2021 Emerald Coast Disc Golf Club Gold Rush

Saturday, January 23, 2021 at Gator Links at NLA in Milton, Florida
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

2021 Emerald Coast Gold Rush presented by Emerald Coast Disc Golf Club. Special thanks to Dynamic Discs for th ... more
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Tommy McGuigan    January 21 at 4:14am

Ryan, my buddy Craig Lawrence just tried to sign up because it said there was an open spot but it moved him to the not playing section. Can he be put in the last spot for general to play and get a pack?

Tommy McGuigan   January 21 at 4:25am

Okay, he is in. Thanks.

Jaden Yohe    January 21 at 12:48am

There IS only 1 round, right?

Robert "Rec Rob" Hastings   January 21 at 1:00am


Kevin Carter   January 21 at 2:04am

Yes, 1 round of 28 holes.

Jaden Yohe   January 21 at 2:15am

Ok that’s what I thought

Jaden Yohe    January 19 at 12:43am

How will the event be scored?

Ryan Vann   January 19 at 12:52am


Jaden Yohe   January 19 at 1:21am


Jaden Yohe    January 18 at 9:38pm

Where exactly are we throwing from for field hole? Like in front of volleyball out, behind it, and to the left or right of it, if behind

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Jaden Yohe   January 18 at 11:27pm

I was out there today, but didn’t. Thanks anyway!

Robert "Rec Rob" Hastings   January 19 at 12:52am

If you walk to the left side. There is around a 10x10 section that is ripped up pretty good.

Jaden Yohe   January 19 at 1:21am

Ok thx

Ben mccane    January 18 at 11:37am

I would recommend a 9-hole mini course to work out the ties


Robert A Munger    January 17 at 10:34pm

How will ties be determined on who will get the lower tag?

Robert "Rec Rob" Hastings   January 17 at 10:41pm

In years past top 10 throw offs. Rest is up to the people that tie.

Brent Gann   January 17 at 11:58pm

Suggestions: staring contest, break dancing competition as judged by the club, best score on a song on guitar hero

Ryan Vann   January 18 at 4:17am

Yah, 10-20 will throw off. Anything past that will probably be randomized. 140 people with tons of ties could get crazy

JOHNATHAN KING    January 14 at 9:02pm

Ryan - great job on sign ups for this - with cap at 140 does this mean the basket inside track is now going to be played - and any instructions for flow of play?

Derrick Fretwell   January 14 at 9:14pm

The basket inside the track has always been played. We are adding hole 1 of Pirates Cove. If you go onto the Udisc App you will see the 2021 Gold Rush Layout Available on both Pirates and Gators pages

Ryan Vann   January 14 at 11:50pm

What he said

Jaden Yohe    January 10 at 4:17am

How will tee assignments be sent out?

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Jaden Yohe   January 11 at 12:10am

Oh ok

Ryan Vann   January 11 at 4:15pm

Working on this Jaden. We have done boards in the past but may try to figure out a way to do this virtually. Keep an eye on your email and/or the event pages as we will announce through there.

Jaden Yohe   January 11 at 10:20pm

Ok thx

JOHNATHAN KING    January 9 at 9:14pm

Ryan - I registered myself, Rob Chandler, and Don Braxton just now and just found out that the shirt size for Rob needs to be XXXL NOT XL - please make this correction if possible - thanks - John King

Ryan Vann   January 11 at 4:14pm

this was corrected.

Ricky Gilbert    January 4 at 1:59am

Really looking forward to this tournament. This will be my first time participating in a tournament.

Ryan Vann   January 4 at 4:26am

Awesome! It’s a fun event and great to get in your first competitive tournament.

Gary McFadden    January 4 at 1:27am

I thought it wasn't opening registration till tomorrow??

Robert "Rec Rob" Hastings   January 4 at 1:34am

They have been posting about it via Facebook for a few days now. I know you don't have facebook.. ya gotta get it man lol. 98% of the tournament stuff is there most of the time.

Ryan Vann   January 4 at 1:54am

We had to move it to a day also. Limited time to get shirt sizes in!

Gary McFadden   January 4 at 7:25pm

LOL all good

Jaden Yohe    January 2 at 5:00pm

Will the round played be PDGA rated?

Ryan Vann   January 3 at 6:28pm

No, it is not a sanctioned event.

Jaden Yohe   January 3 at 8:13pm

Ok thx

Jaden Yohe    December 26 at 5:14pm

Do we need anything special like a bag tag to compete, or can we just register and play?

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Jaden Yohe   December 31 at 10:05pm

Ok thx Mr Osley!

BIG MIKE   January 4 at 1:47am

I didn't mean to yell lol

Jaden Yohe   January 4 at 5:49am

Np lol haha