2023 NADGT State Finale: Arizona - Presented by Loft

PDGA logoSat-Sun, September 2-3, 2023 at Wilderness Ranch in Lakeside, Arizona
Amateur B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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3 Round PDGA Sanctioned B-Tier 2 Day Event with Two Rounds Saturday and One Round Sunday Single Event D ... more
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Robert Lake    Sticky August 26 at 2:04am

Show Low City Park

Hole positions and distances:
1. B. 245
2. B. 262
3. B. 285
4. A. 236
5. A. 260
6. B 303
7. A. 222
8. B. 240
9. C. 270
10. B. 258
11. A. 335
12. A. 280
13. B. 237
14. C. 261
15. B. 265
16. B. 300
17. A. 205
18. B 307


Robert Lake    Sticky August 8 at 10:31pm

If there is 72 players or less I will be going down the just pool A and move everyone from B into A.

Robert Lake   August 8 at 10:31pm

This decision will be made the weekend before.

Andrew Munguia   August 15 at 3:58pm

Thank you for the heads up

Jon Noles    September 1 at 5:35am

Apologies if this has been posted and I’ve missed it but I’m not seeing it: which divisions play short at Wilderness? TIA


Dylan Bosworth    August 24 at 12:46am

Can you move me to ma2 Robert?

Robert Lake   August 24 at 1:09am


Jon Noles    August 24 at 12:26am

Hello, will both courses be open for practice Thursday and Friday?

Robert Lake   August 24 at 1:07am

Yes they will be

Anthony Sarmie    August 23 at 11:42pm

With the changes, is camping still allowed at wilderness Friday & Saturday?

Robert Lake   August 24 at 1:07am

Yes of course.

Adrian Cota    August 22 at 4:28am

I have triple checked the schedule/about section and am not seeing the layout that will be played on either course. Can someone answer this for me? Thanks in advance

Robert Lake   August 24 at 1:08am

We are still working on these.

Ricky Simcox    August 22 at 2:33am

What layouts will b pool be playing?

Robert Lake   August 24 at 1:08am

We are working on these still.

Mike Flicker    August 19 at 11:13pm

Can we bring our dog to the camp site if someone is going to be there with them at all times ?

Robert Lake   August 22 at 1:38pm

Yes. Just remember PDGA rules regarding players and dogs.

Saul Juarez    August 16 at 9:34pm

What is the cost for a cabin?

Robert Lake   August 17 at 1:25pm

They are bunk houses at a camp. It's $15 per person per night. Doesn't matter if your camping or staying in a bunk. If you stay in a bunk make sure to bring bedding like a sleeping bag and pillows ad there is only a mattress.

Ryan Renio    August 11 at 6:03am

Can anybody register or was there a qualifying tournament you had to play in to be able to play in this one?

Kyle Harrigan   August 11 at 3:00pm

This is open to anyone to register to.

Sean Anthony Terrillion    August 8 at 1:44am

Will there be an option to just purchase a Player's Pack?

Robert Lake   August 8 at 10:29pm

No there will not be.

Andrew Froreich    July 16 at 2:13am

Is Pool A is playing wilderness ranch all three rounds?

Dylan Bosworth   July 18 at 2:36pm

Pool A plays wilderness and show low the first day, then wilderness again the 2nd day

Dylan Bosworth   July 18 at 2:37pm

Schedule is on the about tab

John Scheinpflug    July 6 at 7:44pm

Please send refund. I will not be able to play in this tournament. Thanks.

[member not found]   July 8 at 9:14am

I never got an email, so I cannot withdraw on my own.

Dylan Bosworth   July 11 at 9:57pm

You should be able to withdraw yourself at the top of the players tab if you are logged in

[member not found]   July 13 at 6:10pm

Thanks Dylan. Got it.