2021 Delaware Match Play Champions League - Amateurs

Sunday, August 8, 2021 at Iron Hill in Newark, Delaware
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

1st Annual Delaware Match Play Championship League


Amateur Tournament- No one greater than 935 (PDGA max score for an intermediate rated player) rating at time of registration!

This is a fairly large commitment, please read all the way through before signing up, no refunds will be issued once the tournament begins! This is a fairly large commitment, please read all the way through before signing up, no refunds will be issued once the tournament begins! All scores are to be reported to TD via email, DG scene, or text message, or facebook ! Please do not make me have to hunt you down for scores!

The 1st Annual Delaware Disc Golfer’s Match Play Champions League will consist of a 40 person tournament which will be played out over the course of the disc golf season, culminating in a championship round hosted on Iron Hill Gold Disc Golf where a match play champion will be crowned.

This tournament will consist of a World Cup style of play beginning with a group stage where random groups of 4 players will be selected in a World Cup Style draw with 4 "pots" to pick from based on PDGA ratings and over the course of 3 rounds each individual in the group will play each other member of the group once at the TD selected courses. This will be known as the "group stage" (see schedule below) . Following the group stage there will be a 16 person single elimination "tournament stage".


At the end of the "group stage" rounds, the top two members of each group, indicated with most total holes won cumulatively throughout the group stage will advance to a 20 player single elimination tournament. The 8 lowest scoring players to advance after the group stage will be matched against each other with the 13 playing 20, and 14 playing 19 and so on in a match play "play-in" round at Bellevue while the highest scoring 12 will get a bye immediately into the round of 16. The winners of their play in round matches will join the 12 highest scoring players from the group stages and will be placed into a 16 person single elimination bracket based on seed, so 1 will play 16, 2 will play 15 and so on. Seeding will be determined first by total holes won in the group stage, followed by best hole winning differential, followed by coin flip.

During each round of the tournament including both group and bracket stages, participants will play in match-play style rounds against a single opponent, where players are looking to win the greatest number of holes over the course of a full 18. A hole is won when a player records a lower score than their opponent on a hole and tied holes will be scored as 0 points, they will NOT push.

Tied scores at the end of 18 holes will be recorded and tied total scores at the end of the group stage will be tie broken first by head to head scores, second by most overall wins, and third a coin flip. It is for this reason that there will be NO concession of holes or matches in the group stage. All holes must be played to their entirety.

Matches that are tied after 18 holes in tournament play will continue to play sudden death starting at hole 1 to determine a winner.

If a player is determined to have been the participant that could not play a group stage round in the allotted time, they will be awarded no points for that round. If a player is determined to be the participant that was able to play a group stage round, they will be awarded the average points of their other two group stage rounds. IE If they got 3 points from round 1, missed round 2 and 5 points from round 3, their round two score will be 4 points, while the player who missed will get 0.

Participants will have 3 weeks from the date of initial seeding/grouping to contact their opponent and set up a time to play. Courses that will be played will be listed prior to the start of the tournament in the order that they will be played and layout if applicable to prepare. In all situations it would be ideal to play with an additional twosome for rulings but is not necessary. Out of bounds and course rules will be outlined prior to the course being played by the TD. If a player has any issues contacting their opponent or setting up a time to play, contact the TD to discuss. Ultimately in times of conflict or inability to complete a match the TD reserves the right to make all decisions regarding advancement in the tournament. Initial group stage placement will be random and all further seeding will be based on results. Strict disqualification will be in effect if there is any cheating.

Cost for entry will be $30 with all fees being paid out to the top 8 places in each division. Payouts and format may be altered if a full bracket of 40 people does not fill, and the TD reserves the right to refund all fees except for transaction if the tournament does not reach 16 participants.

Important Dates
Registration Open Jan 15th, 2020
Registration Close February 19th, 2020

Round 1 Group Stages Announced! Playing White Clay starting March 1st
Round 1 Deadline to complete matches: March 28th

Round 2 March 29th Group Stage 2 Lum’s Pond
Round 2 Deadline to complete matches May 2nd

Round 3 May 3rd Group Stage 3 Brandywine Silvers
Round 3 Deadline to complete matches May 30th

Round 4 May 31st 20 Participant Tournament Begins with a Play in Round! Bellevue Tournament Round 1:
Round 4 Deadline to complete matches June 13th

Round 5 June 13th 16 Participants Left Greenridge Tournament Round 2
Round 5 Deadline to complete matches July 4th

Round 6 July 5th 8 Participants Left Canby Short to Long (may be modified to mixed layout if baskets cannot be moved) Tournament Round 3
Round 6 Deadline to complete matches July 18th

Round 7 July 19th 4 Participants left Brandywine Golds
Round 7 Deadline August 1st

Round 8 2 Participants Left August 8th Iron Hill Golds Championship!

Refund policy

Matt Bertinato is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.
Online registration closed
January 31, 2021 at 8:00pm EDT



The schedule has not been posted yet.

Player Divisions & Entry Fees