Barnett Park Championships presented by Orlando Disc Golf

PDGA logoSat-Sun, February 4-5, 2023 at Gordon Barnett Park in Orlando, Florida
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Please be advised that all PDGA B-tier events now require PDGA membership. You must have an active membership ... more
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Kyle Denman    February 10 at 5:27pm

Have payouts been sent yet?


Uncle Fester    February 4 at 5:25pm

Where will round 2 start time get posted?

Kevin Nollmeyer   February 4 at 5:57pm


Shelley Carden   February 4 at 6:01pm

They are posted

Victor V    February 4 at 12:40am

So the ace fund is not available to the MA4 division, correct?

Brennan Loynd   February 4 at 2:24am

All divisions are eligible for the ace fund.

Shelley Carden    February 4 at 12:17am

Hole 10, North. Can I please verify that Under the Bridge is OB even if you cross the canal and end on basket side? Is it marked off if in fact it is OB.

Brennan Loynd   February 4 at 2:34am


Dan Lewis    February 3 at 9:02pm

Clarification please. The about section says 8:45 start time for round 1 but the email says 9:00. Thanks!

Kevin Nollmeyer   February 3 at 9:17pm

I was told 9 am start

Dan Lewis   February 3 at 9:50pm

Thanks Kevin. Good luck this weekend!

Mike Hermes   February 3 at 10:34pm

We are starting at 9:00am. Check in closes at 8:45

David Rodriguez    February 3 at 7:42pm

When do we find out what tee pads we start at?


Ben Knievel    February 2 at 9:32pm

I need to withdraw. I don't need a refund. I would still like the players pack.

Mike Hermes   February 2 at 11:25pm

Right on buddy I’ll hold it for you

Ben Knievel   February 2 at 11:37pm


Terry Brinson    February 2 at 10:46am

Hey Mike, why did my name get removed from list on ma1 last night? I got back into tournament and paid for it and been on there and now my name is off there?

Mike Hermes   February 2 at 12:02pm

Right on, I did not realize that was the case. I’ll put you back in.

Terry Brinson   February 2 at 12:25pm

Thank you sir sorry for mix up.

Mike Hermes   February 2 at 1:06pm

It happened with a few people, program acting up. I’m glad your playing

Brock Mahaffey    February 1 at 10:20pm

Hey Mike,
I need to withdraw due to work sorry about the last minute.


Mike Hermes   February 2 at 10:18am

I will take you out

Brian Roberts   February 2 at 12:15pm


Brock Mahaffey   February 3 at 9:48pm

Sorry B I know it is Lame

Garrett Neely    February 1 at 10:14pm

Can I be switched to MA50?


Shelley Carden    February 1 at 12:53am

Who's got info on random draw dubs? Layout...

Mike Hermes   February 1 at 2:37am

Still undecided, watch the Orlando Disc Golf Inc FaceBook page for more info.

Kyle Denman    January 29 at 5:42pm

How many people are on the waitlist for ma1? Thinking about switching from ma2 to ma1

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Kyle Denman   January 30 at 8:18pm

Can you switch me into MA1 please

Brennan Loynd   January 31 at 1:33pm


Chris Lajoie   January 31 at 2:09pm

Online registration is closed, let me know how to sign up

Ramon Rodriguez    January 27 at 11:18am

What are the chances that since we have 4 on the waitlist for ma3 that a new card will just be added for us to join?

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Mike Hermes   January 27 at 1:58pm

Yes, I think it automatically refunds the entire amount without my input. Message me or

Mike Hermes   January 27 at 1:58pm

Message me directly and I’ll put you in contact with the club board member in charge of memberships

Ramon Rodriguez   January 27 at 2:03pm


Ezra Ellis    January 25 at 12:11pm

Will it be to late to sign up for the ctp on the day of the tournament

Mike Hermes   January 26 at 8:31pm

You can sign up the morning of or Friday at early check in

Ezra Ellis    January 25 at 12:02pm

I’d it mandatory to be there on Friday February 3rd

Mike Hermes   January 26 at 8:31pm

Nope purely optional event.

Ezra Ellis    January 9 at 12:43pm

If I turn 13 this year would I have to do the MJ15 or could I do the MJ12

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Mike Hermes   January 9 at 7:51pm

I’ll message you directly if that is not accurate

Ezra Ellis   January 10 at 1:02pm

I will not be 13 at the time of the tournament

Mike Hermes   January 10 at 2:11pm

Ezra check your messages on this site, I just texted you

Cole Wehrheim    December 9 at 1:56am

What is the reasoning for no pro divisions?

Devin Monroe   December 9 at 2:44am

Off the top of my head? No need for added cash.

Brennan Loynd   December 9 at 11:50pm

There were 2 reasons for this, the first being that as a club we are really trying to focus on growing our local amateur community. The second is that we were not interested in competing with Polk County for the Florida MPO players.

Andrew Washburn   December 10 at 2:35am

Just to clarify, it was more of a "happy coincidence" that Polk moved their event to our previously established weekend. It allows us to focus on the local am community, a main focus of Orlando Disc Golf this year, while giving the pros a nearby alternative on the same weekend.

Caleb henson    December 8 at 9:26pm

Same weekend as Polk County open

Clay Acup   December 8 at 11:37pm

yep, boo hiss

Mark Janssen   December 9 at 1:11am

Sorry but if I'm not mistaken they moved theirs later this year and overlapped.

Clay Acup   December 9 at 1:50am

it is what it is

Corbin Gonzalez    December 8 at 3:25am

So no MPO this year?

Mike Hermes   December 8 at 1:04pm

Sorry buddy, not this year