2021 Floral Fling Sponsored by Dynamic Discs

PDGA logoSunday, April 11, 2021 at Floral Park in Floral City, Florida
Amateur-only C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

The Floral Fling is the Nature Coast Disc Golf Club's Amateur Only spring event. It's a one day tournament wit ... more
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Jeffrey Smith    April 11 at 10:18am

I’m out. To old for this weather..#113405 .hope it works out for everyone there.

Jeffrey Smith   April 11 at 10:23am

No need for refund. Just not gonna make it.

Flavio Farias    April 9 at 8:54am

Not only are we’re there 13 but I was about 4th in the waitlist before they decided to cut off everything and refunded people’s money. Literally 3 people dropped from when I looked till now. So not even the people really close aren’t playing. Serious bummer to have cut it off before the weekend for last minute drop outs from people. Which we all know happens!

Dana Smith   April 9 at 10:01pm

Sorry you didn't get in Flavio, We cut off the waitlist when we started prep including hole assignments. We had previous added an additional 10 players with the idea that there would be some drops after we closed registration..

Austin Aragon    April 8 at 7:50pm

Howdy, I just got back into town today and found out about this tournament. Any chance there is an open spot in the Rec division?

Austin Aragon   April 8 at 7:52pm

Ahh, just saw there are already 4 on the waitlist. I'll gladly be #5 if anything opens up. Thanks!

Ken Bess   April 8 at 8:01pm

There are actually 13 on the waitlist.

Joshua Biggers    April 6 at 12:57am

Hey Dana, just curious is it still possible to cancel with refund, if not it’s okay just curious before I make a decision, thanks

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DEREK F LEWIS   April 6 at 5:34pm

I'll happily take your spot! -waitlist #1

Dana Smith   April 6 at 7:55pm

Josh, Refunded. Derek you are promoted. Please update registration

Justin Wendt   April 6 at 11:18pm

No that is unacceptable. imma need you to show up

Drew H    March 25 at 8:29pm

my rating changed...do i go into intermediate or go on the waitlist?

jerry wolfe   April 3 at 1:33pm

Sorry for the delayed response. You go right into intermediate, no waitlist if you are already in the event


Kenneth Miller    March 21 at 3:02am

Refund. Thanks


Dana Smith    February 15 at 2:38pm

Note: if you get in of the waitlist, don't forget to choose your options such as Ace fund, CTPs, and raffle tickets.

Bart Downs   February 24 at 6:54pm

Do you think you may open up to allow for more players?

Dana Smith   March 24 at 2:27pm

Sorry Bart, just saw this. We did allow 10 more players in. Not sure if we will open more spots or not.

Dana Smith    February 11 at 4:07pm

Note that if you registered and paid the non-member fee ($10), if you join/renew the PDGA membership by the time of the tournament, you can go into your confirmation email, choose modify your registration and just resubmit, it will refund your $10 automatically. If you are not sure if you paid the $10, it will be on your confirmation email.


Drew H    February 10 at 8:09pm

If a rating change moves me up/down am i able to stay in the event? or do i go to a waitlist?

jerry wolfe   February 11 at 4:09am

You will still have your spot even if you move divisions.

Dana Smith   February 11 at 4:47am

The reason some you might get bumped to the waitlist in some tournaments is they have capped divisions and the division you want to move to is filled. We do not cap our divisions. That is why you can change divisions in our tournament up until registration closes.

Drew H   February 11 at 4:22pm

thank you

Russell Mason    February 9 at 9:31pm

Okay thanks Dana. I registered. No rush on the refund. whenever you get around to it. Do I need to bring you the golden Ticket when I check in ??

Dana Smith   February 10 at 1:55am

You should have your refund. No you don't have to bring the ticket. That's yours to keep. I have the record from the raffle on who won, so I verified it that way.

Russell Mason    February 9 at 3:36am

I hold the Golden Ticket for this event. Do I register and pay. Then get refunded or what. How does it work. Thank you

Dana Smith   February 9 at 3:58am

You can do that or I can enter you in manually. If I enter you in manually though, you would have to pay for Ace/CTP/Raffle tickets separately. Which ever is easier for you.

Rick Rey    February 8 at 5:24am

Hello, is the Labor Day luau still going to take place ? Thanks

Dana Smith   February 9 at 3:55am

Yes, Labor Day Weekend.

Brandon Barbre    February 7 at 4:07am

Are the dates correct Sunday 4/11 and a Monday 4/12?

Dana Smith   February 9 at 3:54am

I had copied the Luau tournament and thought I had changed it to one day. It is just Sunday.