8th Annual Kanawha Valley Regional (Stop # 5 KVR) Presented by Innova

PDGA logoSat-Sun, May 21-22, 2022 at Redeemer Park in Charleston, West Virginia
Pro C-tier / Amateur A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Tee times -https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/55160 PROS IS "C" TIER - 1 DAY EVENT - SATURDAY ONLY - $200 add ... more
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Adam Neal    May 25 at 11:25pm

Thank you for an awesome event. Can't wait until I get to come back.


Albert Barbery    May 22 at 1:23pm

At Wine Cellar: Is the road on 16 OB?

Steven Koepsel   May 22 at 1:34pm


Logan Conner    May 19 at 4:50pm

What will happen to the sunday round in the event of rain or storms? Will it be cancelled?

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Logan Conner   May 20 at 2:37am

Thats what i like to hear

Jesse Diller   May 20 at 1:03pm

I mean, in case of lightning delays that go so long that the field can't get a round in or storms that are so bad they make the course unsafe...

Steven Koepsel   May 20 at 1:07pm

We will deal with as it comes. Please see PDGA guidelines

Steven Taylor    May 17 at 11:37pm

Hi would it be possible to switch me from MA2 for MA40? I hope so.

Steven Koepsel   May 18 at 12:20am


Steven Taylor   May 18 at 1:46am

Awesome thanks Steven!

Scott Elam    May 17 at 10:57pm

When you mention Lunch on Saturday, does that mean it's included? Looking forward to coming up for a great time.

Steven Koepsel   May 18 at 12:19am

Yes, it is inclded

Steven Koepsel   May 18 at 12:19am


Jesse Thomas    May 17 at 4:45pm

Family emergency popped up and I need to withdraw. I was signed up for MA2. (154657)

Steven Koepsel   May 17 at 4:47pm


shane groves    May 16 at 10:23pm

Unable to play this weekend and unfortunately need to withdraw.

Steven Koepsel   May 17 at 11:44am


Adam Neal    May 16 at 12:47pm

Is there a link for the white course? I see the pictures for the blue course and the yellow courses on disc golf scene. Any guidance is appreciated.

Adam Neal   May 16 at 12:50pm

For redeemer park

Steven Koepsel   May 16 at 1:05pm

The white course was just put in 2 months ago. Sorry but the best we have is it is up in U Disc

Adam Neal   May 17 at 3:16am

No problem thank you for the quick response look forward to trying it out.

Mark Magers    May 15 at 1:48am

Steve, would you consider MA50 playing shorter tees, our highest rated player is 887 & physically 3 rounds from longs, appreciate your consideration

Steven Koepsel   May 15 at 2:03am

Sorry but I must stay with this due to point series tie in. We have adjusted by playing Redeemer first and then Little Creek.

Steven Koepsel   May 15 at 2:03am

Little Creek is very short and shaded in the afternoon.

Kaleb Groves    May 14 at 5:48pm

This is my first tournament. I’m registered in the rec division. How does check ins work? Does everyone check in Saturday at 7, the morning AND afternoon players? And when do we know if we play in the morning or afternoon? I guess I’m just looking for more schedule details. Thanks!

Steven Koepsel   May 15 at 1:34am

Glad you jumped in... All information will be posted on disc golf scene later in week.

Brent M    May 10 at 3:13am


Chris Sangid    May 8 at 4:02pm

Got my weekends mixed up so I’m gonna have to withdraw :/

Steven Koepsel   May 8 at 11:04pm


Brent M    May 7 at 6:25am

I’m looking for points to get toto worlds. I would like to play MA40 but looks like I have a better chance at scoring right now in advanced.

Steven Koepsel   May 7 at 8:30pm

Call me if you would like to discuss.

Brent M   May 10 at 3:19am

OK I might be able to do that. I work nights though so most of my time I’m up you’re not probably. I’m just kind of on the fence about this one. Redeemer looks amazing! What are the other courses like ? Open, wooded elevation change? If there are some Long bomber holes then I might be able to compete with the advanced division. My specialty is long throws for my age anyway.

Steven Koepsel   May 10 at 9:19am

I am here now...At work at 6 AM

Brent M    May 7 at 6:22am

What is the chance this tournament will fill To capacity?


Michael Butler    May 5 at 6:16pm

When does registration close

Steven Koepsel   May 5 at 7:05pm

May 17th

Caleb Burnosky    April 30 at 7:36pm

Will this be a one day event for MA3 players?

Steven Koepsel   April 30 at 7:44pm

No, Two day event

Jamie Miller    March 2 at 1:13pm

Do you know the schedule yet on what divisions will play what courses?

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Steven Koepsel   May 3 at 12:06am

All players play Redeemer on Saturday, either in morning or Afternoon.

Scott Jenkins   May 3 at 8:33pm

Gotcha. Thanks Steven

Scott Jenkins   May 3 at 8:47pm

Steven. Left you a VM and sent you a direct message through here on Disc Golf Scene.

Eli Bear    November 19 at 10:54am

Will there be an open division?

Steven Koepsel   November 22 at 10:10pm

Yes, sorry for delay in answering. Just got approval today (11/22/2021)