BC Open - Driven by Innova

PDGA logoFri-Sun, July 22-24, 2022 at Raptors Knoll Disc Golf Park in Township of Langley, British Columbia
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Tournament DirectorJohn Gould-Thorpe
Assistant TDAshley Porter
Digital WizardTed M

About this tournament

A-TIER USDGC QUALIFIER (4 spots available) and TPWDGC QUALIFIER (2 spots available)

Per PDGA's Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events, only players with a current PDGA membership may register.


MPO Touring Pro is defined as a player who has a DGPT Tour Card or is rated over 1015. FPO Touring Pro is defined as a player who has a DGPT Tour Card or is rated over 915. These spots will be held with the goal of ensuring that higher rated players are not left on the waitlist.

2022 BC Junior Champion is defined as the top finisher in the 2022 BC Junior Disc Golf Championships.


General registration opens March 1, 2022 at 7pm PST. Each division will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.


June 24, 2022: Divisions with less than 4 registrants will be collapsed with the following exceptions: MPO, FPO, MA1, FA1, MA2 and FA2 will be offered regardless of number of registrants. Registrants in collapsed divisions will be moved to the next available division OR registrants may cancel their registration for a full refund minus a $5 processing fee.


Registration closes June 24, 2022 at 7pm PST. After this time, only registrants from the Waitlist will be added to replace any cancellations.


Your Entry Fee includes the PDGA player fee of $4 and course green fees of $15. If you are a current member of the Jackman Wetlands Disc Golf Society (society which runs Raptors Knoll Disc Golf Park), your entry fee will be decreased by $15 as your green fees will be waived. You are responsible for the Disc Golf Scene non-refundable processing fee. If you are not a current member of the BC Disc Sports Society, you must purchase a $10 BCDS Competitive Member Registration at www.bcdiscsports.com within 1 week of your registration so you will be covered with player insurance for the 2022 BC Open.


All divisions will play one round each day, scheduled tee times, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Raptors Knoll course is open to the public year-round except when permitted events are in progress, The course at Campbell Valley will be available on a first come first serve basis for practice on July 21st for BC Open Registrants only. Per PDGA Rules, participants younger than 13 years old must be chaperoned by a non-playing adult.


We will be following all mandates from the BC Health Authority and the Return to Sport guidelines from viaSport BC. You are responsible for adhering to all rules and restrictions in place regarding Covid-19 guidelines and keeping abreast of any changes. If there are any major updates, we will try to email all registrants and post any major updates at www.bcopen.ca. For example, proof of vaccination is not currently required for individual competition in outdoor settings but the Provincial Health Officer may change this policy at any time. Please read our Refund Policy before you register.

Refund policy

Ace Runners Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. Withdrawals must be submitted through Disc Golf Scene or withdrawal requests must be emailed to the Tournament Director.

Cancellation prior to June 24, 2022
Pro Registrants and Amateur Registrants will receive a full refund of their entry fee minus a $5 processing fee.

Cancellation from June 24 to July 7, 2022
Pro Registrants and Amateur Registrants will receive a full refund of their entry fee minus a $5 processing fee ONLY if their spot is filled by a waitlisted registrant.
If her/his spot is NOT filled by a waitlisted registrant, the Pro Registrant or Amateur Registrant will receive a 50% refund of the entry fee minus a $5 processing fee.

Cancellation from July 8, 2022 onwards

Waitlisted Registrants who do not get into the competition will receive a full refund minus a $5 processing fee.

No refunds or player pack will be provided to any registrant who fails to officially withdraw or is a No Show during the competition.

Player packs will be available for pick up at Ace Runners' retail store on July 21, 2022 from 10am to 7pm. Player packs must be picked up by end of day July 23, 2022.


