Bomber BYOP Triples

Sat-Sun, September 11-12, 2021 at Lake Amador Resort in Ione, California
Disc golf teams tournament

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About this tournament

*We will donate $5 from each player to help rebuild the Finnon tower and place concrete tee pads at the course ... more
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Lauren Oates    Sticky May 18 at 4:52am

My friend and I are registered for the women's division, but we need one more. Any solos looking to join a team?


Talia Delanoy    6 days ago

Hi there! Any idea where tournament central will be? In deciding what campsite to reserve, I'm thinking i'd like to be close but not so close...the Lake Amador reservation person does not show an area for tourney central reserved

Mike Berry   6 days ago

My campsite is Q and they are holding a block for disc golfers. Plan is to send out cards from hole 1 South course for all players. I’ll post closer to the event as to where side events will happen. . Hope that helps

Drew Cowman    May 20 at 3:18am

Will both days be played at the south course?

Mike Berry   May 20 at 12:53pm

No the plan is using both. I will confirm closer to the date, but some cleanup and even some new baskets will be going in at the North course soon.

Chris R    May 13 at 4:52pm

I'm guessing requirements for intermediate are all players need to be under 935 rating?

Mike Berry   May 13 at 7:36pm

Non pdga so we don’t really check. Honor system at beer tier. If your group bags the division, razzing and booing may follow. :)

Chris R   May 13 at 8:32pm

There wasn't an advanced division when I signed up now there magically is can you move my team up please only one of us would be "bagging" in that division but we don't want to be those guys lol

Mike Berry   May 13 at 8:49pm

Am was always an option, but may not have been visible if no one signed up there when you were looking? All good either way! I’llmove ya

Birk Ellis    May 6 at 1:41pm

Are you going to have any Female divisions? FA1, FA2 or FA3?

Mike Berry   May 6 at 2:22pm

Heya Birk, if we fill the Open Women division or I can get 3 teams for an Am Women division, I am happy to make it!

Mike Berry   May 6 at 2:56pm

I'll open it up and see if it fills!

Talia Delanoy    May 5 at 2:07pm

Can I register if I dont know the names of all my teammmates yet? Thanks!

Mike Berry   May 5 at 7:40pm

Yes that is fine. ;)

Chris Bossard    May 5 at 4:30am

This sounds awesome.
Does a team need to play both days? I'm trying to get a team together and am not sure we all can make both days. Also, some of us are registered players and some are not. Does that matter?

Mike Berry   May 5 at 7:40pm

The team would need to compete together both days. This is not a PDGA event so no one needs to be a member. You can sign up tonight and confirm all members later. People have had to swap members which is fine as long as you stay in the same division. Hope this helps.

Michael Graber    May 3 at 8:04pm

Awesome sounds great we will be sending our reg in on the 5th thanks!!

Mike Berry   May 5 at 7:41pm

Yeah buddy!

Michael Graber    May 3 at 3:28am

So this may be a dumb ? But this will be the first tournament how exactly duse it work with a 3 person team ? Is it everyone score together or is it like doubles and you play the best throw?

Mike Berry   May 3 at 8:01pm

Not a dumb question. Yes usually we just do best throw so you have three chances I need to drive up shot and putt to get your best score.

Bailey Brown    April 25 at 2:47am

Any reason this moved from Finnon? I was really looking forward to Finnon, I love that place.

Mike Berry   April 25 at 3:04am

Yes, the Gold Pan is going the be the weekend I had planned for Finnon. As a supporter of Cliff and Kim, I wanted to be flexible for them. They still may have that event there! So stay tuned. We will be having some cool things happening there soon.

Paul Rudd    April 21 at 4:21pm

Are the 2 nights camping Friday and Saturday and what time can you check-in?

Mike Berry   April 21 at 7:48pm

Yes. Usually can check in around 11 I believe.

Mike Berry   April 25 at 3:05am

Move to Amador to accommodate Gold Pan )

Cole Neilsen    March 17 at 9:50pm

Are co-ed teams allowed?

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Mike Berry   March 17 at 10:59pm

Yep can have coed. Will see if there is enough interest for a sep division too

Mike Berry   March 18 at 3:10pm

Added that division.

Cole Neilsen   March 19 at 1:34am

Sweet move! Thanks Mike.

Chris R    March 11 at 2:30am

Are Ams getting paid in cash this year like the first year or is it only one team is going to get a stack of discs like last year?

Mike Berry   March 13 at 12:42am

Last year all top 4 teams at least in all Am divisions got stacks of discs. It will be like that this year.

Rodney Cabral    February 8 at 8:20pm

Does the campground have RV hook ups or tent only?

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Ron(Bonehead) Jones   February 9 at 1:44am

Is there a limit on size? I've got a 35 footer.

Mike Berry   February 11 at 2:54am

I’ve seen big ones there, but check and it should say there. Lmk if not. Thx

Mike Berry   April 25 at 3:05am

Moved to Amador FYI. Gold Pan likely at Finnon.

Cameron Fisher    February 3 at 8:37pm

Is this just one day tournament or 2 days?

Mike Berry   May 5 at 7:41pm

Sorry if I missed this! Two days

Steve Hitchcock    January 28 at 2:49am


Mike Berry   February 1 at 1:21am

Yes beer tier at this point.

Mike Berry   April 25 at 3:05am

Triples would be a tough one to rate rounds...