8th Annual South Florida Doubles Championship

Sunday, May 15, 2022 at Commons Park in Royal Palm Beach, Florida
Disc golf doubles tournament

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About this tournament

This event will be at the new course at Commons Park as well as the original course! Shotgun Start. A & ... more
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Mark Lagerquist    May 20 at 3:21am

So when do the results get posted?

Kristen Knauer   May 20 at 2:31pm

The results were posted on the BDGA Facebook page.

Mark Lagerquist   May 21 at 5:18pm

Ok thanks very much!!

Jason G    May 16 at 8:46pm

Round two never started, I guess. Bummer.

Andres Weber   May 16 at 8:54pm

It started 1:15, about 1 hour and 15 minutes after lunch @ 12. They sounded the horns

Kristen Knauer   May 16 at 9:08pm

The caddy sheet that was emailed out and during the players meeting it was stated that you would have 1 hour for lunch before round 2 started. It was posted on FB and announced around tournament central.

Thomas Avitable    May 15 at 8:40pm

Hi does anyone know when round 2 is gonna start???


Thomas Avitable    May 15 at 5:00pm

Hi what time does round 2 start?


Jason G    May 15 at 4:32pm

What times the second round?


Matthew Terwilliger    May 15 at 11:43am

What happens if my team mate doesn't show up? On the way to register now and I've nothing but radio silence from my partner


Mario Guerra    May 15 at 1:47am

Hello and thank you for running this event. Did the time change to 930 tee time?


Jason G    May 15 at 12:14am

Still trying to get a response about moving to the B tier……


Marc welsh    May 14 at 9:56pm

Yeah I got that Jason thanks just wondering starting hole since it’s shot gun start or we find that out in am

Kristen Knauer   May 14 at 10:41pm

You find that out in the morning.

Marc welsh    May 14 at 5:18pm

Will teepad assignments be posted here or email??

Jason Burt   May 14 at 9:31pm

They’re posted on the about tab, and under “about this tournament” section of this page, press “more”.

Jason Burt   May 14 at 9:31pm

A & C Pool: Round 1 at northside course, Round 2 at original course. Co & B Pool: Round 1 at original course, Round 2 at northside course. Tee Pad Assignments: Original Course: Best Shot A Pool: Long Pad B Pool: Short Pad C Pool: Short Pad Co Pool: Short Pad Ladies: Short Pad Northside Course (new): Best Shot A Pool: Long Pad B Pool: Long Pad C Pool: Short Pad Co Pool: Long Pad Ladies: Short Pad

Jason G    May 12 at 5:00pm


I need to change from the A pool to the B pool. My partner accidentally did the A pool. I sent a private message to Kristen Knauer. Is that all I need to do?


Jason G    May 10 at 8:37pm

I need to change from the A pool to the B pool. My partner accidentally did the A pool. I sent a private message to Kristen Knauer. Is that all I need to do?


Kevin Macartney    May 9 at 4:48pm

Hi, I see that a start time was posted. Any idea or an estimate of what time the tournament will finish?

Kristen Knauer   May 9 at 7:16pm

For the sake of planning we plan for the worst... 2 four hour rounds and an hour for lunch, that would be around 6pm at the latest. Rounds may only take two hours though... we just dont know.

Matthew Terwilliger    May 9 at 1:50am

Hello fine folks, have we determined a start time for the tournament? I was hoping to get a practice round in before start of play.

Kristen Knauer   May 9 at 11:54am

Schedule updated

Jonathon Lancaster    April 27 at 1:40am

Just signed up in Co-ed. In case something happens, what is the latest to get full refund?

Kristen Knauer   May 2 at 12:31pm

before registration closes.

Jonathon Lancaster   May 4 at 7:35pm

Thank you! Good news is we have a babysitter so we are all good.

chad peltz    April 21 at 8:41pm

Anyone looking for a partner for this?


Kevin Macartney    April 17 at 11:20pm

It says waitlist but there is still a checkout process. How does this work with payment? If we pay do we have a spot in the tournament?

Kristen Knauer   April 18 at 12:27pm

Paying puts you on the waitlist, if you dont get in you get a refund.

Kevin Macartney   April 18 at 1:01pm


Tim Mosier    April 13 at 11:16am

Someone needs a partner for this event, please reach out.


Anthony Dorini    April 11 at 11:43pm

Just wondering how securing your partner works. Do I sign my partner up, do we sign up separately and request to be partners, or are the teams picked at random?

Kristen Knauer   April 13 at 12:36pm

You can sign them up or they can register themselves, just need to have the same team name entered when registering.

Ryan Fitzgerald    April 11 at 7:19pm

Do I need a partner to sign up?

Kristen Knauer   April 11 at 8:20pm

Ideally you should have one.

Tim Mosier   April 12 at 11:45am

Hi Ryan...if you're looking for a partner I would be interested/available to play...