2021 Discs For Dogs II

Saturday, June 12, 2021 at ULTRA DiscGolfPark in Fort Collins, Colorado
Disc golf doubles tournament

2021 Discs For Dogs II graphic

About this tournament

FCFDG'S 2021 Discs for Dogs Benefit Series @ Ultra Discgolfpark at The Biergarten. We will be supporting PawsCo dog rescue, proceeds will go to this amazing non-profit dog rescue. $ for Vet Bills, food, and toys are always needed.
Come join us for a day of fun in the Colorado sun on Saturday, June 12th, 2021 from 9am to 6pm! Choose your own partner Doubles Benefit. Prizes will be given for the most fun had, and for the team that got to play the most disc golf! Our events our beginner focused. If you know of someone wanting to try out there first event, this is the place to bring them! Thank you you all for supporting the puppies and growing the sport.

If you need a partner let us know. We will help match you up with someone. I will send an email out to the people that signed up individually to match you up, closer to the event.

Want to help even more? Get your friends and family to sponsor you to play in the event! Prizes will also be given for the individual or team to raise the most monetary donations or ask for gift in- kind donations (i.e. quality dog toys, leashes, collars, etc.) Your well mannered and leashed four-legged friend is welcome to join at the event!

Please Pre-Register so we can better plan for the event. Pre-Reg online or at any FCDGA event. Let us know who your partner will be, division, and if you are bringing a friend with a tail! It is about a 2 mile walk/hike

PLAYERS PACKS: A Disc and a beverage.

All for $35 each, $70 a team
Optional: $3 Ace Pool, 2 for $5 Mulligans, additional Doggie Donations.

The course is not open to the public yet. I am grateful we get to play here for tournaments and leagues.

If you shot a -4 or lower = Pro/Open

-3, 51 to +5, 59 = Advanced/Experienced

+6 60 to + 14, 68 = Intermediate/Casual

+15, 69 up = Recreational/Most Fun

PawsCo is dedicated to reducing pet homelessness by keeping animals in their homes through partnering with the Food Bank of the Rockies for a year round Pet Food Drive, and serving as a partner to shelters and rescues to foster the most in-need animals – those not thriving in a shelter setting. PawsCo is an all-breed rescue where pets live in foster homes prior to adoption, and receive love, training, and medical care they need to be successful adoption candidates. We are 100% volunteer-run. Support PawsCo at www.pawsco.org.

Best Shot Doubels Format:

Best Shot is by far the most popular doubles format. Both players throw from each lie (starting with the tee shot), then the team chooses which of the resulting lies to continue play from, until the hole is completed. A team may take a reasonable amount of time to pick which lie they want before the 30-second play clock starts.
A lie that is picked up without being marked is gone forever; the team must throw from the other lie. If the second lie is picked up, it must be replaced in accordance with PDGA rules. All lies must be marked according to PDGA rules.
If the first player throws from the wrong lie, the second player may still throw from the correct lie.
In case of injury or disqualification, one partner may play alone, throwing one shot at each lie (essentially playing singles)


First rule in disc golf, whoever has the most fun wins. After that play safe, play fair, and play by the course rules. Wait until the hole is clear before you throw, Stay behind your disc when you throw, and take a meter when you go out of bounds.

FCFDG's benefit Tournaments are always a great time for a great cause! It is a Casual Event designed for all. This is the perfect disc golf event if you've never played in one before. Dog and family friendly. Please play by the course rules (leashes, no outside food or drink, don't cross the fences). Please follow Covid-19 guidlines.

Fort Collins Disc Golf Association is a donation and volunteer based club. All events are donation based. All donations go back to the players, courses, community outreach, course proposals and charity. The growth of Fort Collins Disc Golf needs you! The more volunteers we have the more we can give back to this wonderful sport and community. Peace, Love, and Disc Golf!

FCFDG's Mission Statement: The Fort Collins Disc Golf Association is dedicated to representing the needs and interests of Disc Golfers of all ages and abilities by promoting fun events, fundraising events, charity events, outreach programs, facilitating course development and preservation, and communicating with local officials.

Refund policy

Fort Collins Fun Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. No refunds a week before the event.



