2021 Colorado State Doubles

Sat-Sun, September 18-19, 2021 at Cloman Park in Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Disc golf doubles tournament

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About this tournament

2021 Colorado State Doubles is brought to you by Innova Disc Golf, Discraft, Wilderness Journeys Pagosa Inc, Pagosa Lodge, High Country Lodge, and the Town of Pagosa Springs.
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Edge Nicholson    September 18 at 1:28pm

Champion tie dye beast
Champion dayglo orange firebird
Please let me know if you find them they are two of my favorites!


Jay Maas    September 18 at 7:11am


Please let me know if you find these:

Blue Chameleon Destiny on hole 8 - big tree on right side of fair way like 40’ up

Purple Chameleon Pure on hole 9 - 180’ down the fairway right side

Purple/Green Chameleon King on hole 11, big tree in middle of fairway before hole 12 tee pad about 40’ up in tree

Reward for any found. Thanks!


Cody Yazzie    September 17 at 2:28am

Can my dad & I check in on Saturday morning?

Kevin Metzler   September 17 at 12:12pm

Yes, Please do so early. 8ish. Thanks

Ben Allen    September 16 at 6:06pm

Hey my name is Ben Allen. Pay pal is giving me trouble. I have an account linked to my bank but my payment will not go through I've been trying all morning


Edge Nicholson    September 14 at 2:17am

Is there a specific dress code?

Kevin Metzler   September 14 at 2:39am

Standard pdga clothing rules apply.

Don Kitchen    September 13 at 4:09pm

Kevin, I haven’t heard anything back about switching to the correct division. It will be me and my son playing. Thanks!

Kevin Metzler   September 13 at 4:14pm

Got it covered Don! Thanks.

Joe Bush    September 11 at 1:13am

Pay Pal kicked me out three times with two different credit cards. Any other option?

Kevin Metzler   September 12 at 2:16pm

Joe email me both players information: Names, addresses, email, phone #, division, PDGA #, Team name. We will work out the rest. [email redacted]

Edge Nicholson    September 10 at 6:50pm

Are we allowed to play the courses the week of?

Kevin Metzler   September 10 at 8:18pm

yes, play the regular layout.

Grant Seaman    September 9 at 12:48pm

Is anyone else having serious issues with PayPal? I want to sign up but am being denied at every turn by PayPal no matter what I try.

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Joe Bush   September 10 at 3:36pm

I am too. Getting rejected when trying to just use a credit card

Joe Bush   September 10 at 3:57pm

Tried twice. getting a refund from pay pal for $1.34

Joe Bush   September 10 at 4:11pm

even tried a different credit card

Edge Nicholson    August 30 at 2:27am

Are we allowed to check in on Saturday or must it be Friday?

Kevin Metzler   August 31 at 12:38pm

Saturday morning is fine. Please let me know what division you would like to be moved to. Thanks

Steve Matthias    August 23 at 10:10pm

Is this sanctioned?

Kevin Metzler   August 26 at 3:31pm

No, it is not sanctioned.

Rob George    August 23 at 8:47pm

I need to withdraw, but it's only allowing me to request $75 refund for myself. How do I request the full amount for both me and my wife?

Kevin Metzler   August 24 at 12:02am

I just refunded and withdrew you both. Please check and see if you received notice. Ho0pe all is well and you can make it another time.

Chris Perkins    August 20 at 7:27pm

I can check in on Friday but my partner can not check in until Saturday. Is this acceptable ?

Kevin Metzler   August 23 at 1:05pm

Should be fine. See you then

Matthew Davis    August 17 at 6:06pm

Do we need both players present for check in on Friday or can

Kevin Metzler   August 17 at 6:55pm

You can check in individually.

JJ Salway    August 13 at 8:46pm

Bill said he is changing it. Thank you!


JJ Salway    August 13 at 7:00pm

We are trying to change our name and it wants us to pay again. Can you change it on your end?

Kevin Metzler   August 13 at 8:10pm

Yes sir, What would you like it to be?

Aaron J Arellano    August 4 at 11:53pm

Why is reservoir hill listed as one of the courses? The schedule says we are playing cloman each round i think

Kevin Metzler   August 5 at 12:31pm

The final schedule will be updated a week before, but one day you play cloman and the other you play res. Not sure what order for each pool yet.

Tom Bussard    August 4 at 3:01pm

Trophies for ams, players packs, payout how many places? Thanks!

Kevin Metzler   August 4 at 3:25pm

There will be trophies for every division that has three teams registered, Am's will receive a players package. payout depends on how many teams are in the division.

Randy Junttonen    August 1 at 11:08pm

I'm getting a registration rejection when I try to sign up and my credit card is fine
whats going on with paypal, anyone else having issues?

Wes Wright   August 2 at 1:14am

I was too… make sure your PayPal is connected to your bank and not the card… should work (worked for me)