28th Annual City of Mobile Championships Presented by Dynamic Discs

PDGA logoSat-Sun, May 1-2, 2021 at Langan Municipal Park in Mobile, Alabama
Pro A-tier / Amateur B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Anyone in an amateur division needing to drop out will receive a refund up through 3/1/21 at noon central. Thi ... more
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Philip Tait    May 2 at 3:26am

9:00am T off all pools


Cade S    May 1 at 1:01pm

Sorry for being so late, I didn’t realize that check in was on Friday but please consider me checked in. Thank you


Shawn Groton    April 30 at 1:07pm

Coming from Nashville, TN. What is best centrally located city to stay. Wasn’t sure if the obvious choice of Mobile was accurate. Thanks in advance.

Todd Rowell   April 30 at 5:04pm

Mobile will be the best option.

Shawn Groton   May 1 at 1:56am

Thank you

Robert A Munger    April 30 at 3:57am

So on the Sunday round you have B and C pools doing shotgun and mention that pool A will have tee times. I am curious to what do you currently have planned for D pool at cottage hill?

Philip Tait   April 30 at 1:17pm

Shotgun it’s correct on details now

Ernest Cleverdon    April 30 at 2:09am

Just played South new layout and I’m curious about OBs and mandos(if any). What’s the status of the gravel sidewalks? Will a OB sheet be online soon? Thanks

Philip Tait   April 30 at 2:22am

An email was send out with OBs and Layout. Gravel is safe road is OB. Mando hole 13 light poll

Ernest Cleverdon   April 30 at 3:36am

Thank you for your quick response. I just found the email.

Philip Tait    April 29 at 2:54am

Please check in with on Friday. I’ll have final players list printed off then. Thank you!


Anthony Luna    April 29 at 2:44am

Please consider me checked in. I wont be able to make it on Friday. Will plan to swing by Muni on Saturday afternoon to grab my players pack.

Philip Tait   April 29 at 2:52am

This form

Philip Tait   April 29 at 2:53am

Of check in is ok. But please wait til Friday . I’ll try to remember but please message on Friday

Anthony Luna   April 29 at 4:10pm

thanks sir

Blake Elliott    April 27 at 6:08pm

Sorry if this was already answered...I will not be at the player's party Friday night. When/where do I need to get my player's pack on Saturday?

Philip Tait   April 27 at 7:10pm

Saturday afternoon at muni

Patrick Harrity III    April 27 at 2:42pm

Chris Wooland and I will be coming in late Friday, can you check us in and allow Corwin Barnes or Shawn Haskin to grab our packs? Thanks.

Philip Tait   April 27 at 5:11pm

Yes someone else can check you in

James Burr    April 26 at 3:37pm

I sent a private message on discgolf scene.


Philip Tait    April 26 at 1:29am

Flex start is sanction and published. PLEASE PRE- REGISTER


Michael W Davis    April 23 at 2:02pm

Hi Phillip. I sent you an email but I thought I would post here as well. Can I move from MP40 to MPO? Thanks.

Michael Davis-29933

Philip Tait   April 25 at 4:13am

You have been moved

Brandon Hudson    April 22 at 4:01am

Will the flex be sanctioned?

Philip Tait   April 23 at 2:41am

Working on it. Hopefully xc-tier

Jack Landers    April 21 at 12:58pm

Please move me to MA2. Thanks.

Philip Tait   April 22 at 1:02am

What division are you current y in?

Jack Landers   April 22 at 2:15am


Philip Tait   April 23 at 12:36am

Posssibly I check back with you next week

John Hansen    April 21 at 12:44am

Can I get on wait list for intermediate?

Philip Tait   April 22 at 1:03am

Unfortunately not at this time. If there are no shows for check in I will be issuing last min spots

Brad M    April 19 at 1:21pm

Sent you a couple messages.

Philip Tait   April 22 at 1:04am

Unfortunately I cannot move from pro divisions to an divisions unless someone drops from B pool

Hayley Lindsay    April 19 at 1:12pm

Unfortunately I'm going to have to withdraw from the tournament.
Cheers Hayley

Philip Tait   April 22 at 1:05am

Please submit withdrawal through disc golf scene. Will be process in order receive at this time all am divisions will

Philip Tait   April 22 at 1:05am

only be awarded if someone can take your spot

Joseph nygra    April 19 at 1:34am

If me and my dad were to want to sign up for rec, is that possible?

Philip Tait   April 22 at 1:06am

If there are no shows at players meeting I will issue extra spots then

Derek Williams    April 18 at 11:09pm

So sylus williams is registered in Rec on discgolf scene but does not show up on pdga.com I’m just making sure there isn’t some sort of problem

Philip Tait   April 19 at 12:36am

Should be good now

Brandon Hudson    April 16 at 2:47am