2021 Codorus Autumn Open Powered by Prodigy

PDGA logoSunday, September 19, 2021 at Codorus State Park in Hanover, Pennsylvania
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Join us September 19th for the 2021 Codorus Autumn Open. Pro entry fee is $50.00 and compete for cash prizes ... more
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Tim Voigt    September 19 at 11:55am

Haha yea it just worked for the Woodsboro open yesterday though


Tim Voigt    September 19 at 10:33am

Hey Zach, I just realized I never received any kind of email for today. I’ll check in with you and see if there’s anything I need to know but should be good

Zach "THE SMACK" Anders   September 19 at 10:52am

Do you have that old AOL e mail address that won't go through?

Tammy Haugh    September 19 at 1:55am

Can I please be moved to fa3 from fa4 if possible


Joshua Potteiger    September 19 at 1:49am

I would like to request a refund please. If possible. Thank you!


Chris roseboom    September 18 at 11:09pm

Any vendors planning on attending? Need a birdie bag


Chris Castellan    September 18 at 2:50pm

Sorry for the late notice. I have to drop from the tournwy


Stephen “Captain Canada” Burrows    September 15 at 10:04pm

Anyway to change to ma3 from Ma4? I’ve improved

Zach "THE SMACK" Anders   September 16 at 10:37am


Angie Jones    September 14 at 8:17pm

No FA1?

Zach "THE SMACK" Anders   September 15 at 10:38am

It was removed because nobody filled it and the trophies were already ordered it. I can open it up, but a trophy won't be available. Let me know what you would like me to do.

Angie Jones   September 15 at 10:35pm

That makes sense. Don't need a trophy. I intend to stay AM, was not going to take a pro payout, but wanted the challenge of blue long. So, if you can set up FA 1 that'd be great.

Zach "THE SMACK" Anders   September 15 at 11:34pm

no problem. Will create FA1 and put you in it.

Ben Smith    September 14 at 2:04pm

Rating dropped below 900 can I be moved to MA3? Thanks!

Zach "THE SMACK" Anders   September 14 at 2:07pm

Sure thing. Done.

Chad Colliflower    September 13 at 2:11pm

Hey Zach, I unfortunately need to drop out of this tournament… will you please refund to PayPal

Zach "THE SMACK" Anders   September 13 at 2:14pm

No problem. Refund sent.

Chad Colliflower   September 15 at 2:10am


Michael Sung    September 13 at 6:23am

Hi Zach... I won't be able to make it for this event. Could I get a refund? Thanks!


Josh Flickinger    September 12 at 1:15pm

I have some friends and family that would like to follow me around the course during my rounds. Are there any rules or restrictions against this?

Zach "THE SMACK" Anders   September 12 at 7:41pm

No issue as long as they are courteous and out of the way.

Abby Hilton    September 6 at 8:33pm

Any way I can get moved up to Intermediate Women (FA2)?

Zach "THE SMACK" Anders   September 7 at 2:52am

Sure thing. Done

Chad Baker    September 5 at 6:34am

Sorry I have to drop out... I thought I sent a withdrawing request... but I'm not seeing in my email... apologies


eddie d    September 2 at 2:58pm

Hi Zach, apologies for the late notice but I don't think I can make it for the tourney unfortunately. Any issue in requesting a refund?

Zach "THE SMACK" Anders   September 2 at 3:50pm

Not at all. Just submit the request and you'll get one.

Chad Curlett    August 29 at 12:26am

Hey zach I’m double booked for tournaments that day can I get a refund please?

Zach "THE SMACK" Anders   August 29 at 3:16am

sure thing. Refund sent.

Tyler Smith    August 25 at 6:45pm

could you offer me a refund please? unfortunately I won't be able to make it

Zach "THE SMACK" Anders   August 26 at 10:40am

Refund sent. Sorry you can't make it.

Adam Neal    August 25 at 1:12pm

Can I be moved to MA4?

Zach "THE SMACK" Anders   August 25 at 4:39pm


Joshua Vasher    August 22 at 11:06pm

Can you move me to ma3, I accidentally hit ma4 when I signed up for the waitlist.


Tammy Haugh    August 19 at 10:01pm

Charles Haugh is waitlist #1 can he be moved to ma50 from ma4 please if he gets into the tournament