44th Annual Wintertime Open (Am Weekend)

PDGA logoFri-Sun, February 4-6, 2022 at Oak Grove (Hahamongna Park) in Pasadena, California
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

We are back on the February schedule! This will be a 3-Day B-Tier Premium PDGA event. Players will have tee ... more
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DWAYNE ALLEN    February 3 at 6:56pm

Any movement on the waitlist?


Rick Dinicola    February 3 at 6:35pm

I have not seen anything about check in. Is there a specific time to check in and get player packages? Is check in required before teeing off?

Marcus Gonzales   February 3 at 6:39pm

Good question. I haven't been able to find any information relating to that, either.

Geoffrey Nourse   February 3 at 8:46pm

Your tee times are on the pdga site. First group in 8am so likly you can check in after 7:00 or maybe 7:30. If you are 60+, you are the first group (8am) then50+ starts at 8:30 ish. If you are NOT these two groups, no sense showing up at 7am.

spence stevens    February 3 at 4:33pm

will the tee times for groups be in the same sequence (MA60, then MA50, then Intermediate, etc) on Saturday and Sunday? Just curious to know if I will be starting early each day. PS - Thanks for all of the work. I am looking forward to another fun weekend in Oak Grove!

Geoffrey Nourse   February 3 at 5:15pm

I would assume the same window as Friday with the order changed per scores. Not an official answer but likely.

Bradley Stroben    February 2 at 12:33am

Are there any differences in the am vs pro layout?

Geoffrey Nourse   February 2 at 4:04pm

Nope. Same layout, different weekends.

Benjamin Lawson    January 31 at 10:48pm

What is the rules on a caddy or spectators

Benjamin Lawson   February 2 at 6:54pm

SO im guessing yes

Geoffrey Nourse   February 3 at 4:03pm

There were caddys at the 43rd WTO so I would assume the same. Not sure if the PRO weekend will have a spectator rule. Maybe reach to Mike Jewel or Steve Rico directly.

Mike Jewel    January 29 at 7:22pm

Caddie Book available!


Allen Risley    January 29 at 12:18am

I love you too, Mike! Could you give us an idea of the blocks of tee times for Friday (e.g., MA60 - 11am-12:30pm, MA2 - 8am-10:30am, etc...) and if these will be the same blocks used for the weekend? I'm trying to decide if I need to find a place to stay Thursday night for the traditional "Geezer Early Tee Time" on Friday. Thank you for maintaining the WTO as the longest-running PDGA tournament on the West Coast!

Gordon Griesel   January 29 at 2:30am

Yes, please help us TD. I asked this question about 2-weeks ago.

Mike Jewel   January 29 at 8:06pm

Age protected will go first. Ma1 last

spence stevens    January 28 at 6:29pm

When will tee times be posted? Can we get an idea of when the MA60 will be starting? Hopefully early... Thanks for everything!

Gordon Griesel   January 28 at 7:28pm

Hopefully later, for those driving in.

Geoffrey Nourse   January 31 at 5:31pm

8:00 am to 8:30 am start for 60+

spence stevens    January 28 at 6:29pm

When will tee times be posted? Can we get an idea of when the MA60 will be starting? Hopefully early... Thanks for everything!


Walter Hernandez    January 25 at 10:36pm

When would we know the people from the wait list that make it into the tournament?


Kamil Kowalski    January 13 at 4:06am

Any word on the layout?


Gagneet Singh    January 6 at 7:07pm

Will a extra cards be added to advance division? Wondering if it’s still worth signing up for waitlist.

Mike Jewel   January 7 at 12:27am

Signing up can't hurt. Things happen. People drop out.

Tanner Matsuyama    January 4 at 9:08pm

I typed in the wrong pdga number when signing up. Can you fix this? My number is 167698.

Mike Jewel   January 5 at 7:29pm

Looks like you fixed it

Timmay Miranda    January 3 at 6:10pm

what email should i send the artwork for tee sign?


Sean "Flyn Hawaiian" Garner    January 2 at 10:34pm

Is there a division cap?

Mike Jewel   January 3 at 6:14pm

Only as it fills, to make sure its leveled out for tee times.

Kenneth Christensen    January 2 at 12:27pm

No rec this year lol

Mike Jewel   January 3 at 3:50pm

If we open up a rec division, they will play on the pro weekend.

Chris Faber   January 10 at 2:19am

How can I sign up for that?

Jason Ehizokhale    January 2 at 7:03am

Will there be additional divisions available?

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Jason Ehizokhale   January 3 at 5:17am

Mike, will there be an MA3?

Mike Jewel   January 3 at 3:46pm

Jason, its possible. But, MA3 would play on the pro weekend, if so. We'll announce it, if we open it up. :)

Kerry Goodman   January 4 at 7:25pm

MA3 would be awesome.

Nelson Blen    December 23 at 3:25am



Scott Vallejo    December 23 at 3:18am

Looks like it's working now!

Michael Sorich   December 23 at 3:21am

Thanks Mike for handling this so Quickly-On your Mark, Get Set....Register for our Wonderful Wintertime Classic-Thanks Steve, Legacy & Mike!!!

Michael Sorich    December 23 at 3:15am

Mike J is working on it, Fellas...

Scott Vallejo   December 23 at 3:15am

Thanks for the update!

Patrick Niessen   December 23 at 3:17am

Awesome! Thanks!

Michael Sorich   December 23 at 3:18am

I made him aware and Mr. Jewel's gonna make it right soon.