Raptors Knoll Disc Golf Park
Township of Langley, BC   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/56445
1Scott Withers515254$1,390
2Casey Hanemayer585754$1,027
3Carter Ahrens565856$752
4Andrew Leyland545662$577
4Mike Sale605557$577
6Chance Stad605657$435
7Thomas Kuhn595858$313
8Chris Nelson605660$275
8Duncan Schulz635657$275
10Finlay Buchanan-jacobs595662$227
10Stewart McIsack635757$227
12Andrew Henderson625563$191
12Kirby Snyder616059$191
14Joel Bellavance665758$169
14Hector Diakow605962$169
16Ben Atkinson596063$157
16Andrew Burns645860
16Noah Higgins615863$157
19Jeremy Gauthier606165$144
19Danny Gled655962$144
21Eric Johnston655567$130
21Jonathan Munke656161$130
23Miguel Alvarado616068
23Patrick Burley655668
25Wes McIntosh626069
26Emmanuel Brassard626664
26SeaTac Zac Ruziska666066
26Julian Zimmer666066
29James Chester666562
29Sylvain Verrier646564
31Charly Hiebert666266
31Ryan Watson656564
33Brendon Dejong676464
33David Hochhalter656169
35Luke Mason715867
36Alan Hill705870
36Marshall Kutyn676368
36Mitchell McMann746163
36Oliver Parsons746262
36Ryan Penner696267
41Daniel Fortier676370
41Spencer Munro726563
43Brendan Cuddihy755770
43Parsa Tajbakhsh656770
45Jamie Roddick726567
46Tyler Hochhalter737063
47James Lo Pinto736768
48Tyler Ahrens736772
49Andrew Savage716776
50Tim Perry776474
51Payden Mckechnie8313479
1Travis Head605160$1,015
2D Brown615959$662
3Darrell Watson685760$363
4Mehdi Boukarabila636361$256
4Tony Iammarino586267$256
6Ken Nelson655866$175
7Jason Pinkal715863$150
8Steele Malott665968$125
9Jesse Tomaino676265
10Tom Tischer746260
11Brad Brown666072
11Tony Pacheco706662
13Jason Choate745669
14Neville Collett656671
15Matt Lisac716767
16Andrew Sponagle726471
17Nathan Jantz716478
18Kris Klimko737072
19Jamie Fochuk767171
20Paul Brownfield6364999
1Dan Laitsch666164$687
2Craig Sheather695967$294
3Mark Dron696067$186
3Glen Oliviero686068$186
5Dean Crouse726369
6Chris Teeple676972
7David Slater747270
8Derk Zimmer766775
9Jay Regitnig916470
1Kristy Lee626858$678
2Jordan Bernelot Moens586967$447
3Sofia Donnecke646767$207
3Julie Moens716661$207
5Kathryn Tang676569$139
6Rachel Moens737060
7Madison Tomaino706867
8Gabrielle Lee717266
8Josie Lockey726869
10Laura Mason707270
11Danielle Keen687875
1Sally West757066$305
2Carie Coleman767167$139
3Jody Dixon757368
1Blair Underhill605758
2Brian Shott675558
2Dean Vaughan626058
4Steve Crozier616159
4Erik Hjorth-Olsen636157
4Ryan Sherriff636058
7Brett Henderson685859
8Tyler Flint676257
8Ted Moens676059
10Max Baessato646361
10Ben Beyer685664
12TJ Kress706059
12Matt Ohnona725958
12Daniel Sisson696060
12Gryphon Vester646461
16Uku Feldman696261
16Terry Rigby666561
16Christian Eagle Vasquez666462
16Philipp Werner746157
20Andrew Klassen696460
21Matthew Brown676661
21Tierney F706262
21Athan Iannucci765959
21Calvin Taylor656564
21Alex Turner676166
26Richie Tam706461
26Rob Workman686463
26Stephen Yu716262
29Edgar Alejandro Mujica726262
29Carver Whitford706165
31Benny Canale716462
31Sean Coss736460
31Kieran Hampson735767
31Paul Levasseur755765
31Joe Salkeld706859
31Chris Shank686762
37Evan Anvik706167
37Ryan Willson676566
39Rhys Badenoch716068
39Owen Baldry696367
39Matthew Harvey706168
42Chris Alexander706466
43Kevin Johnston696765
43Daniel Van Egmond706962
45Gerrit Atkinson736565
45Evan Drader736763
45Quinton Merslack726170
48Scott France746268
49Ryan Ford766564
49Ian Matthews706372
51Ryan Norquay757062
51Adam Van Ymeren756072
51Ryan Vandeburgt746865
54Mackenzie Bland696475
55Daniel Guillon736770
56Wil Grainger746473
57Peter Matthews746474
58Steven Tomlinson836665
59Finley Johnston777267
59Alex Murdoch746676
61Justin Krahn806974
62Aaron Potsy Pottinger806880
63Anthony Seeley807773
64Michael Van Elburg7065999
65Sahab Ansary87999-
65Bradon Asaph84999-
1Luke MacLean626164
2Lorne Bailey656163
3Colin Campbell676064
3Chad K627059
5Logan Nazareno646563
6Ed Jordan646862
7Darren Hamar686464
7Jeromy Strobiki676564
9David Darling676466
