2021 Santa Cruz Masters Cup (NT) - Presented by Innova

PDGA logoFri-Sun, May 28-30, 2021 at DeLaveaga Park in Santa Cruz, California
Pro-only PDGA National Tour · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Lance Brown    20 hours ago

Any updates on potential expansion?

Matt Beatty   20 hours ago

Hey Lance, we are not adding any more spots into the event. We run the risk of daylight problems if we add more people into the event since we have 24 holes in play unlike the typical 18 that most players are used to playing for an National Tour/Elite Series event.

Lance Brown   18 hours ago

Oh ok, thanks! Guess I'll keep my fingers crossed.

John Steele    April 9 at 4:29pm

I would like to second the thought that using FaceBook as the primary point of communication is quickly growing outdated. Please consider returning to a more independent platform or resurrecting the DDGC web site. Thanks,

Rob Hapner   April 9 at 4:50pm


Matt Beatty   April 9 at 5:53pm

John, I appreciate the input, however Facebook, email communication, and communication here through DiscGolfScene is still working very well. Our website has been resurrected and is being updated on a regular basis. Thank you for your opinion, and it has been duly noted.

John Steele   April 12 at 6:33pm

Thanks for the consideration and update! The new site looks great.

Michael Hoffman    February 27 at 3:02am

Any more info on if more spots will be added for this event?

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Quintin Becker   April 8 at 5:06pm

Is there any chance more players will be added? Or is 4 all you’re planning on letting in? Thanks

Matt Beatty   April 9 at 6:03pm

Quintin -- Further adjustments could be made, but I need to do my due diligence as the event director to see if there are people willing to sign up for the spots that we have open on the Pro A-Tier side for the Age Protected divisions before adjustments to MPO and FPO can be made. This event is stil ... more

Lance Brown   May 9 at 4:49am

Hey, just wondering about any updates :)

Lance Brown    February 22 at 12:51am

Is the 72 MPO cap set in stone or could there be more spots? Thanks.

Matt Beatty   February 22 at 6:19pm

There is a possibility that more spots can be added. Unlike other events, we do have a Pro A-Tier for the age protected divisions that runs concurrently with the National Tour, and we have 84 spots allocated for that event already. If we do add more spots, it will be to the NT side, but I cannot guarantee where additional spots will be allocated as of yet.

Todd Williams    January 22 at 3:18am

Can people walk with lead card to watch round this year

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Todd Williams   January 24 at 7:50pm

Thankyou, but no more face book for me , thankyou , me couple buddy’s want ply on AM day and come watch the best in the world

Todd Williams   January 24 at 7:51pm

On pro days

Matt Beatty   January 27 at 12:08am

Understood. We would love to welcome spectators, its just unclear right now. We are reading and reviewing all the information surrounding the pandemic, and its a moving target so things can change between now and then. We will post more information here on the comments section for those who arent on Facebook as the events get closer. Thanks for your continued interest.