4th Annual Santa Slam

Sunday, December 17, 2017 at North Georgia Canopy Tours in Lula, Georgia
Disc golf teams tournament

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About this tournament

-ONLY 1 PERSON NEEDS TO SIGN UP PER TEAM, W/TEAM NAME. -MUST put all Team Member Names, their PDGA #'s and ... more
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Chris Saxon    December 16 at 1:41am

The leftovers
Shane Evans #93380 879
Chris Saxon #92310 880
Levi dizdar 910


Alex Fernandez    December 15 at 3:45am

Team name: Bagger Vance
Alex Fernandez # 93667
Austin Couch # 87268
Stephen Hedden # 69091


Brian Yoder    December 15 at 1:47am

Dollar, Team Limp Discit needs to swap John Reid #55966 can't make it. Josh Hett #94177 will be taking his place.


Brad Mizerany    December 14 at 1:47pm

I actually need to cancel. I cannot make it this weekend. I am team Les Miz. Thanks and I hope you all have a great time!


Cody Vitali    December 11 at 11:30pm

Kate and the power of 3 would like to be changed to the naughty list . Featuring Kaye , Brandi Bomb and annice

Cody Vitali   December 11 at 11:30pm


Cody Vitali    December 11 at 11:22pm

3 amigos will be Keith Bomb, James Salmi. And Graham Mickle .


Gabe "Sasquatch" Foster    December 11 at 6:58pm

Dollar, team Slumdog Slingers
Gabe Foster 46677, 896
Jesse Holman 94034, 911
Jackson Jordan non PDGA, 910


Gary Boothe    December 10 at 11:28pm

Update to my team. New team name Birdie Bandits
Gary Boothe 897
Matt Allen 910
Adam Martin 910

Gary Boothe   December 11 at 8:46pm

Gary Boothe 76102

Gary Boothe   December 11 at 8:48pm

Matt Allen 78543. Adam Martin non pdga

Cody Vitali   December 15 at 11:44pm

Team bagger

Daniel Bennett    December 10 at 9:57pm

Dollar, the Derek Disc fanclub is taking Josiah Bennett (893) from team Josiah Bennett in the place of John Steen (896) who cant make it. Issac would like to keep the spot and the team name and play as a dawg


Brett Porter    December 6 at 3:50pm

Your Mom Straddles Putts - Brett Porter (933), Dennis Winkler (906) and Blake Jayroe (872).

Cody Vitali   December 15 at 11:45pm

That is a team right there .

David Radvansky    December 2 at 11:34pm

Anhyzer Busch is David Radvansky 73976, 905; Tylor Radvansky 72469, 901; Billy Murphy, not a PDGA member (910).


David Bates    December 1 at 11:51pm

Please cancel registration for Kevin Ledbetter as I did our team registration wrong. We are now the last mustache riders


Parag Gajarawala    December 1 at 7:13pm

One of my friends screwed up the registration and registered us individually. Can you cancel the registration for Parag Gajarawala? I'll be playing with another group. Thanks.

Matt Dollar   December 1 at 11:44pm

No problem

Parag Gajarawala   December 4 at 8:05pm


BILLY HEATH    December 1 at 4:48pm

I messed up the registration .Kyle orwick is rated 921 Billy heath rated 974 team name figure it out. Pdga# 37502 not sure of kyles

Matt Dollar   December 1 at 11:44pm

Got it