2023 Doomsday Demolition - Fort Wayne (4-disc)

Sunday, October 22, 2023 at Shoaff Park in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

Doomsday Discs is a disc golf brand that was created with your survival in mind. Make no mistake, when the end ... more
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Tom Cisler    October 23 at 10:05am

Hole 1 - Long Putt - Asher Knell
Hole 2 - CTP - Samuel Kinsel
Hole 3 - CTP - BEG - Charles Matthew Clayton
Hole 6 - CTP - Evan Burkley
Hole 7 - CTP - Dave Walters
Hole 8 - CTP - INT - Thomas Martin
Hole A - CTP - INT - Nick Brand
Hole B - CTP - Caleb Artz
Hole C - CTP - ADV - Dave Walters
Hole D - CTP - Caleb Artz
Hole E - CTP - Adam Simpson
Hole F - CTP - BEG - Caleb Artz
Hole 9 - CTP - 50/50 - none - random draw
Hole 10 - CTP - Robert Anderson
Hole 12 - CTP - BEG - Kyle Carpenter ... more


Kyle Carpenter    October 23 at 12:19am

Have you posted the CTPs?

Tom Cisler   October 23 at 10:08am

I posted them to the Fort Wayne Club's FB page last night, but I went ahead and added them here as well.

Shane Hart    October 22 at 11:24am

I will be there at 11 today if there is a chance

Tom Cisler   October 22 at 11:33pm

Hi Shane, I'm sorry we missed you today! We were filled up, so I'm sorry we weren't able to get you in. We're hoping to run a Demolition in 2024 as well (with all different discs), so hopefully we will catch you there!

Shane Hart    October 21 at 1:05pm

Are we to late to play it says its closed

Tom Cisler   October 21 at 5:06pm

Hi Shane, unfortunately yes, we have exactly 45 player packs, which is why we had to cap the registration at 45 after placing the order for them. I will add a waitlist though if you'd like to utilize it, just in case there are any last-minute drops.