2021 Minuteman Classic Doubles Tourney (March 13-28th UDISC Flex)

Sat-Sat, March 13-20, 2021 at Borderland State Park in Easton, Massachusetts
Disc golf doubles tournament

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About this tournament

Best Disc Doubles ( Bring Your Own Partner) playing 1 Round Blue to White- B Pins, and 1 Round White To Blue - ... more
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Kyle Anderson    March 16 at 1:22pm

I sent a message through here on Sunday that the two teams I signed up need to withdraw. Wanted to make sure it was received so waitlisters could take the spots. Kyle Anderson, Matt Demaio, Mike Hargis and Sam Palagi. If it’s to late I understand.

Raivis Markons-Craig   March 16 at 3:54pm

Hi Kyle, Typically we would not refund you after the tourney has started, but we'll make an exception here. Should be all set, thanks.

Kyle Anderson   March 16 at 4:19pm

I appreciate it. Sorry for the back and fourth.

Peter Heidlauf    March 10 at 11:46pm

Where are people lining up other doubles teams to play with? I would love to schedule a round or two ahead of time.

Raivis Markons-Craig   March 11 at 1:35pm

Hi Pete, I just created the following Facebook Event page, feel free to post there if you are looking for teams to play with.

Raivis Markons-Craig   March 11 at 1:39pm

There's a team looking to play on Sunday at 830, reach out to Jarji Mosi's post if you'd like that time slot. Thanks!

Mason Hayes    March 4 at 8:27pm

Is this 13-20 or 13-28? Two different dates between header and the description.

Raivis Markons-Craig   March 4 at 9:31pm

Yes Disgolfscene won't let us put tourneys longer than 8 days therefore can't update it. It’s 13-28th

Mason Hayes   March 5 at 4:59pm

Ok perfect, got a little nervous on the shorter schedule!

Adam Baker    February 20 at 5:48pm

Ugh....I forgot to set a reminder for this ????????????

Adam Baker   February 20 at 5:49pm

I guess crying emojis turn into question marks... LOL

Nate Kruback    February 20 at 2:05am

Is there a cutoff for dropping out? Will wait list players know about eligibility at the beginning of the three week payable period or closer to the end? Asking for a friend.

Raivis Markons-Craig   February 21 at 6:44pm

No cutoff, full refunds. I don’t expect much waitlist movement since it’s a flex tourney over couple weeks. Thanks

Keith Lincoln    February 19 at 4:58pm

Is the parking still $6 for non residents?

Matthew Kron   February 19 at 7:55pm

20$ for out of state

Keith Lincoln   February 20 at 12:07am

Okay ..thanks

Steve matthews    February 19 at 12:42am

How are the payouts structured for the mixed division?

Raivis Markons-Craig   February 19 at 1:40am

Same as Pros!

Steve matthews   February 20 at 1:03am

ok... how are those payouts structured? haha

Raivis Markons-Craig   February 20 at 1:27am

40% of the field is paid out.

David Zagreda    February 17 at 9:19pm

If I have a few friends who may be pulling together teams, would it be allowed for us to run 3 teams (6 people) on the same card?

Raivis Markons-Craig   February 19 at 12:06am

3 teams is fine. We'd ask people refrain from group sizes more than 3 teams. Thanks for checking.

Steve matthews    February 11 at 3:25pm

Could we still register in the Am div, since its 25 cheaper

Raivis Markons-Craig   February 11 at 7:04pm

Yes but please keep in mind the am division is not playing for money, just trophy and player pack discs.

Steve matthews   February 12 at 2:16pm

Gotcha! that makes sense to me.

Steve matthews    February 11 at 12:48am

Does Mix mean Pro Female & Pro Male?
My wife & I are both AMs, so I'm wondering which division we should register

Raivis Markons-Craig   February 11 at 12:50am

Hi! There's no distinction between Pro and Am for this division so any combination is fine when it comes to Mix. Hope this helps!