9Ryan Hammerquist627164
11Jake Dixon656469
11Robert Gauthier656370
13Chris Vance726464
14David Seeley686470
15Michael Calvert696965
16Cal Williams696471
17Rocky Gould696870
17Tony Righello736767
19James Vandeburgt686773
20Craig Dishkin687072
21Michael Ramanauskas736771
22Josh Paton717368
23Richard Dahl806868
23Eric Lloyd727470
25Mark McKinnon767074
26JAY Melnuk777174
27David Terepocki Grant747578
28Roger Smith758572
29Derek Bortolotto817781
30Loren Marchand7780999
1Brian Usher626455
2M. Duffield676461
3Rick Collins626764
4Rosco Burns656369
4Darryl Petrichuk616670
6Andrew McKimmon676962
7Braden Walters706565
8Gord Ezo Isnardy706272
9Karl Nykwist687467
9Brent Ross677072
11Keith Turpin757166
12John P Stephens746876
13John Mittlestead737278
14Trevor Andrews796977
15Dan Coombs787677
16Graham Schmidt758681
17Mark Wilk858483
1Brian Frankson747069
2Craig Burkitt747270
3Chris Carlton727175
4David Ohnona798070
5Ken Critchley797180
6Richard Cook797880
7George Harvey978181
1Nicholas Croft605959
2Glen Macdonald615761
3Curtis Derlago645960
4Benjamin McMaster596166
4Aaron Woods636459
6Adam Bowles616165
7Byron Williams606762
8Aaron Dunham666361
8Lucas Gustafson626860
8Emerson Steinke636463
11Kevin Burgham646365
11Joseph Gustafson656562
11Adam Piercy616665
14Christopher Raeside706063
14Jonathan Snyder646366
16Paul Rokeby-Thomas646961
17Collin Knight696265
17Nathanael Schaeffer646864
17Andrew Semeniuk676663
20Jadon Grant656864
20Dylan Warrington666665
20Jacob Watrich685970
23Jordan Newman726561
23Jeremy White686268
25Kyle Burtchett686863
25Beniamino Comin696466
25Reid Hendry686962
25Joe Heuvelman666667
25Raymond Kobes676666
25David A Murray666568
25Ben Vegt686764
32Richard Leischner656669
32Dexter Mcknight656570
34Anthony Hawley676767
34Kevin Olson646869
36Kevin Kelly686867
36Charlie Picken686372
38Jimmy Figliomeni706470
38Blake Hurdle736665
40Dave Koenig716668
41Josh Littler726767
41Kurtis Stewart676970
41Jan Tvaruzek726470
44Ross Kagna697266
44Jean-Paul Match706968
46David McGregor716672
46Daniel Nazareno726671
46Josh Parks706772
46Nick Rideout686972
46James Wells727364
51Chandler Baer776766
51Duncan Holness726771
51Dylan Stinson717069
51Doug Thorpe707466
55Todd Fowler757165
55Cody Ouellette737068
55Graeme Sutcliffe667273
58Donovan Wilk726872
59Thomas Drelich736872
59Jordan Oudenaarden726972
59Cole Pedrick746970
62Jake Doyle716875
62AUSTEN Goth667177
62Christopher Martin756871
62Nosa Paath747268
66Alex Langner697670
66Chris Ogden697076
66Jordan Stace-Smith707471
69Robert Dixon707571
69Alex Slotty767565
69Andrew Wiese707868
72Mackenzie Gamble747370
72Ezekiel Salmon786871
74Dustin Littler766973
74Timothy Parker737570
76Nicholas Haight767865
77Alex Nowak707179
77Alexander Peech707971
79Kyle Procter777668
80Jim Riecken777273
81Tyler Kasper697975
82Josh Pringle758069
82Mike Roemmich787373
82Derek Salmon747872
85Jesse Rayson737577
85Matt Swanston797175
87Alex Pow787672
88Nick Dunn767774
88Matt Spencer737777
88Derek Whipps797177
91Damon Munday757578
91Jake Schmidt738174
91Brad Weber767874
94David McIntyre748077
95Justin Yan807874
96Russell Bissett797777
97Tim Ryper777782
98Curtis Smith768677
99Kyle Yakiwchuk858283
100Michael Mctaggart7673999
101Marlon Strang83999-
1Oie Petrichuk707168
2Renee Woods717373
3Katie Hikida757372
4Charlotte Crabtree738174
4Christina Mears777576
6Kaela Zimmer797477
7Elaine Vickers777881
7Zion White817877
9Sarah Breau807782
10Jolleen Dick887878
10Emma Olson877879
12Kerstin Bolseng898683
1JJ Sun796975
2Sheena Villeneuve777475
3Sidney Heuvelman907882
4Anneliese Behrmann848583
5Shelbi Kruger858781
6Shannon Sanders838592
7Madison Kelly899181
8McKenzie Eckart918984
9Jessica O'Connor869089
10Meghan Asaph948892
11Amanda Salmon949289
12Robin Darling958893
13Tracie Seeley10010593
14Katheryn Isfeld1089599
15Karen Chmilar112100109
16Marie Bullock121133116
17Tanya Nodder9590999
17Christine Spencer113127999
19Connie Wilk96999-
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