2022 Three Rivers Open - Ams

PDGA logoSat-Sun, August 20-21, 2022 at Tillman Park in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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2022 Three Rivers Open Am Weekend One Tee Time round Saturday at Tillman Park One Tee Time round Sunday a ... more
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Dave Walters    Sticky August 18 at 5:40pm

Player emails were just sent out. PLEASE read through it!


Eric "Downtown" Brown    August 22 at 12:51am

Way to shoot lights out Brian Wilson second round! Damn Hole #4! Proud of you kid!!! Nice Work!!

Brian Wilson   August 22 at 7:51pm

Thanks Downtown!! Hope to keep the momentum rolling at the Pro Weekend!

Curtis Shriver    August 17 at 4:04pm

Kudos to the TDs and volunteers for having the tournament layout for each pool in Udisc. Today was my first time playing Tillman and it was perfect. Thanks!

Dave Walters   August 17 at 4:10pm

Glad to have you in town. Once the Udisc smart layouts were setup it has been much easier to set these up.

robert Wuellner    August 17 at 9:39am

If possible can I be moved to later tee time of AM3 as I'm driving 2 hours and traffic can be bad on route I have to take don't want to be late to tee off

Dave Walters   August 17 at 11:01am

Yep. That was already the plan for players traveling from further away.

robert Wuellner    August 16 at 3:10am

I'm driving in from OHIO what time does registration open so I know to leave on time to be there I know there are tee times but is there also registration

Dave Walters   August 16 at 11:33am

Players just need to check in 15 minutes prior to their tee time.

Dustin Fortney    August 15 at 2:20am

Is it possible to get a window of tee times per division? I'm assuming actual tee times won't be released until Friday

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Dave Walters   August 15 at 12:00pm

MA3 8:00-9:40, MA2 10:00-11:00, MA40 11:15-11:35, MA50 11:45-11:55, MA60 12:05, MA1 12:30-2:30, Ladies 3:00

Dustin Fortney   August 15 at 8:25pm

Thanks Dave!

Dan McCrory   August 18 at 9:26am

Don't you know the masters(senior citizens)are supposed to tee 1st, they wake up at 5am anyway. Hahaha

Dave Walters    August 12 at 1:54pm

Spots open in all divisions. One week until the event.


Logan Conley    August 10 at 2:09am

As someone who is new to the Tillman course, what will be OB on the course? Maybe you already plan to post this, if so I will delete the comment!

Dave Walters   August 12 at 11:58am

Added the OB list in photo form under the pictures tab.

robert Wuellner    August 8 at 12:52am

Are we doing mix tee pads like last year if so can we get a list of what hole is what so when I come into town to practice I know what tee pads to use

Dave Walters   August 8 at 1:22am

The layouts can be found under the pictures tab.

Matthias Post   August 10 at 1:53am

UDisc also seems to have them up not sure it’s it’s up to date to the tournament though

Dave Walters   August 10 at 3:58pm

The udisc layouts should be correct for this year

Levi Shenk    August 4 at 9:20pm

Will am3 have earlier tee times?

Dave Walters   August 4 at 9:23pm

Yes they will.

Matthias Post    August 2 at 11:10pm

There is a 50/50 chance my rating will go above 900 after the next update: will that kick me out of eligibility for MA3? I don’t know if ratings are considered at the time of signup or time of event

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Dave Walters   August 8 at 11:50am

I have one MA2 refund request pending so I will definitely have a spot open tomorrow once we see how the rating update goes.

Matthias Post   August 9 at 11:38am

Exactly 900 rated so if it’s possible to move me to MA2 I would very much appreciate it

Dave Walters   August 9 at 4:42pm

Got you moved and we still have spots open!

Eric "Downtown" Brown    July 15 at 2:32am

Did a little more house cleaning/playing at Tilly tonight! I love that place!! Very challenging and fun to play when properly maintained. Need a few lumberjacks with chainsaws, before TRO! A few holes have some trees down in fairways/openings that could affect play! This one handed-guy doesn't trust himself with a chainsaw! :)

Eric "Downtown" Brown   July 15 at 2:41am

The best the Tillman course has looked in July! Thanks to all who have helped already!

Mike Wolfe    July 2 at 12:56pm

Hey Dave, any more details about schedule, tees, pins, pools, player’s packs, parties, etc. etc. ?

Dave Walters   July 5 at 11:33am

Currently we do not have all that info compiled. Should have it posted shortly after FWOO

Scott Jenkins    June 26 at 11:52pm

This is an event I've attended 2 or 3 times now. Just realized that this has been shrunk to 2 rounds at Tillman and no Swinneys... just wondering what happened to East and West being in the mix? I really enjoyed playing those. Tillman is a great course, but always looked forward to the other 2.

Dave Walters   June 27 at 12:22am

The Swinneys will be played for our Fort Wayne Outfitters Open. There is high likelihood of flooding g at the swinneys and the move fully to Tillman takes away that uncertainty.

Ray Young   June 28 at 12:03pm

I personally like the idea of having this tournament only at Tillman