2022 Solitude Open - Presented by MVP Disc Sports

PDGA logoFri-Sun, June 24-26, 2022 at Solitude Mountain Resort in Solitude, Utah
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Welcome to the 19th annual Solitude Open - Presented by MVP Disc Sports. This will be a 3 round tournament pla ... more
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Scott Belchak    June 25 at 6:20pm

Give yourself a little extra time getting up the canyon. Stand still traffic by at a one way light 3/4 way up.


Dean stroud    June 24 at 9:29pm

Does anyone know when the pro’s tee off on Saturday, ?


Glenn Fitzpatrick    June 24 at 12:20am

Where is Hole F teepad? Is it marked?

Chaz Critchfield   June 24 at 2:32am

Hole “F” is the standard hole “C” tee pad turned 90 degrees and throwing downhill to the island.

Jarred Neilson    June 21 at 4:22am

With less than a week until the event, how likely are the chances the waitlist is added into the event? I read that we should know more when registration closed on the 17th. What ya know Chaz? Thanks

Chaz Critchfield   June 21 at 5:04am

I have not had any cancellations, at this point I’d say there’s a very slim chance.

Chaz Critchfield   June 21 at 5:06am

I did try to get the waitlist added, however Solitude couldn’t run the lift any earlier and we needed to get the last groups tees off by 3:00pm. Wish we could’ve got ya in.

Cody Simmons    June 20 at 3:33pm

Any chance you will be moving the open am spots to the pro divisions?

Chaz Critchfield   June 21 at 11:01pm

Hey Cody, I have moved all the available positions. Unfortunately I am already as full as I’m willing to let the event get with keeping daylight in mind. Our last tee time needs to be off by 3:00pm

Cody Simmons   June 22 at 11:47am

Any chance you could make 3 of the cards with 5? I would also be willing to play with the MP40 division as a mixed card. The other option would be to shift a few tee times by 1 minute to fit the extra card but I understand that's a decent amount of work.

Stephen Mattingly    June 18 at 2:08am

If registration is closed now, will the remaining available spots be given to those currently on the waitlist?

Chaz Critchfield   June 21 at 11:01pm

Hi Stephen, I moved all the people off the waitlist that I possibly could. I have 1 more MP40 position available if you happen to be in that age bracket.

Jacob Beach    June 13 at 7:32pm

Could we get an approximate tee times for each division?

Chaz Critchfield   June 13 at 10:01pm

Lower division will be starting to tee off near 8:30, pros will be finishing teeing off around 3:00 is the goal

Jacob Beach   June 14 at 1:11am


Greg Barber    June 2 at 12:53am

Is there any decent camping or land that could be used to camp on? Coming from out of state and would love to safe spot to park for the weekend. Thanks!

Scott Belchak   June 2 at 2:21am

Yes! Go camp at Wasatch Mountain State Park. It's a beautiful 20 minutes from the course and has a full 18 holes to warm up on. https://utahstateparks.reserveamerica.com/camping/wasatch-mountain-state-park/r/campgroundDetails.do?contractCode=UT&parkId=342921

Chaz Critchfield   June 2 at 4:50am

Redman campground is also just up the road. https://www.recreation.gov/camping/campgrounds/232089

Greg Barber   June 2 at 5:13pm

Thank you so much for the recommendations!

Randy Junttonen    May 23 at 5:27pm

I need to withdraw sorry to miss this one
I sent a refund request as well thanks
Randy Junttonen MA 60+

Chaz Critchfield   May 23 at 7:06pm

Refunded. Sorry you can’t make it!

brandon reesor    May 17 at 2:17am

any news on waiting list people for mpo 40+

Chaz Critchfield   May 17 at 1:16pm

No news yet, we probably won't know until registration closes on June 17th.

caleb Petersen    May 15 at 6:39am

Cool, I will buy a summer lift pass as well.

Chaz Critchfield   May 16 at 3:17pm

Sounds good, just let me know if I need to refund you the $36 lift fees

Aaron Taylor    May 10 at 12:58am

So I checked the box to buy lift tickets upon registering. Will I just need to pick them up from the tournament staff each round like last year or go get them from the resort staff?

Jason Ramirez   May 10 at 1:12am

You will get them from us each day like last year.

Aaron Taylor   May 10 at 1:28pm

Got it, thanks.

J.D. Ramirez    May 3 at 8:26pm

Is 1 Ikon pass good for me and my caddie..? Thanks for the info…

Chaz Critchfield   May 3 at 10:23pm

I believe an Ikon pass is only good for the pass holder. That is up to the Solitude staff, but I'm pretty sure the answer is going to be that they need to purchase their own pass.

J.D. Ramirez   June 12 at 12:00pm

Ok thank you

Doug Smith    May 2 at 9:25pm

Why so Few Pro Spots?

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Doug Smith   May 6 at 3:32pm

You should move 10 spots to Pro with 52 AM spots. Keep spots available.

Doug Smith   May 6 at 3:33pm


Chaz Critchfield   May 11 at 3:52pm

I’ll see how the numbers play out and what funds I have available, I still need to make sure we have enough added cash available for the Pros

Jameson Scott    May 1 at 5:42pm

Why only the Ikon pass? Are they not going to offer summer season passes this year? I don't particularly want to spend $36 for lift passes if I'm going to also spend $120 for a summer pass.

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Chaz Critchfield   May 1 at 7:46pm

Just make sure you have the pass on you at the time of the event ????

Nick Lopez   May 1 at 9:04pm

Excellent! Thanks for the clarification. And thanks for the good question!

Jameson Scott   May 1 at 10:51pm

No worries and thanks for the clarification!

turbo ted hegemann   April 28 at 4:13pm

That link only has winter packages.

Chaz Critchfield   April 29 at 12:52am

Sorry, they’re working on the summer packages and should have them posted shortly.