Top Shelf Disc Supply Presents: 2021 NorCal Am Jam driven by INNOVA

PDGA logoSat-Sun, June 26-27, 2021 at Pioneer Park in Somerset, California
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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TEE TIMES POST TUESDAY, JUNE 22. Check your email as well for final notes. I will post here as well! 2 rou ... more
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Mike Berry    Sticky June 27 at 1:45am

6080 Little Spring Rd, Somerset, CA 95684 Address for Skull Mountain

Daniel Jacobsmeyer   June 27 at 12:53pm

Thanks for a great event! What time can we arrive today to warm up?

Mike Berry   June 27 at 2:47pm

Anytime! Sorry just saw this

Mike Berry    Sticky June 27 at 12:31am

OK! Sunday round hole assignments are posted here:

If you have never played Skulls, you need to sign a paper waiver that I will have in the morning.

Be super respectful of being able to use Skull's property! Clean up all your trash, and keep an eye out on hole 4 when throwing down the road; this is a shared road with neighbors, so you may have to step aside for a vehicle.

I have paper cards for backup, but still use PDGA.COM/SCORE with the c ... more


Mike Berry    June 28 at 1:52pm

Thanks for coming out and enjoying Pioneer and Skulls!
A couple players left without getting prizes, so if you placed but left early, message me and I can help figure out how to get your disc to you.
See you at the next shindig!

Tony Salado   June 28 at 6:38pm

Thanks man! I had a blast out there.

Ryan Dunsdon    June 27 at 3:20am

Something came up with my family, I will not be able to tee off at Skulls. Hopefully someone can take my spot

Mike Berry   June 27 at 3:28am

Thanks. Sorry and hope for the best.

Mat Straka    June 26 at 2:32pm

Eta 8:20 :/ sorry mike

Mike Berry   June 26 at 3:12pm

No prob

Todd Williams    June 26 at 3:34am

Are courses cart friendly ? Thanks

Mike Berry   June 26 at 3:39am

Pioneer yes, skulls not as much. I’m using mine both days.

Daniel Jacobsmeyer    June 23 at 10:58pm

Is there an area to warm up (drives and/or putting) near the course?

Mike Berry   June 24 at 12:29am

Baseball field at the course and you can play holes before the 2 minute warning.

Daniel Jacobsmeyer   June 24 at 3:04pm

Perfect, thanks!

Samuel Robert Patton    June 23 at 6:08pm

Hello, I have a family matter and cannot make it, can I get a refund? Thank you, Samuel Patton #134123 MA1

Mike Berry   June 23 at 9:14pm

I can remove you. Sorry but no refunds at this point. Thanks and sorry you cannot make it!

Fabian V Lopez    June 22 at 4:45pm

Hi Mike.

I have not seen this information anywhere as of yet but do we know a time frame of when the 60-70% of players advancing to next round are notified for Sunday?

As an outside player this would depend if I stay locally for the night or not. TIA!

Mike Berry   June 22 at 6:01pm

It will be after the scores are entered, bur the cool thing about online scoring is that you will know where you stand right after the round.. 70% will plauy Sunday. Hope that helps!!

Fabian V Lopez   June 23 at 5:34pm

Yes it does. Thanks Mike!

Mike Berry    June 22 at 1:58pm

Howdy! I am excited like you all for this weekend's rounds and fun! A few notes ahead of time so you are prepared with info and hopefully have most questions answered ahead of time so you can focus on your game and have a blast!

Please review the attached PDF! It is your job as a player to know the rules.

Hole assignments for Saturday Round 1 (maybe Round 2 if I cannot access the PDGA site on location) are posted here:

We have a temp hole (9B ... more

Mike Berry   June 22 at 2:44pm

GH2 group will be Ghost Hole 10. The program wouldn’t let me mark it as GH10 ;)

Daniel Jacobsmeyer    June 18 at 7:27pm

What’s the poison oak like there? I’m in the Santa Cruz area, so we have plenty, just trying to decide if shorts will be an option for me!

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Mike Berry   June 18 at 10:24pm

If you get it really bad, play it safe maybe with pants. But I’m gonna wear shorts both days.

Daniel Jacobsmeyer   June 18 at 11:02pm

Perfect, thanks! I’ll bring the technu ????

Mike Berry   June 18 at 11:19pm

I will have Pre contact wipes for a dollar

Wyatt Haenel    June 14 at 2:46pm

My rating went up to 908, I will need to be put into the white tier please.

Mike Berry   June 14 at 3:02pm

Got it!

Jerry "Hawaiian Hucker" Punihaole-Figueroa    June 11 at 1:40am

Do you guys keep track of players ratings in each group and automatically update it accordingly or do we just ask you to switch us? I'm gonna have a couple tournaments under my belt before this one and I just want to be sure I'm in the right division if my rating does go up. TIA

Mike Berry   June 11 at 1:37pm

Thanks Jerry! Yes, keep me updated if it changes. The online system will flag players on the day of if they are in the wrong division and I’d have to move you then. Much easier if you let me know. The next ratings update is in July, so your official rating should be set now.

Jerry "Hawaiian Hucker" Punihaole-Figueroa   June 11 at 4:26pm

Thanks Mike, looking forward to the tournament

Ian McDavid    June 11 at 12:28am

My rating changed to 877, can I be switched to red tier, please?

Mike Berry   June 11 at 12:30am

Yep. Thanks!

Mike Berry    June 7 at 4:09pm

I will have discs for sale beyond the player pack! You can prepay anytime (venmo or pp) or buy at the event. Limited supply, so no holds!

DX Aviar
KC Aviar
R-Pro Cro
XT Nova

Champ Teebird3
Star Wraith
GStar Tern
Champion Roc3

Pressed FLAT Champion Firebird
Metal Flake Champion Firebird
Glow Champion Firebird


Colleen Wood    June 2 at 3:38am

Thanks for all your hard work Mike Berry!

Mike Berry   June 3 at 2:59pm

You are welcome!

Jenny Michel    May 26 at 5:39pm

Just registered for FA1 and am on the waitlist...what are the chances that I will be added to play? Do I wait until someone drops or will more positions open for the FA1 division?

Mike Berry   May 26 at 8:09pm

Hi Jenny! Right now I am maxed out at number of players. If we get drops, you will be added. The drops don’t have to be spin FA1 necessarily, but I think you are only a few back in the waitlist. Thanks for your interest!

Mike Berry   May 26 at 8:09pm

Don’t have to be in FA 1, is what I meant to type.

Ryan Dunsdon    May 18 at 6:52am

Is it possible to switch to Green tier? Just finished the Hanging Oaks tournament.

Mike Berry   May 18 at 3:36pm

No prob. :)

Jerab Pino    May 17 at 9:28pm

Hey can you change the waitlist field so I can get on the wait list without paying yet? Thanks either way TD

Mike Berry   May 18 at 12:35am

I only have an option of full amount or another random amount. You get full refund back if you don’t get in. That’s about best I can do w the event full. Thanks!

Jerab Pino   May 25 at 4:16pm

Thank you will sign up now!

Daniel Jacobsmeyer    May 11 at 3:49pm

Just got mu first rating and it is 937, I am registered as under 935. Do I need to change my spot?

Mike Berry   May 11 at 4:54pm

Nice job! Yes I can move you.