2023 NADGT Nationals Night Elevation @ Flying Armadillo Mini Course

Thursday, November 2, 2023 at Flying Armadillo DGC in San Marcos, Texas
Disc golf singles tournament

2023 NADGT Nationals Night Elevation @ Flying Armadillo Mini Course graphic

About this tournament

**The NADGT welcomes you to the NADGT 2023 Night Elevation at Flying Armadillo Mini on Thursday 11/2/2023.

All players will receive a special glow Elevation Disc Golf disc. It will be a confetti glO-G Arowana.

We will be playing the famous Flying Armadillo Mini Course that is currently rated 4.8 on UDisc in 2023. Get excited to shoot 18 famous holes such as the Dinosaur Hole, Roller Hole, Sign Hole, Alamo Hole, Lighthouse Hole, Bird Bell Hole, and the Ultimate Gimmick Hole. The hole distances average 100 feet and are the perfect blend of accuracy and fun for all skill levels.

No need to be afraid of the dark, since the course will be lit up for night play too! All baskets and tees will have color changing LED lights and trails to the next hole will be glowed up as well. The winners of each division will receive a trophy.

Parking is limited, so please car pool if possible. It is highly recommended to bring your own UV light to illuminate your discs with.

Check out more about the Flying Armadillo Mini Course: http://fadgc.com/

Learn more about Elevation Disc Golf: https://www.elevationdiscs.com/

Non NADGT Championship Competitors are welcome to play as well!

Refund policy

NO REFUNDS will be given



Final Results

Round 1: Flying Armadillo DGC - Gold Mini Course, 18 holes, par 36
1Gavin MacLean3939
2Taylor Albert4444
3Jax Apple5252
4Brantley Schmult6767
5Leomax W. Feldberg-0
Round 1: Flying Armadillo DGC - Gold Mini Course, 18 holes, par 36
1Josh Miller3737
2Aidan Persons3838
2Joseph Wells3838
2Philo Brathwaite3838
5Bradlee Money3939
5David Feldberg3939
5Trevor Williamson3939
8Austin Persons4040
8Kevin Whittaker4040
10Jory Barker4141
10Logan Gehlhausen4141
10Mason Carl4141
10Mitchell Gullick4141
14Gary Money4242
14Jace Whitehead4242
14Jacob Geesin4242
14John Rodriguez4242
14Josh Apple4242
14Lavance Henderson II4242
14Mason Thomas4242
14Matt Watwood4242
14Matthew Mulkins4242
14Philip Tait4242
14Robert Hilko4242
14Timothy J Cotton4242
26Chase Covey4343
26Christopher Foley4343
26Deen Vinci4343
26Isayah Jacobs4343
26John M Foeller4343
26Justin Buell4343
26Nate Powell4343
26Reagan Thurgood4343
35Aaron Rhoderick4444
35Alex Buchholz4444
35Ben Almquist4444
35Collin Stone4444
35David Faussett4444
35David Williams4444
35Derek Oswick4444
35Evan Hughes4444
35Harry Tucker4444
35Hunter Romrell4444
35Jarrod Sparks4444
35Jason Halk4444
35Jonathon Marshall4444
35Logan Larsen4444
35Mark Lamonte4444
35Patrick Phelps4444
35Seth Whittaker4444
35Shain Goodman W4444
35Trey Harrison4444
35Ty Nolte4444
35William Rink4444
56Bailey Russel4545
56Blake Whitehead4545
56Brett Lindner4545
56Chris Westervelt4545
56Elias Spooner4545
56Gregory Lubeck4545
56Justin Fern4545
56Rad Roberts4545
56Shane Haas4545
56Taylor Gardner4545
56Terry Blecha4545
56Thomas Naberhaus4545
56Triston Harrison4545
69AJ Serna4646
69Dave Crowell4646
69Dion Granger-Troy4646
69Issac Hernandez4646
69Jacob Powell4646
69Joshua Schuhart4646
69Konner Lessard4646
69Marty Ford4646
69Michael Wiseley4646
69Robert Doucet4646
79Casey Bagozzi4747
79Christopher Hammett4747
79David Nimlos4747
79Evan Czysz4747
79Jacob Bingham4747
79Jimmy Archer4747
79Jojo Camamo4747
79Kyle DeGaust4747
79Logan Kellogg4747
79Nicholas Covault4747
79Paul Rhodes4747
79Ryan Corcoran4747
79Titus Cederquist4747
79Tristan Goetz4747
79Zach Silverman4747
94Anthony Griglione4848
94Christopher C Russell4848
94Cody Stone4848
94Connor Blecha4848
94James Saucedo4848
94Jeremy Romrell4848
94Jim Brooks4848
94Logan Johnson4848
94Nick Nielsen4848
103Benjamin R Fritter4949
103Bryan Eastman4949
103Caleb Pruitt4949
103Jory Steinman4949
103Matthew J Richardson4949
103Nicholas Pantoja4949
103Pete Barnes4949
103Tony Serna4949
103Trevor Harrison4949
112Christian Johnson5050
112Dan Boelman - Zanfel5050
112David Nelson5050
112Nate Von Rembow5050
112Riley Johnson5050
112Taggert Glithero5050
112Will "The Thrill" Foster5050
119Britton Evans5151
119Cai Geoghan5151
119Doug Haflett5151
119Hunter Silvey5151
119James Reynolds5151
119Joe Saucedo5151
119John Leaf5151
119Keyton Schmult5151
119Michael P Thomas5151
119Morgan Nelson5151
119Papa Spurill5151
119Zachary Smith5151
131Christian Hernandez5252
131Evan Spooner5252
131Zachary Morrison5252
134Rusty Walrod5454
135Ian Staahl5555
136Kim Hughes5656
136Xander Wardell5656
138Cody McNett5757
139Dan Peckenpaugh5858
140Michael Laake6060
141Michael Silvey6565
142Ben Mueck-0
142Brian Bramble-0
142Brodie Whitcomb-0
142Dylan Albrecht-0
142Eric Sherman-0
142Jesse Maurer-0
142Josh Jurosek-0
142Keith Harris-0
142Nathan Thorp-0
142Nick Andrade-0
142Sam Kessler-0
142Samuel Mueck-0
142Samuel Park-0
142Wade Maronn-0
Round 1: Flying Armadillo DGC - Gold Mini Course, 18 holes, par 36
1Ky Kline4545
2Tawna Barnes4646
3Ashley Griglione4848
3Jackie Walichiewicz4848
3Kimberly Dickerson4848
6Allison Latsch4949
6Alyssa Leonard4949
6Ashton Webberley4949
6Carrie Foley4949
10Nikki Sonsini4949
11Clarisa Bingham5050
11Meagan Rosenlund5050
13Denise Doucet5151
14Lindsey Covey5353
14Tricia Buchholz5353
16Zoe Rischitelli5353
17Elizabeth Gehlhausen5454
17Meredith Curtis5454
19Jadyn Reynolds5656
20Macey Miller5959
21April Farmer6161
22Gayla Walden6565
23Jenn Nolte6666
24Stacey Aikman7979
25Esther Lo8585
26Adrienne Wieder-Finch-0
26Alexis Dawkins-0
26Nicole Howard-0
26Synthya Feldberg-0
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