3rd Annual AbominaBUHL Snow Down

Saturday, February 10, 2018 at Buhl Park in Hermitage, Pennsylvania
Disc golf doubles tournament

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Trevor Murphy    Sticky February 11 at 5:30pm

What an absolute amazing day at Buhl Park DGC during our 3rd Annual AbominaBUHL Snow Down!!!!!

The Buhl Park DGC has never seen the amount of players until yesterday!!

We packed 88 Players = 44 Teams for what became an epic day of Disc Golf!!!

We played 1 Round of Best Shot Doubles with added Stroke Erasers and Multipliers known as Good and Bad "BUMBLES"!!!

There was also a 7ft "WAMPA" sighted again this year on hole #15!!!

With these added targets to cause may ... more

Greg Hamilton   February 11 at 5:53pm

It was a great time! Thanks to everyone who contributed and donated time / money.

Michael Williams    February 14 at 1:23am

Will results be posted?

Trevor Murphy   February 14 at 1:32am

Waiting on Pete Crist to correct some technical errors.

Trevor Murphy   February 15 at 10:34pm

I won't be able to use the Team Names. But your scores will be posted shortly. Not sure whats happening. I apologize for the delay.

Bill "The Ninja" Savage    February 11 at 5:14pm

Thank you to all involved in making this happen, definitely worth the crazy drive home to Ohio on black ice roads! As always, great event and was glad to make it. The crew will definitely be there next year!


Les Rosenberry    February 11 at 1:22am

How much was the total raised for the food bank?


J. Gary Dropcho    February 10 at 1:47am

Are you not accepting donations of food?

Trevor Murphy   February 10 at 11:00am

Just monetary this year. We were told $1 goes further than 1can of food. You are welcome to donate food. We just aren't making it a part of reg.

William Turner    February 9 at 11:37pm

Looking for a partner. I know its last minute

Brian Campbell   February 10 at 1:27am

Cory Byknish needs one

William Turner   February 10 at 1:35am

Im willing to play if he wants to

William Turner   February 10 at 2:32am

Cory is out. So im still in need if anyone wants to play

Trevor Murphy    February 9 at 11:44am

Tee Pads are clear! We are getting a little more snow today. Total accumulation is around 4inches.

Weather report shows it to warm later today after the light dusting.. as the temps raise the snow melts.

The forecast for Hermitage shows a little rain in the morning which might just turn into a steady kinda rain in the day. Knowing our area.. plan for a mist. This might make the pads clearer but might make conditions a little icy. Please plan accordingly.

We have a huge Potluck for aft ... more

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Lee Sifford   February 9 at 3:28pm

I've never played at Buhl before. Is the Ballroom easy to find if I just head to the park?

Trevor Murphy   February 9 at 3:37pm

Yes, it is across from the main parking lot. It is the large white building you will first come to. You can't miss it. I will also have orange Disc Golf Signs leading you to the Casino Ballroom. It is on the second floor.

Lee Sifford   February 9 at 3:39pm

Awesome, thank you. Excited to play the course! Have heard lots of good things.

Tim Kramer    February 8 at 4:46pm

I really hate to miss this but I unfortunately have to work, have fun everyone, Cory said he's not sure if he's still going to play or not.

Trevor Murphy   February 8 at 5:12pm

bummer, we will try and find Cory a partner

Jeff Stanek   February 9 at 2:43am

Me and Tiffany will miss you Tim.

William Turner   February 9 at 11:04pm

Did cory find a partner?

Trevor Murphy    February 8 at 12:31pm

We have closed registration in preparation of the event. You can still show up day of the event and register. Thanks everyone and see ya Saturday!!!


Jeff Stanek    February 6 at 10:07pm

Those that know, know where I'll be for breakfast before the round. Join me at 8:00 and shoot me a pm so I can hold a table.


Les Rosenberry    February 6 at 9:32am

Looks like it might literally be a "snow down" event. Can't wait


Trevor Murphy    February 4 at 12:59pm

WOW 78 Players!! Way to bring it on Disc Golf Community!!!

That's 39 Teams ready to do battle at Buhl Park Disc Golf Course!!!

Folks have been asking a few questions that I would like to handle at the moment.

1.) What Tee's are we Playing???

A.) Well... that's all dependent on the weather. As stated in previous AbominaBUHL's, we have played a shorter layout. Mainly due to Natural Tee's and the Area's being unsafe during muddy and or winter seasons. With ... more

Trevor Murphy   February 5 at 12:38am

No more than 144 players that would be the very max.

scott summers   February 7 at 5:54pm

how many teams does there have to be to have a hole 19 in the putting grove? that sounds cool.

Mickey "Brillomick" Anderson    February 2 at 3:23pm

Ninja and I are bringing Jalapeno cornbread!

Tim Kramer   February 2 at 4:35pm

Hell yeah!!

scott summers    February 1 at 11:35pm

and what is a flymart?

Trevor Murphy   February 2 at 1:16am

Discs for sale.

scott summers    February 1 at 10:21pm

what do the green marks mean next to the players names?

Trevor Murphy   February 1 at 10:32pm

Looks that shows as Payment is Needed if you hover over it.

scott summers   February 1 at 11:33pm

we can pay day of right?

Trevor Murphy   February 2 at 1:08am


Josh Charlton    February 1 at 12:26pm

with 144 possible, how are cards gonna work? 6somes+ of the field grows?

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Josh Charlton   February 2 at 4:48pm

EVERYONE HAVE FUN. great cause.

Les Rosenberry   February 2 at 5:21pm

FYI The Frozenberrys are coming from almost 4hrs away. Might be crazy but sometimes crazy is fun!

Trevor Murphy   February 2 at 5:44pm

so far there is one extra team playing on a card. not like 8 somes all over the place.. but ok :D see ya another time! See you on the 10th Les! Thanks for the travels!!

Regis Stump    January 29 at 4:12am

Jason zap's email to link 2 event.
[email redacted]


Michael Williams    January 26 at 11:45pm

I still need a partner for this event. Anyone interested? I sure don't want to miss this one!


Macky D    January 24 at 9:14pm

Trevor, I gotta drop out but I have a replacement (Jeremiah Hileman) for my partner Eric Jageman. Drop them to Rec Div and change the name to "JJ & Jags" please and thank you.


Chuck Coristin    January 22 at 3:35pm

Team samsquamch . Chuck c and Luke w.

Chuck Coristin   January 22 at 3:35pm

Put us in open for now.

Trevor Murphy   January 22 at 3:36pm

PDGA's and Div please