39th Annual Kansas City Wide Open

PDGA logoFri-Sun, September 24-26, 2021 at Water Works Park in Kansas City, Missouri
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Welcome to the 39th Annual Kansas City Wide Open! This year's Kansas City Wide Open is a PDGA B tier event ... more
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Jerry Patterson    Sticky September 25 at 12:32am

Second round tee times are live!



Jerry Patterson    Sticky September 20 at 1:34pm

The caddie book is live. You can find all course maps and course descriptions here:

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Jerry Patterson   September 21 at 10:01pm

If all goes well yes!

Andrew Arnold   September 22 at 2:22am

I wasn't able to catch the players meeting live to ask this question, but on hole 5 at Cliff, is the dz both for missed mando or ob drive? And then if ob after the drive (assuming a 2nd shot doesn't miss mando) will it play where it went ob or will it play at dz?

Jerry Patterson   September 22 at 11:25am

DZ is for missed mando only.

Jerry Patterson    Sticky August 17 at 11:54am

Players Pack for th event will include
1 Prodigy Disc
1 Discmania Disc
1 West Plaza Tomato company Richardson Hat
1 Custom.Event Dri Fit
1 Custom Grip6 Belt buckle and belt

SteelerDoug Kroll   August 17 at 1:50pm

Excellent players pack Jerry. Thank you.

Max Barber   August 19 at 1:48pm

Sounds like some unique stuff! Thanks Jerry!

Rob Adams    September 27 at 1:54am

It's often a CTP for league or casual but how'd it work for tie-breaking in those divisions where 1st and 2nd have the same final score in the tourney?

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Rob Adams   September 27 at 2:52am

Sorry Scott, I wasn't clear, I meant "CTP is often used to break ties" - was wondering how they were broken this weekend.

Rob Martin   September 27 at 12:37pm

PDGA rules provide how the ties are to be broken, section 109 of competition manual.

Jerry Patterson    September 25 at 11:24pm

Tee times are up for round 3!


Kenneth McWhorter    September 25 at 7:02pm

Disc Is out of bounds but touching OB line is that in or out?

Jerry Patterson   September 26 at 4:40am

OB line is out of bounds

Logan farrimond    September 25 at 12:07am

When will day two tee times be posted???

Chris Graves   September 25 at 12:21am

The dgscene about states 8pm for tee times posted each night.

Michael Krueger   September 25 at 12:30am

In process. Some have been posted.

Jerry Patterson    September 24 at 7:59pm

Divisional Ace Pots

Fa1- $3
Fa2- $15
FP40- $18
FPO- $9
MA1- $132

These will run throughout the event.
These will be paid via KCDG PayPal G&S.


James Barry    September 24 at 4:53pm

After the tournament will all the lakes/ponds be raked for discs?


Mario Ortiz    September 24 at 1:05pm

Where can we get the players pack if we could not make it on the 23rd. My daughter has gymnastics on Thursdays.

Jerry Patterson   September 24 at 1:31pm

You can lick them up when you play Water Works or Wilbur Young, depending on your pool and division

Todd Thurman   September 24 at 1:37pm

Player packs can be picked up starting Thursday at BKS Artisan Ale, Player Party. After that they will be available on course. A, B, E Pools Pick up at Water Works before your round at that course. C and D pools at Wilbur Young before your round at that course.

James Barry    September 23 at 7:22pm

Will MJ18 have an earlier tee time for the whole weekend?

Jerry Patterson   September 24 at 11:42am


Tom Johnson    September 23 at 4:56pm

Following up to make sure post seen

Jerry Patterson   September 23 at 7:06pm

Sorry, I missed this emails are better. I have you at 10:45, Hope that works

Tom Johnson    September 23 at 9:24am

Hello, sorry for late notice, if later tee time on Friday is possible, that would be great. Traveling in


Iqbal Jehan    September 23 at 1:11am

Are there warm up areas at Heritage, Cliff, and Waterworks? I hope so ????

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Todd Thurman   September 23 at 1:57am

Looking closer at Cliff Drive. There is a slight field near (39.113811547821044, -94.55250333552353) East Lookout Point & St. John's Avenue -- that could allow for some warm up drives.

Michael Krueger   September 23 at 3:16pm

For Cliff Drive, I recommend warm up throws at Maple Park, about a half mile to the west at the corner of Maple and Missouri. Tons of space there. A practice basket will be set up near the entrance of Cliff Drive.

Michael Krueger   September 23 at 3:17pm

Also, there is an uphill throw that can be made from the basketball courts near the basket for hole 4 in the KCWO 2021 layout.

Chris Neff    September 22 at 11:38pm

I haven't played Heritage, from the U disc photos it looks like it's somewhat cart friendly? I've played Cliff drive and waterworks and I would call those cart possible but not cart friendly.. just trying to give a frame of reference.

Todd Thurman   September 23 at 1:52am

Heritage is very cart friendly. Waterworks can be carted but it can get tiring. I would not recommend a cart at Cliff Drive. Holes 3 - Hole 7 are not fun with a cart.

Chris Neff   September 23 at 3:05am

Thank you!

Todd Thurman    September 22 at 7:35pm

Can Ronald Lawson and I have similar (doesn't have to be exact) Tee Times for the 1st round? We tend to carpool together. If not, no biggie. Thanks!

Michael Krueger   September 22 at 9:43pm


Bubba Suchanek    September 22 at 1:38am

Hello, I just sent a request for a later tee time. If it is to late I understand but I just learned about something very last minute tonight.

Michael Krueger   September 22 at 2:43pm


Jerry Patterson    September 21 at 10:57pm

Virtual Players meeting should happen around 715. You can find it here



Stephen Chalmers    September 20 at 10:02pm

There's about a 90% chance I'll have to withdraw due to an ankle sprain. If I do, can I still come to the players' party on Thursday to pick up my players' pack since I'm sure it's past the deadline for a refund?

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Stephen Chalmers   September 22 at 2:27pm

I think I'm going to stick it out. I wrapped it tight and did a little field work yesterday evening and it seemed to be ok. Definitely not 100%, but good enough. As long as I don't reinjure myself, I should be fine. See you at the players' party.

Michael Krueger   September 22 at 2:42pm

Great! Hope that it stays good.

Stephen Chalmers   September 24 at 2:15am

Well, I tried to go to the players' party, but the line was down the street and there was nowhere to park, so I just went home. I'll check in at the course tomorrow. Thankfully, my tee time isn't at 7am since it's way out in Olathe.

Gary Lewis    September 20 at 8:08pm

Are the Covid restrictions not allowing a caddy or friend to join my card. I have a brother who is traveling from out of town and my wife would like to join me for one round is that OK? Obviously, Covid is not transmitted outdoors like it is indoors

Jerry Patterson   September 20 at 8:38pm

Caddies are allowed for this event!

Michael Krueger   September 21 at 2:46am

But you're responsible for your caddy.