2021 Nantucket Disc Golf Open - Pros

PDGA logoSaturday, September 18, 2021 at Nantucket DGC in Nantucket Island, Massachusetts
Pro-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Anna Blasiak    September 15 at 3:11am

When do you expect the event to end? I'm trying to figure out what time to book a ferry back to Hyannis on Saturday night. Also, do you have any more details about the free transportation from the dock to the course in the morning?

Todd Rainwater   September 15 at 9:36pm

The awards ceremony usually ends about 6:30-7pm, so we usually recommend the 8:45pm boat but if you need to get out early you might be able to make the 7pm boat. And when you get off the boat in the morning, we’ll have someone looking for the big group of disc golfers so just stay together in ... more

Todd Rainwater    August 31 at 5:23am

If you haven't heard just yet, camping for Pros for Friday night is now available for purchase. Click on the "self-service" link in the email you received from DiscGolfScene when you registered to book your spot. The cost is $20 and that covers a primitive campsite for your tent and there is a maximum of 2 guests allowed per tent. Book fast if you want in as there are only 15 spots available.


Ryan Begley    August 17 at 1:30pm

When will the TD picks be finalized and any available spots go to waitlisters?

Todd Rainwater   August 17 at 5:00pm

Working on that now, Ryan. Should be releasing any remaining spots to waitlisters no later than next week.

Ryan Begley   August 29 at 1:11am

Any updates?

Todd Rainwater   August 31 at 5:18am

Good question, Ryan, yes, just sent out an email about it to everyone. We have released 6 TD Picks spots to waitlisters and have held 4 TD Picks spots back for now. Any remaining TD Picks spots that are not filled will be released to the remaining waitlisters on the Monday before the tournament.

Henry Brecher    August 10 at 2:35am

Any chance the field gets expanded? I hear this course is gorgeous.

Todd Rainwater   August 10 at 6:19pm

Thanks so much, Henry. An unfortunately, due to time constraints getting people on and off the island, we have to limit the field to 72 players. That said, there is a chance not all the TD Spots will fill and if so I'll release those spots to those on the waitlist. Hopefully we can get you out this year one way or the other.

mike Dussault    July 16 at 12:01am

Any word on camping availability?

Todd Rainwater   July 16 at 12:11am

Unfortunately, it’s not looking great right now for camping. Check the Lodging section in the tournament description for more. We’re still looking for a camping spot though and will let you know if we are able to secure one.