5th Annual Kanawha Valley Regional

PDGA logoSaturday, June 8, 2019 at Redeemer Park in Charleston, West Virginia
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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Nick Robison    June 8 at 1:33am

Just caught the part about picking up our player pack before 7am. Me and a friend are driving from Columbus in the am...can we get our packs later in the day?

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Nick Robison   June 8 at 2:12am

Whew ok. Saves us an hour and a half. Thanks sir

Matt Newlon   June 8 at 2:41am

I’m in a similar boat to where I won’t be there early enough to get mine, so I’ll be shooting for the lunch break assuming the shop is open in between. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Chris Weslo   June 8 at 2:43am

Me as well driving in from 3hrs away thanks

Bill Rawlinson    June 6 at 10:51am

Reading the comments and looking at the event description I'm not really sure what pool MA3 is in and what courses it is playing on.

I'm hopefully playing wine cellar and coonskin but I'm not sure.

What are men's rec and intermediate playing?


Adam Eldridge   June 6 at 11:29am

MA3 is playing Wine Cellar and Coonskin

Bill Rawlinson   June 6 at 11:42am

Thanks. So I'm guessing the event description is accurate for all divisions now?

Stephon Davis    June 4 at 12:21pm

Hey this is my first tournament. Is there any kind of dress code?

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Mike Cajohn   June 6 at 2:01pm

Ok, so by reading what Josh posted you must wear a shirt(any shirt) and you can't play barefoot.

Stephon Davis   June 6 at 2:40pm


Samuel Crowder   June 7 at 8:51pm

Halter top and Go-Go boots for me, then!!

Justin Davis    June 2 at 10:33pm

I need to withdraw please

Steven Koepsel   June 2 at 11:41pm


Jim Bridges    June 2 at 7:50pm

Please remove Jim Bridges from tourney for the 2nd time. #26803 MA40. Sorry for the hassle, my schedule is always changing....


Steven Koepsel    June 1 at 1:12am

If you are playing in Tuesday Triples, you can pick up your player packs on that day.

All others can pick up there player packs on starting on Thursday after 4 PM or Friday all day..


Christopher Stollings    May 31 at 3:17am

Hi Steve, can you please move me from MA3 to MA4? First tournament and should do novice. Thanks! #120525

Steven Koepsel   May 31 at 9:23am

Done and thanks for playing !

Chris Harmon    May 25 at 3:12am

So I see ma3 is now at wine cellar and not redeemer. Is this final or is it going to change again? And is it going to be wine cellar pro?

Steven Koepsel   May 25 at 9:28am

Yes, MA3 is at Wine Cellar. This was due to there was only 5 openings left in Pool A. If you would like to paly Redeemer you can change to Novice and play Redeemer Yellow or jump to Intermediate and play the blue course. At Wine cellar MA3 will be playing the original course.

Chris Harmon   May 25 at 12:17pm

Good deal. Thanks.

Steven Koepsel    May 25 at 1:19am


Jim Bridges    May 23 at 6:48pm

Didnt know if u got my 1st message.. please remove Jim Bridges MA40 from tourney.


Mark Cherry    May 22 at 10:52pm

Please remove Mark Cherry from MA2 wont be able to make it due to the work schedule.

Steven Koepsel   May 22 at 11:28pm

Done and money refunded

Jim Bridges    May 22 at 2:02pm

Please remove Jim Bridges MA40 from tourney. Not happy at all about having to back out. Been looking forward to this all year, keep up the great work.


Michael Lilly    May 21 at 12:08pm

Hey Steve, when you get a chance please switch Andrew Lilly and Renick Vaughn to the Juniors 15 Division- they are both 13 years old. Nice to see so many juniors sign up!

Steven Koepsel   May 21 at 12:27pm

Done sir and thanks for playing....

Justin Davis    May 19 at 12:19pm

I was wondering if for the 26 juniors who would get in free, if they would have to play in the juniors division, because I was looking to play in novice or recreational. If that’s against what you wanted, that’s fine, I’ll pay for myself.

Steven Koepsel   May 19 at 11:06pm

Call me on this please. 304-546-8398

charles barrie    May 13 at 11:45pm

I need to withdraw. Thank you!

Steven Koepsel   May 14 at 12:06am


Seth Neily    May 8 at 8:21pm

Can we have an ace pot this year?

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Steven Koepsel   May 9 at 9:42am

We will look into it. We will have ace "Yetti Cooler" again this year. This eliminates the cost back to all the players as everyone is entered.

Seth Neily   June 6 at 12:40am

It would be nice to add a $5 ace pot though. Throw off if no one hits.

Steven Koepsel   June 6 at 1:21am

Sorry, but we will stay with Yetti Cooler.

Chris Steadman    April 26 at 12:26am

May I please get a refund? I can no longer make this tournament. Thank you Steve.

Steven Koepsel   April 26 at 9:25am


William Struhar    April 13 at 3:09pm

I need to withdraw. I'm sorry I will miss one of my favorite tournaments this year.
William Struhar, PDGA# 40101


Jim Givens    March 20 at 3:06am

Hey Steven would you move me to MA40+. Jim Givens #113246

Steven Koepsel   March 20 at 9:40am

Done sir and thanks for playing....

John tyree    January 2 at 2:12pm

This was the surprise tournament of the year for me last year. Very sad to see it has been shortened to a single day and I'd loose Redeemer. I've got to do some thinking now I'm on the fence. That's a long trip for a 1 day event for me personally and loosing one great course

Steven Koepsel   January 2 at 3:17pm

John, there have been a few other requests to stay on Redeemer also in the MA 40 field. Please keep in mind that the schedule (courses) are built around the total number of players in a pool. I will try to keep MA 40s on Redeemer if the numbers allow me to do so.

Steven Koepsel   January 3 at 2:04am

MA 40s are now on Reedeemer pro course.