2024 High Country Open supported by Innova

PDGA logoFri-Sun, June 14-16, 2024 at Caliber DGC in Sandpoint, Idaho
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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June 14th-16th 3 Rounds Tee Times Pool A: MPO, MP40 playing ML, Cal, ML (all longs) Pool B: FPO, FP40, MP50, ... more
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Ben Squires    Sticky 3 hours ago

With weather cooperating, play will resume at 130PM on motherlode and Caliber. All tee times remaining for Saturday can add one hour. Will change on pdga.com shortly.


Ben Squires    Sticky 4 hours ago

Play suspended for lighting. Expect one 1.5 hour delay. 1 hour for storm to pass, 30mins have to pass after last lightning strike.

Ben Squires   4 hours ago

Email will be sent 30 mins before play. Play will not resume before 130pm. All tee times can add min of one hour because of delay.

Phil Shane    17 hours ago

Lost a white MVP Wave on 18 Caliber. Left side, half way down the fairway where it flattens and widens. Name and number on it. I have a porcelain mini marker for the finder. Thanks in advance. Please leave your name with Jill when you turn it in.


Scott Marson    20 hours ago

When will t times be ?

Ben Squires   20 hours ago

in a few mins

Phil Shane    2 days ago

Is there a course map for Motherload?


Greg Hicks    2 days ago

Is there a caddy book for the Farragut courses?

Ben Squires   2 days ago

The ranger station at Farragut state park has caddy books for each course. We will not be providing one for the event.

Kellen Smith    3 days ago

When are you going to post hole assignments for the Am’s?

Ben Squires   3 days ago

Hole assignments for Farragut will not be posted online. They will be on display in person Saturday morning.

Yosef Krajewski   1 day ago


Daniel Kitchens    3 days ago

Super excited for this event! As someone who has never been to the courses, is there more information on Motherlode? I'm looking for udisc courses, layout, distances, or anything about it. I got the email which has OB which is very helpful, but was curious about what to expect from the course. Thanks!

Ben Squires   3 days ago

Added our Motherlode Scorecard to the photos section. Can't post a picture here.

Jordan Mardis    4 days ago

Anyone have a tent spot open? Or suggestions on where to grab a spot? Thanks!


Sean Cumpton    4 days ago

Do we get assigned exact tee times? I haven’t played this style of start before.

Steve Boveri   4 days ago

Isn't the warning now 5 minutes? Seen too many Pros lready this year lose 2 stokes due to arriving to their tee times with less than 5 minutes...

Ben Squires   3 days ago

Updated: Tee Times allow everyone to start on Hole 1 and play the course in the order it was designed. You should show up a little early the first day to receive your players pack but you will be expected to check in 5mins prior to your tee time or receive a penalty.

Andrew Marwede    5 days ago

No planet fitness in the area and all the campgrounds seemed to be booked. Anybody available to host my Fiance and I this week for HCO? Just need a place to park (24’ RV) and access to a shower. Or any info to pass along would be greatly appreciated.

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Ben Squires   5 days ago

Thanks Jace!

Wesley Martin   4 days ago

Are you still looking for a spot? 4 of us have a very nice airbnb you can park in front of. Just as long as we can get a putting workshop lol

Ben Squires    5 days ago

Tee times will be posted Tuesday June 11th evening.

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Ben Squires   4 days ago

Updated the Schedule on main page

Kyle Smith   4 days ago

Which pool is playing which

Ben Squires   4 days ago

Sorry we had under just under 90 so we'll only be using one course, Pool C and D got combined basically

Phil Shane    6 days ago

Have I missed the link to a caddy book?

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Ben Squires   5 days ago

We will be sending out an OB list in an email tomorrow with the tee times.

Phil Shane   5 days ago

Thanks Ben, I'll look for some YouTube reviews maybe.

Ben Squires   4 days ago

Hopefully after this year, the Central Coast Disc Golf footage will be a resourse we can lean on

Parker Welck    7 days ago

Hey I know it’s pretty last minute but is there anyone hosting? Need a spot to crash!

Luke Long   6 days ago

Sent you a message on instagram. Have an open spot

Ryan Pitchford    June 7 at 3:02pm

Is the B-Pool playing shorts the entire weekend or just Sunday?

Ben Squires   June 7 at 3:25pm

All thee rounds will be from the shorts.

Kyle Smith    June 3 at 8:57pm

What’s the schedule for this tournament looking like

Ben Squires   June 4 at 2:08am

In the About this Tournament section. Tee times will be roughly 830-330 and there will only be one pool at Farragut. If we exceeded 100 at that location, we would have had two.

Honza Tvaruzek    June 1 at 7:37pm

Hi Ben, can I also register for MA1 if there is some free space? My pdga number is 113744


Phil Shane    May 31 at 4:21am

Is it possible to get into MP50? PDGA#6812

Ben Squires   June 1 at 1:33am

Invitation Sent!

Phil Shane   June 1 at 7:00am

Long long day, just seeing this now. Thank you.

Dallas Ward    May 28 at 3:18am

When will general tee time blocks, for the different divisions, be made available?

Ben Squires   May 30 at 9:48pm

MP40 then MPO for pool A, MA1 followed by Pros for pool B. You can expect Lead card for MPO and FPO to tee off slightly after 3pm. Tee Times will be posted a few days before.

Greg Hicks    May 27 at 11:46pm

Is it still possible to sign up for MA2? I'm camping there the following week with a bunch of friends, but if I can get into the tournament I will come a day early. PDGA 188806.

Ben Squires   May 30 at 9:50pm

Added on Discgolfscene, should be able to pay.