2023 Hub City Disc Golf Club Membership

Wednesday, November 1, 2023 at Tyger River in Duncan, South Carolina
Disc golf event

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About this tournament

Hub City Disc Golf Club's mission is to foster the growth of disc golf, play disc golf and fellowship with oth ... more
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Jack Hermann    December 27 at 12:36am

Please change Myles Seppala to PDGA number 144606. He registered my PDGA number, 144601.

Daniel Camp   December 27 at 2:59pm


Abel Seppala   December 27 at 4:57pm

That's my mistake Apologies jack, thank you Daniel

John Waldrop    December 15 at 10:36pm

The link in the description leads to the 2020 club championship at shoally. Might want to take that out or fix it

Daniel Camp   December 16 at 12:52pm

Fixed and flyer added

John Waldrop    December 15 at 6:54am

Is 2022 membership required?

Daniel Camp   December 15 at 10:57am

No. You just have to buy on 2023 membership. You obviously would only be playing for 2023 tags.

John Waldrop   December 15 at 1:59pm


Lane Shilling    December 13 at 9:14pm

Lane Shilling and Clay Robertson will not be attending this event.

Daniel Camp   December 13 at 9:19pm

Thanks for letting us know.

Henry Villanueva    December 2 at 11:14pm

i just signed some friends of ours up for the tournament. They are relatively new to the sport. Can you put me on the same card as Chad Guffey and Landon Guffey?

Daniel Camp   December 12 at 5:13pm

We are not taking requests for cards. Sorry. This is a competition for a tag. if that changes your desire to play let me know.

Timothy Villanueva    December 1 at 11:08pm

What time does it starts

Daniel Camp   December 1 at 11:25pm

Check the post on the club Facebook page.

TomMac Garrett    November 20 at 12:14pm

I will not be able to make due to a tournament I am already registered for that weekend. Please just give me high number tags so I can give them to Mike Mathis or Jeff Moore next time I see them.

Nathan Mullenax   November 21 at 4:16pm

Not sure they make tags that go higher than what Mike or Jeff will get haha