2021 WinterJam presented by DGA (CVS)

Saturday, February 20, 2021 at Swenson Park DGC in Stockton, California
Disc golf singles tournament

About this tournament


The Delta Windjammers Disc Golf Club is excited to have you all come out and play our “Country Club” disc golf course at Swenson. The layout is gonna be tough for your one round Winterjam CVS tournament this Saturday Feb 20. We are excited to feature Swenson Park Golf Course this year as big things are happening this year with the DGPT creating an epic safari layout in May. The DGPT layout will not be played Saturday for the Winterjam. Below we have all the information you need to have a great day on the course!!

As of this email, we are no longer accepting refunds. We will send a players pack disc if you cannot make it. If you ordered a Windjammer bag tag as part of your registration, or in our bag tag event, it will be ready for you at checkin. If you ordered a sweatshirt, it will be ready when you turn in your scorecard. Also, your players pack disc will be available when your card is turned in after your round.

We let everyone in off of the waitlist. Due to this there are a couple mixed groups that are comprised of those off of the waitlist… Except Tony Catania, because he cannot have nice things!!

-Please check-in no more or less than 10 minutes prior to your round.
-We will have scorecards and pencils for you.
-First Place Trophies can be picked up after the last card in your division is recorded.
-Playoffs for first place ONLY. Playoff will be a CTP.
-Restaurant is open with beer, wine and… food!!
-We will constantly update final scores on discgolfscene.com/wj21
-Am script will be emailed from OTBdiscs
-Pro Payout will be sent via PayPal to the address you used to signup on DGscene.

-2 meter rule is in effect.
-We will have junior tees for the junior group on the longer holes. It will be noted on the Junior scorecard.
-All ball golf greens are OB.. the line is the second cut grass line… the second cut is in bounds.
-All Asphalt/concrete roads and/or paths are OB on and beyond.
-property line fences are OB
-Water Hazards/Ponds are OB… Grass is in, Dirt is out. If your disc is touching grass you are in, surrounded by dirt=out. If you are OB, you get a meter in from the grass line.
-MANDO’s.. Pay attention to tee signs… Hole 4 & 5 are single Mandos requiring re-tees… Hole 15 is a double Mando with a single drop zone at the right side mando tree.

Pace of play is imperative as we have a very full field of players and we would like to be done by sunset which is 6 pm, last tee at 3 pm. If you have questions on rules, play it both ways and get clarification when you turn in your scorecards. DO NOT try to get rulings during your round.

Below are your tee times. Please be safe, wear a mask when you cannot keep 6 feet of distance, and most importantly… Most FUN always wins!!!


Craig Krash Gustafson
Delta Windjammers DGC
PDGA #25452
255 East Alpine Avenue
Stockton, CA 95204
[email redacted]

Refund policy

Delta Windjammers Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.



