2nd Annual Shamrock Showdown

PDGA logoSaturday, March 17, 2018 at Moraine State Park in Portersville, Pennsylvania
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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The 2nd Annual Shamrock Showdown at Moraine State Park is right around the corner! Start your planning today f ... more
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jackson lozier    April 2 at 8:47pm

Why is the score for my round not on my account?


Brian Keegan    March 22 at 4:45pm

Hey guys, here's a link to the final round MPO card.

Photos were posted to the Disc Golf Examiner Facebook page from round 1!


Rob Alessi    March 20 at 12:35pm

Is there any word on when refunds will be processed for people who dropped out?

Vince Mach   March 20 at 12:54pm


Macky D    March 18 at 5:17pm

I know you posted scores on PDGA site. Are you going to post them on here also?

Macky D   March 18 at 5:19pm

By the way thank you everyone especially Jacob that helped run this event

Jacob Johnston    March 17 at 5:00pm

Tee off 1:45


Phil Custer    March 17 at 11:03am

I woke up feeling quite under the weather, I think I have to drop. Hope everyone else has fun!


Jeffrey Lewis    March 17 at 1:11am

Is the gate going to be open in the morning?

Jacob Johnston   March 17 at 1:30am


Jacob Johnston    March 16 at 10:57pm

Who else is excited as I am?
Just a few things before the tournament starts...
Please read over some of the new rules for the 2018 season, even if you don't agree with them :)
I know everybody will, very literally, want to warm-up in the morning, but please do not forgot to check in with me when you arrive! Especially if you are an Amateur to receive your player's pack.
Lastly, there will be a food truck and port-a-potty on site, so please support/respect what we have, so eat within the park, and keep clean.
Check-in starts at 7:30, so arrive early and ready to go!

christian fawcett   March 16 at 11:34pm

Really excited Jacob. Thank you so much for hosting. Do you know what the food truck will be serving?

Zach Schweitzer    March 16 at 9:03pm

Anyone else dropping?


Clint Eastland    March 14 at 8:10pm

What are the course conditions? Snow and mud? Slippery when wet?

Jeffrey Lewis   March 17 at 1:11am

No snow. Ground was firm. As long as it does not warm up to much it won’t be a slip fest

christian fawcett    March 14 at 3:06pm

Hey Jacob- I know registtations is closed, but my son Haden who is 11 wants to play on Jacksons card in the Youth Division. If I can pay to at the event, could that be a possibility? If not, no worries at all, thought I would ask. Thank you sir!

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Jacob Johnston   March 15 at 12:50am

As much as I would love to make these accomodations, it is hard to put 5 players on a card as it can cause backups throughout the course. In the sense that this event does not have many juniors, as well as no division caps, a waitlist for certian divisions would be illogical.

Luke Lozier   March 15 at 1:09am

I know, it isn't logical, it is just a shame to have these two kids and their budding rivalry not continue to be stoked early.

Luke Lozier   March 15 at 1:09am

Not your fault.

Kevin Jacobs    March 13 at 11:43pm

Let Red play!!!

Clint Eastland   March 14 at 9:00am

What he said!!!

Jacob Johnston    March 2 at 9:12pm

Orders for both the glasses and the discs have come in, and they both look great! See everybody in two weeks!


Sam Court    March 1 at 3:49pm

I have to drop from this event. I'm still having back problems and can't handle it. Please refund if someone can fill my spot

Jacob Johnston   March 1 at 4:03pm

I'm sorry that you are injured. You will be refunded after the event. I hope you are healed and playing very soon!

Sam Court   March 1 at 5:08pm

Thank you

Gary L Hartle    February 20 at 11:48pm

Can you put me on the waiting list?

Jacob Johnston   February 21 at 12:48am

Hello, you must sign up as normal through the website. If you get in, you will be notified. If not, you are refunded in full.

Craig Schaeffer    February 14 at 4:43pm

I'm on the waitlist, will I be contacted in advance if there's a spot or do I need to show up and hope I get in?

Dan W   February 15 at 5:08am

You may as well make other plans. Everybody wants to play a tourney at Moraine.

DISCGOLFDAN ONEPUTT    February 11 at 2:25pm

One more question. Course website list DGA MachX baskets, last years PFDO Nt Tournament had Discraft Chainstars, so what baskets will we be using?

Thanks again

Jacob Johnston   February 11 at 6:22pm

Pin Placements have not been decided as of yet, but will be in place next weekend, and I will post then.

Jacob Johnston   February 11 at 6:23pm

The Mach X's are the new baskets that will be going in next weekend!

DISCGOLFDAN ONEPUTT    February 11 at 1:45pm

What pin placement will we be using?

Thank you


scott summers    February 9 at 8:29pm

is there anyone on a waitlist for this yet?

Jacob Johnston   February 9 at 9:01pm

Yes. Nine players are on the waitlist.

Dan W   February 10 at 4:24am

You can have my nine spot. Lmfao

Travis Dombach    January 24 at 1:58am

I can't believe this filled up already :(

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Travis Dombach   January 24 at 2:18pm

Thanks Jacob. I already made travel plans, so I will probably show up day of either way to see if there are any no shows.

Jacob Johnston   March 1 at 4:09pm

You are in! See you on the course!

Travis Dombach   March 5 at 4:07am

Woo hoo! Can't wait!!