Baby New Year vs. Father Time

Wednesday, January 1, 2014 at Wortman Park in McMinnville, Oregon
Disc golf singles tournament



Tournament Director and PresidentTerry Shuler

About this tournament

This is a singles event that will include an extra challenge. This we be 1 round of 18 holes. We will play the holiday course. The same one for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Turkey Toss talk has the course lay out described in it. The singles event will be by normal divisions. $5.00. The challenge will be an extra $2.00. And the ace pot will be $1.00 So $7.00 to play and $1.00 ace pot for a total of $8.00. People can always play along for free to just play the course. Which is a shortish par 61 that *ucks with you on most holes. My usual OB Mando Island type stuff. The challenge goes like this. I will take the field and divide it in half by age. The oldest in each group will challenge each other and so on and so forth. If an odd number of players then the middle three will be a three person challenge. Then we will go oldest to oldest and so forth. The cards will be set by the challenges not by divisions. The usual holiday pre social hour will be going on as well. 503-857-9969 or [email redacted] get on the list.


Wortman Park
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