9th Annual Kanawha Valley Regional

PDGA logoFri-Sat, June 16-17, 2023 at Redeemer Park in Charleston, West Virginia
Amateur A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

9th Annual Kanawha Valley Regional graphic
Added merchandise $10,000


Tournament DirectorSteven Koepsel
Assistant Tournament DirectorBill Moss

About this tournament

Graphic design for event by "KP" Kris Plona.

$10,000 added merchandise to Ams only. 2 Day event - 1 round Friday - 2 Saturday
(Father's Day is Sunday)

Each winner of a division that has four players will win Grip Bag (G Series). All Division's that have 8 -12 players will win a Grip Bag (C Series) . All Divisions with 13 or more players will win a Grip Bag (B Series). The division winner with the most players will win a "A" Series Grip bag. All division winners will also take home a Freeze Sleeve.
All division winners will also take home a pair of Grip 6 socks.

Player package is 2 discs (players choice). A T- Shirt is also included and the design is by our very own "KP" (Kris Plona). Saturday food is provided at the church in between rounds.

There must be four players to make up a division. The TD reserves the right to align fields in order to fill the tournament. If a waiting list is created by players once a pool is full, and if there are 3 players on waiting list, an opening will be made available from the other pool if positions are available.

Refund policy

Disc Golf Sports Center is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Redeemer Park
Charleston, WV   Get Directions
Little Creek Park
South Charleston, WV   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/64434
1John Kelley565447
2Steven Norstrom545550
2Carter Patton525948
4Zack Spang535753
5Keone Westfall536349
6Brandon Hudnall605651
6Wyatt Wagner555953
8Roger Boone Jr586149
9Patrick Horton625750
9Evan Jarvis615850
11Kris Plona635754
12Cale Bonner606154
12Brian Jeffers596056
14Christian Kennedy636352
15Casey Dillon606356
16Logan Conner676649
16Shane Summers626357
18Eric Becker686452
19Daniel Hickey666060
20Ethan Maynor707061
1Cody Miller665350
2Peter Ludlam615654
3James Lambert695354
3Joel Marble605957
5Brandon “Lemony Snickets” Tinsley636363
6Jake Purdy746254
1Eddie Taylor555750
2Michael Corica545454
3Marc Price545851
4Greg Spears575653
5Jesse Ange625453
5Scott Elam605752
7Bryan Spang575856
8Thomas Smiley Williams645957
9Chris Fulks596362
1Jim Zellers586457
2William Struhar756964
1Sawyer White596047
2Jordan W Pritt635948
3Max Gustafson596054
4Josh Johnson596253
4Tyler Spurlock615954
6Christopher Green636052
7Daniel Mosser645953
8Joshua Lawson606157
9Zack Friedman606356
10Ian Eblin706846
10Josh Petry646258
12Anthony Bradford656556
13Joseph Bishop676258
14Chris Stollings716455
1Naaman Dunn505350
2Logan Hughes504954
3Albert Barbery545552
3Connor Zajac535157
5Alex Daeng535753
6Justin Kuba565061
7Isaac Carpenter575061
7Matt Newlon525957
9Jamie Underwood565459
10Derek Dunn585656
10Shane Groves555560
12Chris Corsaro595755
13Mason Black585856
14Jason Rogers595560
15Aaron Borders566060
15Noel Duke635360
15Ethan Troyer575762
18Peter Hudak616155
18Alexander White575961
20Bob Miller605762
21Tobias M Frost565966
22Jonathan McQuerrey566264
23Keith Stinson636259
24Tony Daniel645764
24Cristopher Somerville576365
26Nathan Spencer625768
27Scott Lanham656263
28Colby Brogan676462
29Brian Bane5964999
29Michael Butler5960999
1Jared Carpenter565747
2Kirk Lilly575254
3Chris Bleiler575853
4Adam Casto545858
4Jeremiah Ramsey586151
4Evan Schweitzer566054
7Adam Neal556254
8Evan Davis595756
9Trevor Reynolds585857
10Tyler Bowman576156
10Isaiah Dalton565860
10Bob Hoover595956
10Adam Richardson586056
10Shane Shamblin605658
15Ryan Haddox586156
15Brendan Houser586255
17Kaden Richmond605759
17Jeff Seaton586256
19Christopher DeMaria595959
19Jamie Estep576060
21Caleb Burnosky595465
21Jessie Hackney636055
21T.J. King556261
21Matthew Randolph595762
21Riley Rock625957
26Ethan Cline626157
26Jody Ludwig596160
28William Bailey636058
29Ryan Childers656158
29Ben Hooper646258
29Dutch Underwood606460
32Gordy Houser676355
33Fletcher Lopez656259
34Rich Curley656459
34David Hall676160
34Robert Tucker656459
37Matthew Bolden656658
37Bien A Gamboa596664
39William Van Hooser636664
40David B. Reifsnyder666964
41Christy Carson706961
41Jeremy Morriston666866
43Jeremy Dalton686667
44James Shamblin686868
44Patrick Van Hooser687660
46Jordan Johns707871
47Jackson Dole776980
48Teddy Sparks858982
49Adam Bryant6668999
50Jamie Bradshaw66999999
50Josh Thomas62999999
1Donna Adams787282
2Debbie Spang817280
1Gretchen Corica615868
2Jodi Jackson626170
1Connor Crace696858
2Eli Dalton696665
3Joseph Bryant10010385
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