Final Results

Doug "Phresh" Ingersoll
Chris Kucharz
Todd Shaver
Aaron McKinney
Karie J McKinney
Josh Grenz
Matheus Dos Santos
Mike Shettles
Shane Gallick
William Jay Grimes
Round 1: ULTRA DiscGolfPark - Main course Discs for Dogs II, 19 holes, par 57
1Andrew Aubuchon
Matt Lamb
3939 (-18)
2Eric Robbins
Travis Weber
4444 (-13)
3DJ Bartlett
Michael Brown
4646 (-11)
4Alex Rogers
Jonathan Steiner
4747 (-10)
4Evan Czysz
Nate Silva
4747 (-10)
4Luke Gilliland
Wade Ellis
4747 (-10)
4Melissa Marks
Taylor Levon
4747 (-10)
8Jessiah Provencher
Latham Clayton
4848 (-9)
8Kelly Williams
Tyler Patzner
4848 (-9)
10Danny Chavez
Peter Holtgreive
4949 (-8)
11Alessandra Dorato
Devin Lance
5050 (-7)
11Danny Burdick
5050 (-7)
11Kevin Escobar
Seth Garbett
5050 (-7)
11Nathan Mann
Paul Johnson
5050 (-7)
15Adam Beach
Kevin Wright
5151 (-6)
15Benjamin Belleau
Maxwell Stark
5151 (-6)
15Erich Ward
Kelly Ahlers
5151 (-6)
15Felix Vega
Jonathan Vega
5151 (-6)
15Jeremy Wilson
Kevin Kelley
5151 (-6)
15Kevin Stolpa
Mark Pryor
5151 (-6)
15Landis Wandena
Max Hennessy
5151 (-6)
15Molly Gebhardt
Steve Reeves
5151 (-6)
Round 1: ULTRA DiscGolfPark - Main course Discs for Dogs II, 19 holes, par 57
1Alexia Blackwood
Shane Peterson
5252 (-5)
1Austin Hume
Austin Hume
5252 (-5)
1Bradin Henderson
Jacub stanard
5252 (-5)
1Grant Seaman
Max Girardin
5252 (-5)
1J.P. Calhoon
J.P. Linder
5252 (-5)
1Jared Riemer
Vade Scruggs
5252 (-5)
1Johannes “Scott” Kanas
Victoria Ziebert
5252 (-5)
1Joshua Crane
Thomas Cox
5252 (-5)
9Allison Latsch
Meagan Rosenlund
5353 (-4)
9Brandon Koenig
Ty Branch
5353 (-4)
5353 (-4)
12Carl Wold
Jon Garcia
5454 (-3)
12Cody Bowers
Don Sutton
5454 (-3)
12Felix Gonzales
Steven Rodriquez
5454 (-3)
12Gregory Kee
Merce Gonzales
5454 (-3)
12Jay Albers
Nic Lujan
5454 (-3)
12Samantha Krusemark
Steve Krusemark
5454 (-3)
18Alec Merritt
Davis Gerbore
5555 (-2)
18Alfredo Lopez
Clif Dimon
5555 (-2)
18Daniel H Menze
John Sunvison
5555 (-2)
18Eric Hoerske
Meredith Hoerske
5555 (-2)
18Eric Lewis
Steve Gensler
5555 (-2)
18JBC Unome
Russ Baker
5555 (-2)
18Jonah Jolley
Rosemary Widenor
5555 (-2)
18Justin Basel
Kelly Buell-Schoenman
5555 (-2)
18Ted Willis
Zachary Grady
5555 (-2)
27Ben Gonzales
Matt Gonzales
5656 (-1)
5656 (-1)
27Darrin Ling
Peter Valenti
5656 (-1)
27Doug Banning
Timothy Banning
5656 (-1)
27Eric Knab
Madelynn Knab
5656 (-1)
27Forrest Orswell
Nicki Orswell
5656 (-1)
27Glenn Dowdy
Kevin Kowalski
5656 (-1)
27Jeanie Church
Jeffrey Brown
5656 (-1)
27Mary Rahrich
Tyler Starks
5656 (-1)
27Michael Batchelor
Sami Nammari
5656 (-1)
5656 (-1)
38Greg Tempalski
L.L. Parker
5858 (+1)
5959 (+2)
39Blake Logan
Maggie Sinner
5959 (+2)
39Christa D Reed
Justin Brown
5959 (+2)
39Jeff Jeffers
Lonny Pfau
5959 (+2)
5959 (+2)
44Jason Ream
Thomas Cook
6060 (+3)
45Jack Harper
Rebecca Harper
6161 (+4)
46Derek Regan
Jim Schmitt
6262 (+5)
46Lindsey Engell
Steven Groves
6262 (+5)
Round 1: ULTRA DiscGolfPark - Main course Discs for Dogs II, 19 holes, par 57
1Jeremy Combs
Kim Sacks
6363 (+6)
2Gretchen Ford
Jenny Bowers
6464 (+7)
3Alexandra Orlov
Philip G Gonzalez
6767 (+10)
4Hannah Juby
Tanner Juby
6868 (+11)
Round 1: ULTRA DiscGolfPark - Main course Discs for Dogs II, 19 holes, par 57
1Brook Hughes
Rachel Moore
7575 (+18)
2Ashley Buell-Schoenman
Mia Donato
7979 (+22)
Round 1: ULTRA DiscGolfPark - Main course Discs for Dogs II, 19 holes, par 57
1Benjamin Chiles
Brett Blackmon
9999 (+42)
1Bobby Garcia
Kimberley Garcia
9999 (+42)
1Colby Sterling
Dan Blonder
9999 (+42)
1Dan Luebers
Mikk Graverson
9999 (+42)
1Ian Fullerton
Kaleb Kurt-Hurst
9999 (+42)
1Jason Leverton
Jason Leverton
9999 (+42)
1John Strotz
Joshua Edwards
9999 (+42)
9999 (+42)
1Judith Turner
JW Turner
9999 (+42)
9999 (+42)
1Max Poling
Max Poling
9999 (+42)
9999 (+42)
9999 (+42)
9999 (+42)