Back in the Saddle V Sponsored by Dynamic Discs

PDGA logoSat-Sun, June 29-30, 2024 at Boylan Acres in Monrovia, Indiana
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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$3,000 Added cash to the Pro divisions. Course fees per day will apply. We will be following 125% total ... more
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Nolan Blessing    June 30 at 1:08am

On the captains 21 layout tomorrow, the hole notes don’t mention the Mando on hole 15

Nolan Blessing   June 30 at 1:10am

So will we still be playing the Mando on that hole?

Steve Boylan   June 30 at 3:59am

The hole notes have been corrected to show the Mando on hole 15. (Hole 5E to 6E long pin).

Matt Davis    June 27 at 11:30am

On Saturday which course will be played long for AM2?

Todd Ronchetti   June 27 at 1:05pm

Arduous if I was a betting man

Steve Boylan   June 27 at 6:19pm


zac zac    June 26 at 7:29pm

TD , PMd. Thanks <3

Steve Boylan   June 27 at 4:12am


Billy Plant   June 27 at 3:27pm

Gasp/eek face!!

Steve Boylan    June 26 at 11:53am

We will be having a food truck coming out on Saturday for all those who wish to eat great BBQ food between rounds. Pulled Pork, Smoked Chicken, Smoked Brisket and Pork Belly are on the menu.

Andrea Michaud   June 26 at 6:35pm

OMG!!! This event just keeps getting better and better!

rich b    June 25 at 2:07pm

Appropriate attire, ..a crew neck for am's correct?

Steve Boylan   June 25 at 3:06pm

Dry fit T shirts are allowed.

Paul VandeKoppel    June 22 at 11:00pm

For hole 2 on the Extreme course, will the basket be in location A (short ~200ft shot through the small tree gaps) or location B (out into the field and around to the right)?

Jeremy Sumpter   June 22 at 11:53pm


Paul VandeKoppel   June 23 at 1:34am

Awesome. Thanks!

Paul Scarpato    June 21 at 5:25pm

What tee pads and baskets on the 2 courses make up the Captain's 21 layout?

Jeremy Sumpter   June 22 at 7:51pm

If you look on udisc you should be able to see the layouts

Caleb Bell    June 21 at 3:45pm

When is the tee off times for the first round?

Steve Boylan   June 24 at 10:17pm

9:30 am Saturday. Keep an eye out on your email for details.

Andy Konty    June 20 at 10:06pm

Are some groups only playing two total rounds?
“MJ18, FJ18, MA4, FA2, FA3, FA4, FA40, FA50 and FA60 will only play 1 round on the Arduous course Sat, then the Captains 21 on Sunday.“

Steve Boylan   June 27 at 5:48am

Yes. Some player noted in the about section are only playing their round Saturday on the Arduous course... We encourage those players to watch or caddie for the other divisions. They will be playing on Sunday for the Captains 21 layout.

Steve Boylan    June 20 at 4:08pm

Sundays Tee times will start at 8:00 am with tee times every 12 minutes. MA2, MA3, MA4, MA50, MA60, FA40 and FA4 will be playing the Captains 21 from the short tees.

Approximately 8:00 AM. FA4, FA40, MA50 on the short tees
Approximately 8:12 AM. MA60 on the short tees
Approximately 8:24 AM. MA4 on the short tees
Approximately 8:36 AM. MA3 on the short tees
Approximately 9:24 AM. MA2 on the short tees
Approximately 10:24 AM. MP60 on the short tees

Approximately 10:36 AM. MA40 ... more


TJ Jones    June 18 at 3:48pm

What will be the latest tee time for the flex on Friday?


Jacquelyn Rieser    June 17 at 2:03am

Are their any women's shirts?

Steve Boylan   June 20 at 3:37pm

I checked to see if we could get women's shirts. I cannot make that happen. Sorry.

John Strifler    June 13 at 5:05pm

The shirts look great - an excellent choice for players' packs!

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John Strifler   June 18 at 1:32am

Under Pictures tab on this site

Billy Plant   June 26 at 10:13pm

Steve, Thankful for your courses. Thankful for your dedication to the game. Thankful for you running this big tournament. But if we're taking votes I disagree. Would rather have two discs for the price. Or just one disc and more to payouts. Just my opinion but know you care so thought I'd share

Billy Plant   June 26 at 10:18pm

And John respect your opinion as well. Good reminder not ask necessarily have same opinion as me

Mike Rotter    June 13 at 2:27am

Also curious on the tee time order on Sunday


Paul Scarpato    June 3 at 8:48pm

What will be the order for divisions on Sunday for the tee time rounds?


Jeremy Sumpter    March 25 at 12:56am

All baskets are in long positions except for arduous 5&6. Come on out and practice


Dan Bayless    March 11 at 7:34pm

Any hotels/accommodations nearby?

Steve Boylan   March 11 at 8:45pm

We are working on a block of room and special pricing from a hotel that is near the interstate in Plainfield. (20 miles) I will update the information in this thread and in the "about" section later this week when it is confirmed.

Dan Bayless   March 25 at 2:14pm

Thanks Steve

Mike Rotter   June 11 at 6:31pm

Any updates on this?

Casey shaw    March 11 at 3:32am

This place is a gem had a great time playing it on the hottest day of the year in 2023 don't miss out on a amazing course