidig   May 5 at 2:52am

I’ve also seen it where if you talk to your group and everyone’s OK with it your second friend could also be a caddy for another card mate, but he has to stay with that other player

Chaz Donahue    March 25 at 1:57pm

Is there a waitlist option for this event? Somehow missed registration but would love to join if a spot opens up.

Tristan Lindgren   March 25 at 2:20pm

As of right now there isn’t a waitlist. Simply because we didn’t expect the event to fill so quickly. We’ll adapt for that next year!

Chris Hall   March 28 at 3:52pm

Can you add a waitlist option now? Statistically some players will drop out between now and event and would be good to have a list established vs randomly checking in to see if any spots opened. I interested in getting on waitlist for open.

Adam Fritz    March 21 at 2:45am

Are you thinking of an 18 hole layout or a 27? If you do a 27 could potentially have 127 players. 5 to a card. Just saying….

Tristan Lindgren   March 21 at 3:09am

As it states in the event schedule and “about this tournament” section, as of right now we’re doing 2 rounds of 18. Primarily because of the early, wet season. BRP recommended this and they would know better then me. We may add more holes in the future but it’ll be based off of what BRP suggests/allows. Thank you!

Shawn Goodell    March 17 at 2:47am

This is my first BRP tourney. Just curious if you know what the layout/combos will be? Do they give you a heads up on the layout or will it just be whatever the layout is at the time?

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Shawn Goodell   March 17 at 9:23pm

Sounds good! Thanks for the response!

Tristan Lindgren   May 11 at 3:43pm

Follow this link for more detailed information. It’s best to look at it on a computer. I will send out an email tomorrow as well for more in depth information as well

James Moyer    March 6 at 5:24pm

Anymore spots open up I’d love to attend!

Tristan Lindgren   March 29 at 12:38am

1 spot available for MPO

Matthew Broberg    February 25 at 2:56pm

‚úč I'd also love to make it to the roster if something opens up. Thanks!

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Matthew Broberg   April 2 at 1:18pm

Thanks for letting me know! I had a commitment come up. Hope it's a blast ????

Matthew Broberg   April 2 at 1:19pm

haha that was an emoji that didn't render, not 4 question marks :)

Tristan Lindgren   April 3 at 9:33pm


Tyler Fredlund    February 19 at 2:06am

If anymore spots open up or anyone drops out, I would love to fill a spot if possible!

Tristan Lindgren   March 29 at 12:38am

1 spot available for MPO

Curtis Nihart    February 17 at 3:00pm

Anymore spots opening up ? Or just the 90?

Tristan Lindgren   February 17 at 5:12pm

I am working with BRP to possibly add 1-2 more holes! You will be notified if more spots open up

Amber Ringgenberg    February 16 at 2:16am

Any reason why the FPO field is listed as full when only one is playing? Would love to sign up but...

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Amber Ringgenberg   February 18 at 4:22am

Obviously priority is always given to the MPO field so I don't expect to get into this event. I would like to see at least a few spots reserved in the future to give ladies the chance to sign up... Otherwise you'll never get a turn out. And if spots are not filled, they go to Mpo on the wait-list. Definitely an oversight that keeps happening and should be fixed.

Peter Atkins   February 20 at 3:32am

Any expansion to the field at this point should be focused on allowing more than 4 women to play. Definitely have to cap FPO and FA divisions (and all divisions) individually and give them time to fill.

Tristan Lindgren   March 12 at 11:41pm

I understand. We do apologize! This is our second year running events and this was the first event we’ve ever had fill completely! 2 spots have opened up for the pro division. We’ll definitely take better care of our division caps next year!!

Mark Nelson    February 15 at 4:03am

Any chance more slots open up by having 5/card or bumping it up to rounds of 20/22 holes?

Tristan Lindgren   February 15 at 4:51am

That’s the plan! We’re currently working with BRP right now to figure out a way to get more players at this event!

Tristan Lindgren   February 15 at 7:01pm

More spots have been added now.

alex ness    February 12 at 4:51am

Is anymore spots opening?

Tristan Lindgren   February 12 at 5:25am

As of right now I’ll be giving the pros some time to fill. If not, I will be adding more spots to the ams and decreasing the number of pro spots available. Follow our Facebook page below to make sure you’re up to date!

Tristan Lindgren   February 15 at 7:01pm

More spots have been added now!

Ryan H. LaRue    January 4 at 3:08pm

Is this a full 27 holes for 2 rounds?

Tristan Lindgren   January 4 at 3:24pm

After some thought we’ve decided to do 2 rounds of 18 holes. But you’ll play all 27 holes throughout the day! We haven’t quite picked out the details but you’ll probably play holes 1-18 on round 1 and holes 10-27 on round 2