2nd Annual Saluda River Showdown Presented by Xclusive Collision Center

PDGA logoSaturday, October 1, 2022 at Dolly Cooper Park in Powdersville, South Carolina
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

2nd Annual Saluda River Showdown Presented by Xclusive Collision Center graphic

About this tournament

Up to 90 players

This will be a 2 rounds of 18 on October 1st with shotgun starts.

There will be an ace pool and optional Cash CTPs, and players packs will be a voucher to let you choose your own items.

I plan to setup special tees (Hole 2, 4, 9, 10, 13, 14, 17) for MA4, FA3, FA4, and Juniors divisions to be more suitable to those divisions.

Refund policy

Gabe Brown is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. Refunds will be given in accordance with PDGA guidelines minus a $7 processing fee.


Dolly Cooper Park
Powdersville, SC   Get Directions


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/62556
1Brent Hannu444488$219
2Jake Wolff454489$139
3Ben Wolff464591$104
4Shane McCullen444993
5William Hannu504494
6Owen McCall494897
7Wynn Coggin504999
1Davidson McMurray524092$57
2Greyson Austin464692$36
2Justin Stout464692$36
4Garrett Hanna484997$22
4McKinley Skoglund534497$22
6Justin Durham494998$13
7Kyle Bradley5253105
8Jordan Nigh5155106
8Kevin Moxley5353106
8Tyler Bradley5056106
11Clayton Pakkala5652108
12Casey Seppala5653109
13Cole White53-53
Amateur 50+
1Charles Roache5352105$34
2Cody Irick5458112$22
3Terry Howard5658114$16
4Miles Bridges6257119
5Matthew Baustert6060120
Amateur 60+
1Bill Byrnes5459113$35
2Ervin D Howard6060120$22
3Jim Cunningham6359122$16
4Bob Sherry6564129
5Gregory Johnston Sr.7170141
1Ben Galliher494998$51
2Michael Ashley4951100$43
3Jeff Dixon5249101$34
4Laren Fleeman4854102$26
5Bill Pauley4954103$16
6Dylan Herbert4856104
7Bryce Metz5154105
7Ilja Cybulskis5154105
9Drew Durham4759106
10Abe Mills5159110
11Chris Ashley5756113
1Hayden Peters5050100$51
2Cory Lewis4954103$46
3Corey Munden5450104$43
3Joe Pelletier5054104$43
5Eric Dickinson5651107$39
6Zakary Watson5553108$37
7Oleg Skrypnyk5653109$35
8Jeff Wayne6050110$31
8Michael Rooney5654110$31
10Jonah Dew5655111$28
11Brandon Galloway5557112$13
11David Dunlap5755112$13
11Fesser Bell5656112$13
11Matthew L Blackmon5755112$13
11Scott Berr5260112$13
11Shawn Parker5854112$13
17Asa Kinnunen5756113
17Bryan Atkinson6152113
19Bradley Toy5659115
20Benjamin Theobald5958117
20Joshua Vinson5760117
20Judah Gilbert5958117
23David Mills5761118
23JD Surrett6157118
25Chase Bradley6159120
25Jacob Barfield6159120
25Jonathan Schwalbe6159120
28Andrew Martin6264126
29Wesley Fields6464128
30Caleb Ayers6465129
1Hayden Ryals5154105$15
2Adam Cook5552107$12
3Emily Rouse5653109$10
4Steve Lalonde5258110$8
5Craig Walker5954113$3
5Curtis Koster5657113$3
5David Jolley5954113$3
8Steven Conti5658114
9Angel Lopez5461115
10Eli Moreland5562117
11Will Langford5762119
12Stephen Raab6071131
13Matthew Fuqua6964133
Recreational Women
1Jennifer Blackmon6360123$13
2Desi Macina7571146
Junior 12
1Luke Almand5347100$10
2Jackson Lalonde5652108$3
2Seth Atkinson5553108$3
4Daniel Mills6067127
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