9th Annual Kanawha Valley Regional

PDGA logoFri-Sat, June 16-17, 2023 at Redeemer Park in Charleston, West Virginia
Amateur-only A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Graphic design for event by "KP" Kris Plona. $10,000 added merchandise to Ams only. 2 Day event - 1 round ... more
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Kurt Stodola    May 29 at 4:57pm

I have a buddy who is rated 935 but classified pro and has accepted cash, but would qualify for MA1 and would like to play in the tournament is this something he can do?

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Kurt Stodola   May 29 at 10:46pm

Sweet so he can play MA1

Steven Koepsel   May 30 at 1:27pm

He can and been verified by PDGA (Andrew Sweeton) on 05/30/23

Steven Koepsel   May 30 at 9:36pm

There are only 7 spots left................

Andy Pierce    May 21 at 4:06am

Do you think the Junior disvions will be teeing off early Friday or the later rounds? Just curious to see if I would bring my son if I would need the full day off work or if I could take half a day

Steven Koepsel   May 21 at 11:38am

PDGA assigns. However it should be Ma4 first, then MA3, that would put Juniors probably after lunch sometime.

Andy Pierce   May 21 at 1:24pm

ok thank you for the information. I think we are going to try and make this one.

Steven Koepsel   May 28 at 6:40pm

Andy, the tournament is close to being full.

Logan Hughes    May 13 at 2:42pm

Is it possible to get a Friday tee time with people you’re traveling with?

Steven Koepsel   May 13 at 5:14pm

I am sorry, but I do not assign T Times. This is "A" Tier and PDGA assigns by random draw.

Scott Jenkins    May 10 at 2:28am

So this is 3 rounds this year...? Redeemer Friday and then redeemer and little creek Sat?

Steven Koepsel   May 10 at 9:29am


greg reid    February 13 at 3:25pm

I would like to withdraw from this event. It now conflicts with a newly planned family event. Thank you.

Kurt Stodola   February 13 at 3:45pm

All you have to do is go into DGS or your confirmation email and withdraw

Noel Duke    January 15 at 2:07pm

I wish ma 50 played the shorter course layouts, any chance that changes?

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Noel Duke   May 7 at 12:35pm

Steven, do you know what the layout will be yet? If MA 50 plays the long layout I want to change divisions. Thanks, Noel

Steven Koepsel   May 7 at 2:16pm

Still no definite, It is leaning towards white course.

Steven Koepsel   May 7 at 2:18pm

It will definitely be white course Friday, TBD on Saturday

William Struhar    January 13 at 7:51pm

Is registration at 8:00 am Sunday, Jan 15? For some reason I had an earlier note to myself for 8:00pm. Just want to be sure.

Steven Koepsel   January 13 at 8:33pm

It is 8 AM

William Struhar   January 14 at 11:24pm


Adam Neal    January 13 at 6:08pm

Will it just be Little Creek and Redeemer this year, not Wine Cellar?

Steven Koepsel   January 13 at 6:15pm


Adam Neal   January 13 at 6:18pm

Thank you, looking forward to playing the courses again. You all put on a great event last year. Recruited a larger group to meet up for this event this year! :).

Tanner Tagg    January 8 at 12:17am

Which divisions are playing which courses? Thanks for organizing.

Steven Koepsel   January 8 at 12:51am

All players will be playing both courses. White course or Blue course on Redeemer. TBD on very specifics on Redeemer .

Steven Koepsel   January 8 at 12:52am

Little Creek will have some upgrades by tournament time. TBD on Little Creek

Tanner Tagg   January 8 at 1:32am

Thanks Steven