Armory Disc Golf TDTG Silver Tier Flex - Founders Park

PDGA logoFriday, January 27, 2023 at Oak Cliff Founders Park in Dallas, Texas
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Throwing Down the Gauntlet Silver Tier Event - We will be playing through the 11 hole loop twice (22 holes ... more
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Marius Maianu    January 27 at 3:46am

My son and I will be there at 9am and need 1 or 2 others on our card to join us.


Tim Freeman    January 26 at 4:07am

Hello. How does AM payout work? Onsite?

Nick Willis   January 26 at 4:49am

Like other flexes, we will pay out Ams via electronic gift card after the conclusion of the event. We will have the shop on hand for Gold Tier events or players can redeem online at any time from

Jonathan Bull    January 25 at 9:01pm

New to tournament play and flexes. If I head over after work, but no one else I there waiting for card mates when I arrive, would I not be able to play the event? With the card requirement being 3-5, guessing that I will be unable to play (and obviously 3-5 helps with the honor system during the round), but want to confirm/clarify.

Nick Willis   January 25 at 9:24pm

The TD will go out with the final card so as long as you get there by 3 you'll for sure be able to play. I've actually had several people reach out about coming for the final card for this particular week, so you'll be good ????

Nick Willis   January 25 at 9:25pm

Those question marks are supposed to be a thumbs up emoji haha. DG Scene didn't like that

Jonathan Bull   January 27 at 2:51pm

Thanks, Nick! Looks like I may be able to slip away for a long lunch today instead, but good to know ffr.

Andrew Palmer    January 21 at 12:39am

If we could start at 8am I could do it before work.

Dustin Sanford   January 22 at 7:03pm

If you can get a card of people there by 8am, I'll get there an hour early for y'all.