2022 Discraft's Great Lakes Open Admission Pass

Sat-Sun, July 30-31, 2022 at Kensington Metropark in Milford, Michigan
Disc golf event

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This year's Discraft's Great Lakes Open is offering the following admission options to the event: Meet n Gr ... more
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Nate Heinold    Sticky July 2, 2022 at 5:05am

We have added additional benefits to the Meet n Greet Elite VIP Badge. Just to avoid any confusion, the Elite VIP Badge is more than just a meet n greet. It includes a full VIP pass to the event, includes a free Bushnell/Ledgestone rangefinder, the meet n greet with several top pros and now also includes a tournament shirt and disc. If you purchased the VIP pass, you can edit your registration to upgrade to the Elite VIP pass. If you are on the waitlist for the VIP pass, we are not planning on adding more VIP's at this time, so consider upgrading to the Elite VIP pass.

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Nate Heinold   August 1 at 12:41pm

Jason, we sent out an email about this (twice) with the email you used to register.

Jason Williams   August 1 at 1:22pm

The only emails I have are from you in regards to vip parking update. I did contact dalton about the Thursday meet and greet and he told me the only meet and greets are scheduled for Friday and Saturday. Nothing about the spectators pack though

Nate Heinold   August 1 at 2:50pm

Please email [email redacted]

Jason Williams    August 1 at 1:34am

When I checked in on Friday morning they didn’t have my elite vip spectator bundle. I checked in every day and they didn’t have anything for me. Can you please make sure it is sent out in the mail?

Nate Heinold   August 1 at 12:41pm

Please email [email redacted]

Kyle Reed    July 31 at 2:57pm

Saw quite a few players trip on a stump at the entrance to #5 tee yesterday. Do you have any yellow paint or a cone you can set over the stump?


Alex Petroski    July 31 at 11:54am

Are we allowed to bring bags in when spectating?

Nate Heinold   July 31 at 12:12pm


Brendan Bentley    July 30 at 11:26pm

I have not received an email for the password to the app to receive these tickets tomorrow. When will these be sent out or am I missing the email?

Nate Heinold   July 31 at 12:43am

Just show up to the course tomorrow! You won't need access to the app.

Pablo T    July 30 at 4:41pm

I didn't buy a spectator pass online, if I go on Sunday will I be able to buy a pass the day of or is there a limit to the number of spectators?

Nate Heinold   July 30 at 5:31pm

You can come to Toboggan on Sunday and buy a pass at the Maple Beach lot!

Justin Weilacher    July 30 at 2:10pm

What happened to VIP parking? Got the elite VIP but have to park so much further away than yesterday?

Nate Heinold   July 30 at 5:31pm

Its possible the VIP parking lot filled up.

matt lassiter    July 30 at 1:14pm

What time are spectators allowed to start arriving, specifically on Sunday? I seen the park opens at 6am but wasn't sure if spectators can start to check in that early.

Nate Heinold   July 30 at 5:35pm

Generally around 730AM/745AM.

Brandon Yoder    July 30 at 3:12am

I bought 2 general admission passes.
How do I show proof of purchase? Or are my tickets somewhere on the website/email?

Nate Heinold   July 30 at 3:17am

Show up to the event and you will be good!

A. Rawnsley    July 30 at 3:00am

I am trying to purchase a spectator pass for my niece for Saturday but they are not available for purchase on-line. Can she still buy a ticket at the event tomorrow?

Nate Heinold   July 30 at 3:10am

Yes, you can buy at the course tomorrow.

Micah Petzold    July 29 at 12:23pm

I think I know the answer to this question already, but is there any way I could get my daily pass changed to today? Today was really the only day that would work for me to come down and spectate and I didn't really expect there to only be 176 tickets for the Day One daily pass.

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Jordan Norton   July 29 at 4:31pm

So if we don't have an online ticket for today we can still come and pay in person for a ticket?

Nate Heinold   July 29 at 5:20pm

Yes that is correct

Jordan Norton   July 29 at 6:08pm

Awesome thank you! didnt see that noted anywhere on the DGLO site.

Nic Purves    July 29 at 12:04pm

Where do we pick up shirts for the daily pass? We were offered an option for shirt size so I assume we get one?

Nate Heinold   July 29 at 3:52pm

Only VIP and weekly badge holders get a shirt.

Shawn Manson    July 29 at 5:07am

where do i buy the ticket??? need a $55 weekly pass

Shawn Manson   July 29 at 5:09am

nvm figured it out

Mitchell Kowalski    July 29 at 3:54am

I'm so confused, can we not buy tickets day of? Me and a few buddies are so excited for Saturday sunday but no way this sold out? Am I not able to get tickets anymore?

Nate Heinold   July 29 at 4:30am

You can purchase tickets online right now for Saturday and Sunday.

Kendall Wright    July 29 at 3:11am

Just got out of work and drove across the state... Was going to buy a ticket for tomorrow but I see it closed 10 minutes ago. Is there any way to still purchase one?

Nate Heinold   July 29 at 3:20am

Tickets are available again.

Kendall Wright   July 29 at 3:24am

Thanks a ton, Nate.

Austin Carlson    July 29 at 1:33am

This is my first time going to a dgpt event is there a place we can see the cards and tee times so if we want to spectate a certain card?

Nate Heinold   July 29 at 1:33am

You can go to the PDGA results page.

Ethan Martin    July 28 at 8:15pm

I registered for a spectator pass but never got an email for the code to get in the app. Where can I find it?

Nate Heinold   July 28 at 8:33pm

Please email [email redacted]

Drake Evans    July 28 at 7:55pm

Where is the VIP parking in relation to the staff/player parking at toboggan? Do we continue on towards the maple beach parking?

Nate Heinold   July 28 at 8:11pm

You will be instructed when you arrive.

matt lassiter    July 28 at 6:34pm


matt lassiter    July 28 at 5:59pm

If I want to buy daily passes for a group, can I register them all under my name or do they need to be individually registered?

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matt lassiter   July 28 at 6:35pm

Thanks for the prompt response Nate, we are trying to come up for Sunday to celebrate my buddy's upcoming wedding so want to make sure I have things in order.

matt lassiter   July 28 at 8:07pm

i just completed registry for my group and put in the individual names. is it going to matter that they are all under my email address? all of our names are on the list for day 3, but i just want to make sure i did everything right.

Nate Heinold   July 28 at 8:11pm

That is fine, thank you.