43rd Gold Pan Open - Western States Disc Golf Championships

PDGA logoSat-Sun, September 25-26, 2021 at Finnon Reservoir in Placerville, California
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Clifton B Brison    Sticky September 24 at 6:27pm

Concessions and Raffle will be present; I'd say raffle is pretty hefty (A-Z options plus more). Supporting your TDs and affiliated vendors is always helpful. Frank is preparing food at his diner; he's a 1-man crew, so please choose tourney options prior to rounds and dining options afterward. Chuck Horn with the Norcal Series Trailer will be there; We will have discs and schwag; Premium Disc Golf will be around. Did I hear something about P2s? Many thanks to Mosquito Volunteer Fir ... more

Wade Wolff   September 26 at 3:32am

Sunday T-Time? 8:30?

Clifton B Brison   September 26 at 3:39am


Wade Wolff   September 26 at 4:06am

Thank you

Clifton B Brison    Sticky September 24 at 5:59pm

Saturday tee times will be starting not at hole 1, but instead at hole 9; there is a map showing tourney central and parking on the 'Pictures' tab above. Parking will be first at day use Lot A, Next at Overflow Lot B, Last at Overflow Lot C. I still need to scrape Lot B. BE FIRE ALERT! In addition to not smoking, and using ONLY PROPANE (per COUNTY regulation) at camp, make sure you are not parking a hot catalytic converter over dry weeds. ...carpools encouraged. Sunday is 9:30 shotgun start; give time to be at your hole assignment.

donni tacos   September 24 at 6:16pm

Thanks for putting this on Cliff!

Clifton B Brison   September 24 at 7:37pm

Thank you. For those that may be interested - www.reverbnation.com/Griplock -From Donni Tacos. Check the QR code on the sponsor sign when you're waiting on hole 3.

Clifton B Brison    Sticky September 24 at 5:53am

https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/53156 - TEE TIMES are posted. Plan your trip with time to spare, drive safely, and keep a watch on the corners. Please check in upon arrival to let us know you're present, to get a parking pass, and to get your player's pack (Am and Jr Divs). Please be ready at least 10 minutes prior to your tee time. In case you wouldn't know: 2 meter is in effect...

Mike Berry   September 24 at 1:20pm

Thanks Cliff! Your hard work is appreciated.

Erik Burkett   September 24 at 2:11pm

Good morning Clif! I have a few questions. Are parking fees included with registration? Where's check in/tournament central? Are we starting on hole one or somewhere closer to the campground? Thanks. Can't wait to see you in the morning!

Clifton B Brison   September 24 at 5:38pm

Great questions Erik. Registration did include parking fees; see the flyer on the 'About' tab above. Starting hole is hole 9, right near tournament central; see the map I have posted on the 'Pictures" tab above.

Mike Berry    September 26 at 2:06pm

Lost orange star sidewinder in tree on 11. Wedged when I left. If found, would love it back! Name and number on it. Good luck today all!


Clifton B Brison    September 26 at 6:35am

You got an email earlier with the scoreboard. Scores and hole assignments are now posted on PDGA.


Clifton B Brison    September 26 at 3:36am

Not sure where 8:30 came from. Tee time is 9:30. Thanks for checking to clarify.


Bailey Brown    September 26 at 1:46am

Is it for sure a 9:30 shotgun start tomorrow because I heard some people saying it was 8:30? Just wanna confirm

Clifton B Brison   September 26 at 3:38am


Bailey Brown   September 26 at 3:50am


Adam Carlson    September 25 at 6:15am

Hey everyone, I lost (left behind) an orange Millennium Hyzerbomb Mortar on Hole 27 on Wednesday. To the right of the pin roughly pin high or a bit deep, maybe even down in the ditch. If anyone finds it before I get there, name and number are on the bottom or you can drop at lost and found. Would be much appreciated, have a great weekend everyone!!


Nate Jackson    September 24 at 9:38pm

Is there still camp spots available for sat. night


Clifton B Brison    September 24 at 7:32pm

See the 'Pictures' tab above for course notes and rules. Your scoring clipboard will have a copy attached, but I would suggest you save a digital copy of these notes for your viewing as needed, and that you appoint a single scorekeeper for your rounds within your group so that there is minimal touching and sharing. A secondary digital scorekeeper on, say UDisc, would be beneficial. .....The 'Pictures' tab also has a course/parking map that you can save.


donni tacos    September 24 at 5:45pm

Surprised only one lady is playing this tourney. This course is one the best in Nor Cal.

Clifton B Brison   September 24 at 8:14pm

If we could get a couple of Open women to challenge the current leader, I would make it work on my end...

Jim Gaughran    September 24 at 5:53am

Will there be water out on the course?

Clifton B Brison   September 24 at 5:32pm

Yes. We have 5 water coolers, and I believe we may have some water donation(s) as well. For the coolers,

Jason C Pennington    September 24 at 4:12am

This tournament is way out of my league. Still looking to compete and have some fun!!!

Clifton B Brison   September 24 at 5:42pm

We're glad to have you Jason. The way you play your own game is what matters.

donni tacos   September 24 at 7:35pm

Just have fun. Course is one of the best around

Mark Reynolds    September 24 at 1:17am

Still curious about the camping situation. I've sent an email but no response. I'm assuming show up Friday evening and sort it out then?

Clifton B Brison   September 24 at 2:32am

Strange, I received the email sometime between 10:45 and 2:00 today, but it says three days old. I'll respond to that tonight Mark.

Nate Jackson    September 24 at 1:14am

When are we getting our tee times

Clifton B Brison   September 24 at 2:25am

I'll post tee times tonight.

Edward Elam    September 23 at 11:34pm

Looking like we might have some baggers in the MA2 division. I see y’all.

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Mark Forsyth   September 24 at 3:04pm

Looking forward to a solid battle!

Edward Elam   September 24 at 4:19pm

Mark, I feel you about that getting whooped in MA1.

Clifton B Brison   September 24 at 5:46pm

PDGA would flag ratings; I don't see any issues... Should I bring some burlap bags just in case? Finnon has some nice little beach areas that would work for filling.

Samuel Madison    September 23 at 5:12pm

When will tee times be posted?

Mark Forsyth   September 24 at 3:06pm

Hey Sam, looks like we are teeing off on the same card! 11:24 am

Schuyler Raine-Mustain    September 23 at 3:23pm

Anyone know why the air quality is so bad in Placerville today?

donni tacos   September 23 at 3:38pm

Fire and wind direction

Schuyler Raine-Mustain   September 23 at 3:58pm

Makes Sense. Thanks D

Clifton B Brison   September 24 at 5:51pm

Mornings have been a lot more clear for the past couple of weeks. We did have a couple of mornings tasting of smoke, maybe two mornings this week. The last two mornings have been good.

Jason Toutolmin    September 23 at 1:50am

Hoping for a camp spot for our truck/cab over camper if possible. Please let me know if you have any open.

Clifton B Brison   September 23 at 2:39am

Jason, I have you down for a spot. I've emailed in response to your earlier message, but I don't think the email I shoot back through DGScene are getting through. Can you send me an email directly? We'll work out the details then. [email redacted]

Jason Toutolmin   September 23 at 5:44pm

Sweet thanks! I’ll email you directly.

Andrew brackoneski    September 22 at 11:45pm

I as well would prefer to get earliest T time available

Clifton B Brison   September 23 at 2:39am

Seen, noted, will try, no guarantees.