39th Annual Kansas City Wide Open

PDGA logoFri-Sun, September 24-26, 2021 at Water Works Park in Kansas City, Missouri
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Welcome to the 39th Annual Kansas City Wide Open! This year's Kansas City Wide Open is a PDGA B tier event ... more
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James Barry    2 days ago

For Bad Rock Creek, will we be playing the Gold layout?

Michael Krueger   2 days ago

No, it won't be the Gold layout, but it will be quite similar to the Gold layout. We will make an announcement about course layouts soon, but know for now that Hole 5 gold will NOT be used.

Darian Thomas    June 17 at 3:35am

Will there be cuts? Or you get to play the whole weekend?

Jerry Patterson   June 17 at 10:10am

You get to play the whole weekend.

Michael Krueger   June 17 at 3:44pm

I don't get to play the whole weekend. Unfair.

Samuel Slaughter    June 5 at 7:13pm

We only need to be available Friday-Sunday, correct? Getting one day free is either than getting a whole week off.

A little confused what Monday-Thursday are for in general.

Chris Graves   June 5 at 7:25pm

The events going on Mon-Thurs are separate c tier flex start tournaments. Good way to practice the courses if you’re available during that time. Thursday at waterworks you can get your players packs. Actual rounds are fri-sun.

Jerry Patterson   June 5 at 8:05pm

Chris is correct, thank you!

keith Conrad    May 28 at 1:28pm

Just got signed up yesterday coming in hot from Cali!!!


Andrew Clark    May 23 at 1:25am

Any idea on player pack contents yet?

Jerry Patterson   May 23 at 12:50pm

Yes! I just nailed down the players pack friday. Expect an announcement in the near future!

Tyler Grosinsky    May 20 at 7:10pm

Probably a "no" on this due to the size of this event...but would I be able to be on the same card as a buddy of mine that is from out of town?

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Tyler Grosinsky   May 28 at 1:49pm

Great, thank you!

Tyler Grosinsky   June 9 at 8:26pm

Hey Jerry! My buddy from out of town is signed up and is in the same division as myself. Could Jeff Gunter (Jr.) and I get on the same card? Thanks!

Jerry Patterson   June 15 at 3:11pm

No problem

Mario Ortiz    May 18 at 12:14pm

What if we can’t get to water works for the player packs on Thursday?

Jerry Patterson   May 18 at 12:55pm

We have a plan in place where the Players Pack will be at one of the courses you play during the event.

Alejandro Olmo-Payton    May 12 at 6:16am

so are the flex starts leading up to the weekend rounds be included in the registration for the main tournament or will those be registered as separate events similar to the “KCWO challenges” last year?

Jerry Patterson   May 12 at 10:55am

These are separate C tier flex starts leading up to the main event!

Alejandro Olmo-Payton   May 12 at 9:21pm

OK Sounds great!

James Barry    May 4 at 3:20pm

How would MJ18 play with school?

Michael Krueger   May 10 at 4:40pm

You make a good point. A cool parent would let their child have a day off from school, though. ;-)

Caleb Evans    May 4 at 12:28pm

Will there be a cap on players? If so, when will be it be posted?

Caleb Evans   May 4 at 12:29pm

Nevermind I saw the cap of 136 people in the different pools.

OZ #56812    April 14 at 9:20pm

What are the best bbq spots near the courses? I'm really looking forward to eating some great bbq while in town. I wanna do this when I'm at my hungriest which will be right after getting done disc golfing and I won't wanna wait long while driving across town. So I'm looking for a nice combination of quality and proximity to the dg courses. Obviously I'm only playing 3 courses but we might as well do all 5 for everyone. Thanks.

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Ian Roudebush   April 14 at 10:47pm

You gotta stop by Kansas City Joes at some point. Z-man,rocket pig and fries are 10/10

Kevin Amaro   April 14 at 11:12pm

Hawg Jaw is close by with Big Rip brewery next door

Jerry Patterson   April 15 at 3:11pm

Looks like you are in A pool. 3 Halves Brewery in BBQ is excellent near Bad Rock in Liberty. Cliff and WW are really close together, I reccomend KC Joes.

Kevin smith    April 8 at 5:15am

I've already signed up so we're can my daughter go to sponsor a hole or two

Jerry Patterson   April 8 at 10:41pm

She can email me at [email redacted]

Kevin smith    April 2 at 3:14am

Come on Jack no need to be ugly..... lol

Zach Hawkins   April 4 at 2:17am

No kidding...just being a dick for no apparent reason

Michael Krueger   April 4 at 3:01am

It's Kevin Smith. There is a reason.

Kevin smith    March 5 at 6:18pm

How come we're not having a round out at wyco?

Jerry Patterson   March 5 at 6:44pm

Two reasons, the MAC is using this course this year, and the MAC and KC Wide Open wanted to utilize different courses, also the cost is pretty absorbent., we would rather put those funds back into the event

Jack Lowe   April 2 at 3:02am

Because you arent the TD Kevin..... Better answer