2022 NADGT: Zanfel Premier Tour @ International DG Center Driven by Innova Champion Discs

PDGA logoSat-Sun, February 5-6, 2022 at International Disc Golf Center in Appling, Georgia
Amateur-only A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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PDGA Sanctioned A-Tier 2 Day Event with 2 Rounds Saturday and One Round Sunday Lunch is provided, on Sa ... more
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Sammy Navarre    March 12 at 1:01pm

I signed up late and had to pay more to have my player's pack mailed. I still haven't received my shirt.

Kyle Harrigan   March 12 at 1:12pm

An email was sent out Monday following the event with instructions that were needed to complete this. It would have gone to the email you registered with. Did you follow those instructions?

John Capps    February 4 at 9:28pm

H2, didn't see that registration ended last night, just got confirmation from work that I'm GTG for the weekend. Can I still get signed up? Any day of registering going on for this?


Luke Showstead    February 3 at 7:46pm

When should we expect to know our starting holes for Saturday?

Henry H2 Hamilton   February 3 at 8:02pm

It is shotgun on Saturday for both rounds. Cards will be set up and published after check in and the players meeting. Course assignments are published in the event bio and on the schedule for each pool.

Jessica Cackler    February 3 at 6:07pm

Anyone know what the deadline to sign up is?

Kyle Harrigan   February 3 at 6:20pm

Tonight at 7pm est

Henry H2 Hamilton    February 3 at 3:29pm

email sent

Wes Johnson   February 3 at 3:38pm

Got it!

Henry H2 Hamilton    February 3 at 3:03pm

Email isn't working right now. Pete has been emailed. Here is the deets that will be going out to everyone once DGS acts right.

"Hey everyone. First off, thank you all for your patience in this transitioning phase. Dave expressed interest in my involvement and taking over this event for him moving forward. This is my first NADGT TD experience and I hope to bring you all the level of playing experience that you get at all my Adrenaline Heaven tournaments. We are very excited to see ... more


Henry H2 Hamilton    February 3 at 1:49pm

Schedule has been revised. Saturday, round 1 start time is earlier. This has been adjusted to allow more time to complete both rounds with a larger field. Thank you. Email is going out to everyone today.


Garrett Lounder    February 2 at 8:30pm

any news on emails?

Henry H2 Hamilton   February 3 at 1:46pm

going out today

August Lightfoot    February 2 at 4:12pm

Are the courses cart friendly?

Nate Michalove   February 2 at 4:23pm

Depends. I use a cart here but I know the terrain. Jackson is very cart friendly, Ed and Warner have more elevation and roots.

August Lightfoot   February 2 at 5:01pm

Thank you!

Dustin Olin    February 2 at 3:04pm

Is the FA1 division able to qualify for nationals if there is only one participant? We may have a woman signing up today based on the ability to qualify for nationals.

Dustin Olin   February 2 at 3:58pm

I also read that however they are allowing female and junior divisions with minimum required players and need to confirm with the TD prior to her signing up.

NADGT Communications   February 10 at 11:15pm

Yes. Depending on the division we are allowing fro qualification from smaller player pools.

Henry H2 Hamilton    January 31 at 2:58pm

Dave and I are speaking on the phone today. No emails have went out. Ed is in the steady Ed layout and Warner is in the OG. Everyone will be emailed with more information tomorrow.

Regarding divisions with a limited field, I will be discussing these options with Dave as well. Thanks everyone.

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Garrett Davis   February 2 at 7:03pm

Any chance they can put some of the par 5’s back on steady Ed? I need the birdie chances!

Joe Pelletier   February 3 at 1:44am

Garrett, all the baskets are in short positions, there will still be lots of birdie chances.

Henry H2 Hamilton   February 3 at 1:46pm

email going out today

Daniel Stinehelfer    January 31 at 7:10am

Henry, has there been an announcement regarding pin positions? I’ve never played the courses before but watching video coverage of the steady Ed course it looks like there are short and long basket locations. I’m in pool A and I know we’re using the long tees but wasn’t sure about the baskets. Is it A, B, or a mixture? Thanks!

Daniel Stinehelfer   January 31 at 11:11am

whoa! after a little digging now I see there are 9 official blue tee course layouts listed on the PDGA site, with fun nicknames...

August Lightfoot    January 31 at 1:12am

Hello, I didn't receive an email on Saturday. Did one go out?


Bethel Barrett    January 29 at 8:39pm

For the TD… The MA60 group of 2 has not been contacted with option of withdrawing or moving down to MA50. We still show up in the MA60 division. What decision are you going to make regarding our playing status ?? Thanks.

Curtis Shriver   January 29 at 8:57pm

I have reservations for lodging that can't be refunded now. I was playing for MA60 points and would prefer to stay there if there's anyway to make it happen.

NADGT Communications   February 10 at 11:24pm

We allow TD's to run events with divisions of this size. There are a few TDs that we work with that are sticklers and will contact you a head of the event and give you the option but most don't mind.

Tyler 'Treetop' Turnmeyer    January 29 at 12:48am

Are caddies allowed???

Henry H2 Hamilton   January 29 at 1:15am

Caddies are allowed, yes

Tyler 'Treetop' Turnmeyer   January 30 at 4:39am

Also did the email go out today like the schedule states???

Henry H2 Hamilton    January 27 at 5:10pm

A POOL - Long tees on all courses
B POOL - Long tees on Ed and Warner. Short tees on Jackson
C POOL - Short tees on all courses

Jacob Shepherd   January 27 at 5:23pm

Thanks Henry

Henry H2 Hamilton   January 27 at 5:41pm

Event schedule has been posted with course assignments per round

Vern Weygandt   January 28 at 4:05pm

Thanks, H2!

Curtis Shriver    January 25 at 2:29pm

Does anybody know if another MA60 will be signing up?


Will Russell    January 24 at 3:36pm

Good morning! Is there any update on the courses and layouts each division will play?

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Henry H2 Hamilton   January 25 at 7:49pm


Tyler 'Treetop' Turnmeyer   January 25 at 11:35pm

Thanks Henry!

Henry H2 Hamilton   January 27 at 5:10pm

TEE ASSIGNMENTS PER POOL A POOL - Long tees on all courses B POOL - Long tees on Ed and Warner. Short tees on Jackson C POOL - Short tees on all courses

Nathan Beaulieu    January 24 at 2:09pm

I've injured my back and need to withdraw from the tournament, can I receive a refund?


Tristan Goetz    January 24 at 3:23am

Based on this text:
“ Eligible for Nationals Invites
MA1, FA1, MA40, FA40+, MA50+, MA2 and FA2
Top Finishers Get invite to National Championships!”
Am I to assume then that even if I won MA3 that I wouldn’t get an invite to the championship? If that is the case I would kinda like to be moved up to MA2.

NADGT Communications   January 24 at 3:26am

at this event if you won ma3 you would get an invite to play ma2 at the championship

Tristan Goetz   January 25 at 3:50am

Thank you for clarifying!