The 26th Annual Texas State Disc Golf Championships Presented by Latitude 64

PDGA logoFri-Sun, March 26-28, 2021 at Lindsey Park in Tyler, Texas
Pro-only PDGA National Tour · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

This is the 26th Annual Texas State Disc Golf Championships. This is the first National Tour Event on the PDGA ... more
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Josh L    March 21 at 5:46pm

When does anyone think they will; start to open up these tournaments again? Texas is open for business, and all the events around me have been no spectators even though everything is open. Why don't you all start hosting events again? I almost didn't renew my PDGA this year or DGN, or any of the other subs I have because we are not even getting half the product. Being able to go to events, meet players, network, and build relationships are what this is all about. I am only supporting a ... more

Dynamic Discs Carrollton   March 22 at 3:39am

Thank you for your criticism. We will take this into consideration for future events. We suggest you reach out to the individuals involved in hosting/running these events for a better understanding. Thanks!

Tyler Humphrey   March 22 at 5:17am

The people you’re talking to want nothing more than to open up tournaments and get back to normal I think. But this is a national tour. We all want the same thing. You shouldn’t threaten to boycott out of anger. If anything be thankful for the people working within the new confines of running a tournament during a plandemic.

Noah Fiveash    March 15 at 4:59pm

Where is the closest campground for tent camping?

Dynamic Discs Carrollton   March 15 at 5:19pm

If you search for camping near Tyler, TX there will be a good amount of choices to choose from. Camping is not allowed at Lindsey Park. Thanks!

Ellen Widboom   March 19 at 11:31pm

I found some at Tyler State Park.

Jason M    March 12 at 5:08pm

Will you be shutting down the park or is it up to Parks and Rec who can attend the event?

Dynamic Discs Carrollton   March 12 at 7:34pm

The event staff and volunteers will be monitoring the park. There is no way to completely shut off the park from the public, but we will be keeping people off of the courses and out of tournament central who do not have proper credentials.

Jason M   March 15 at 6:10pm

Thank you

Shannon B    March 12 at 2:17am

How does one officially withdraw from the tournament?

Dynamic Discs Carrollton   March 12 at 5:08am

Email [email redacted] thanks!

Shea Callahan    March 10 at 4:14am

Is it 3 courses? Or does Tyler have 2? Schedule is not yet posted just curious

Dynamic Discs Carrollton   March 10 at 4:55am

Hey Shea, the MPO and FPO only play one course. Dogwood. That is posted on the main event flyer on the registration page. The schedule should be out by the end of this week. Thanks!

Connor Smith    March 3 at 5:04pm

With Texas lifting the covid restrictions, is there any change to the spectator policy?

Dynamic Discs Carrollton   March 3 at 5:11pm

There will not be a policy change. Thanks!

Jason M   March 11 at 5:50pm

How can you enforce this at a public park? Not trying to be defiant, but I am just curious. Will you be shutting down the park? I wanted to drive up from Austin.

Caleb Cobb    January 31 at 7:04pm

Will spectators be allowed to attend? Wanted to go to Waco and watch but no one will be allowed. Or any information on the battle at Belton allowing spectators?

Dynamic Discs Carrollton   February 1 at 4:55pm

As of now, our official stance is no spectators and no caddies allowed.

Mark McAlister    January 8 at 6:18pm

im certified and it wont let me sign up

Dynamic Discs Carrollton   January 8 at 10:19pm

You're in. Thanks!

Brian Deets   January 29 at 5:51pm

Do we know when the other divisions sign ups will be?

Dynamic Discs Carrollton   January 29 at 8:10pm

Not sure what you mean. All divisions currently available during the registration process are the ones offered.