Final Results

Round 1: Swenson Park DGC - CVS 2021, 18 holes, par 56
1Joshua Anthon5050$370
2Casey Hendrick5353$160
2GB Yang5353$160
2J Daddy Farns5353$160
2Leif Swenson5353$160
2Martin Evans5353$160
7Aaron Rowley5454$65
7Jeff Faes5454$65
7Sammy "Sand Belly" A5454$65
10John Covian5555$25
10Michael Redwine5555$25
12Brian Smith5656
12N. Cordova5656
12Travis Simpson5656
16Andrew Lopez5757
16Donovan Smith5757
18Billy Pearson5858
18Jerime Saunders5858
18Mike Westlund5858
21Andrew Valdez5959
21Jason Coultrap5959
21Maxwell Cazanov5959
24Robert Williamson6060
25Moises Camarena6161
26Patrick Humphreys6262
27Spencer Ling6363
28LeAno El6464
29Tony Catania6565
31Brandon Altheide7474
Pro 40+
Round 1: Swenson Park DGC - CVS 2021, 18 holes, par 56
1Nick Garcia5353$195
1Tony Bonsell5353$195
3Chris B Graham5454$110
4Vince Cervantes5656$80
5Dan Nomellini5757$35
7David Terrell5858
7Shayne S Lachene5858
9Ryan Carroll5959
10Dan Hibdon6161
10Eric Crespo6161
12Bill Kohler6363
13Beno V6464
14Jeremy Cole6666
Pro 50+
Round 1: Swenson Park DGC - CVS 2021, 18 holes, par 56
1Steve Lonhart5656$175
2Kenneth Lee5757$100
3Richard Koski6060
4Brian Henderson6161
4Wall Ace6161
6KC Seymour6767
Pro 60+
Round 1: Swenson Park DGC - CVS 2021, 18 holes, par 56
1Edge Dostal6161$145
2Ted Weldon6363$85
3Chad Imeson6969
4Ron Randazzo Jr7070
5Kevin Morse7373
Open Women
Round 1: Swenson Park DGC - CVS 2021, 18 holes, par 56
1Elyse Reveles6363$138
1Kristine King6363$138
4Lorena Dostal6969
5Amanda Zaccone7474
5Robyn Hurst7474
Round 1: Swenson Park DGC - CVS 2021, 18 holes, par 56
1Jared Clasper5454$150
1Luke Olive5454$150
3Armando Lopez5656$130
4Ethan Enos5757$105
4Jeffrey McCormick5757$105
4Jerid M Gaspar5757$105
7Steve Kwon5858$75
8Chad Mcballerson5959$40
8Chris Morrissey5959$40
8Jay Raymond5959$40
11Jacob Vega6060
11Josh Branco6060
11Kyle "with the weather" Coon6060
11Roger Vartabedian6060
15Jon Williamson6161
15Tyler Rhoton6161
17Greg Sloan6262
17William Ashley6262
19Wameng Vue6363
20Fabian Sedano6666
20Joey Mendes6666
22Alex Bruner6767
22Manny Sanchez6767
24Chris Blandford6868
25Chris Awalt7272
26Alex Villarreal7474
Amateur 40+
Round 1: Swenson Park DGC - CVS 2021, 18 holes, par 56
1Anthony Beaty5757$165
2Jeff Blote5858$145
3Israel Honeycutt5959$115
3Steven Roberts5959$115
3Tad Thrower5959$115
6Billy Yee6060$85
7Jason TROGlin6161$60
7Michael Kennedy6161$60
9Bob Pankow Jr.6262
9Ken Little6262
11Brad Matejek6363
11Tony Villar6363
13Isaac Gutfeld6565
13Roger Gomez6565
15Justin Weilacher6868
15Thomas Nessen6868
17Manuel Oliver6969
18Carlos Hernandez7070
19Adam Krauth7171
19Elec Pryor7171
21Alan Krauth7373
22Anthony Butts7575
23Will Riddle7676
24Jason Kesterson7878
Amateur 50+
Round 1: Swenson Park DGC - CVS 2021, 18 holes, par 56
1Rob Cole5454$160
2David Owens5757$140
3Manny Aguilar6060$130
4Kevin Anderson6161$95
4Steve Hey6161$95
6Michael Meyer6262$75
7Dennis Palmquist6363$25
7Jason Hamby6363$25
7Ron(Bonehead) Jones6363$25
10Carlos Perales6464
10Chris Van Loon6464
10Michael Lindsay6464
13Philippe Gaiddon6565
14Chris Owen6666
14HB D6666
14Rodney Cabral6666
14Todd Williams6666
18Johnny Blue6868
19Allan Howton6969
20Kevin Leach7171
21Mike Kobane7777
Amateur 60+
Round 1: Swenson Park DGC - CVS 2021, 18 holes, par 56
1Bryan Hazzard6161$150
2Kelly Williams6565
3Gary Morton7272
4Ted Warnick8181
Round 1: Swenson Park DGC - CVS 2021, 18 holes, par 56
1Chris Alderson5656$190
1Connor Henderson5656$190
3Bee Yang5959$140
3Geoffrey Rexroth5959$140
3Nicholas Coon5959$140
6Austin Wallace6161$125
6Charlij Vang6161$125
6Isaiah Oliver6161$125
9Jason Collins6262$100
9Justin Bodily6262$100
9Travis Williams6262$100
12Brad Farr6363$85
12Tristan White6363$85
14Dan Slavec6464$40
14James Elms II6464$40
14Jordan Gausling6464$40
14Keenan Reveles6464$40
14Michael Salet6464$40
19Luis Abrica6565
19Sha Seng Xiong6565
21Dom Vitali6666
21Jason Powell6666
21Lee Moua6666
21Raymond Cooper6666
21Steven Michael6666
26Albert Liberini6767
26Nickholas Fang6767
28Chris McCuen6868
28Mariano Hernandez6868
30John Notman6969
30Kalen Klingberg6969
30Marcus Smith6969
30Steven Wichman6969
34Dale Boyd7070
34Gary Helms7070
34Jary Yang7070
34Nate Gonzalez7070
34Robert Macias7070
39Connor Moore7171
39Lee Yang7171
41Jake Steely7272
41Sean Atwood7272
41Steven Ames7272
44Chris Taylor7373
45James De La Rosa7474
46Christopher Lorrah7676
46Justin Utz7676
48Nathan Ashmead7777
49David Lantzy7979
Advanced Women
Round 1: Swenson Park DGC - CVS 2021, 18 holes, par 56
2Jenn Diggs6363$120
3Teri Warnick6767$80
4Farrah Wayne6868$30
4Lauren Pyeatt6868$30
6Sue Perales6969
7Caylin Gentile7070
8Bryn Vollenweider7373
8Jessica McClung7373
8Sonia McNally7373
Intermediate Women
Round 1: Swenson Park DGC - CVS 2021, 18 holes, par 56
1Janie Aragon7777$140
1Rebekkah Sidwell7777$140
3Katie Atwood7878$80
4Merry Farr7979$40
5Angela Her8282
5Teagen Collins8282
7Wendi Munoz8383
8Katie Collins8686
8Selena Zambrano8686
10Tipring Henderson9494
Junior 18
Round 1: Swenson Park DGC - CVS 2021, 18 holes, par 56
1Tyler Henderson6767$100
2Caden Duff6868$30
2Jett Kesterson6868$30
2Logan Tosta6868$30
5Damian Granger8888