2021 Bay County Kickoff Sponsored by Sunjammers

PDGA logoSaturday, January 16, 2021 at Majette DGC in Panama City, Florida
Pro C-tier / Amateur B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Welcome to the 2021 Bay County Kickoff. This event will be a lot of fun and be the first event of 2021 held at ... more
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Brent Gann    January 16 at 6:12pm

Raffle ticket assignments. Drawing after 2nd round. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uxu6gVeN2zARpg-k3vBc1W50U-jE8lyZu-EOuTAJQRw/edit?usp=sharing


Brent Gann    January 16 at 6:05pm

Tee time bumped to 12:45. Assignments are up.


Brent Gann    January 16 at 5:28pm

12:30 second round tee.


Brent Gann    January 16 at 3:26am

Live scoring tomorrow! Access code: baykickoff


Brent Gann    January 16 at 2:18am

Tee assignments are up. Check in by 8:05 am. Tee time is 8:25. See everyone in the AM.


Cody Ayers    January 15 at 9:34pm

For today’s flex, I noticed that ratings are basically the exact same whether you played blue or red. Is there an adjustment to be made or is this just a fluke deal based on how people played within their division?

Robert "Rec Rob" Hastings   January 15 at 10:05pm

That’s a different event an different TD I’ll shoot tyler a message for you an see what’s up.

Richard Higbee   January 16 at 2:14am

ratings were correct. It's just basically how people play in their divisions. If you'll notice when some late cards came in red pad scores changed dramatically.

Andrew Pitts    January 12 at 5:28pm

Hey Brent, unfortunately I'm gonna have to withdraw from the tournament this weekend. If it's too late for a full refund, I'll do what Fritz did and just buy raffle tickets with the money. Either way works.

Josh Curtis   January 13 at 12:57am

If he drops out will I get a spot or will I keep getting skipped until someone from advanced or open drops out?

Robert "Rec Rob" Hastings   January 13 at 3:18pm

A pool is full Josh, You would need someone from that pool to drop

Brent Gann   January 14 at 4:56pm

Hey Josh, sorry for the delay. Rob is correct. The pools are done by layouts and we have to add people in based on where we can fit them on a card.

Brandon Plake    January 7 at 1:13am

Hey Brent I am currently signed up for recreational but wouldn’t mind playing intermediate or advanced if you have the room. Rec was the only open division when I signed up. Thanks


Brandon bennett    January 5 at 11:18pm

Hey Brent. I saw where someone withdrew from A pool. Any way I could get that spot in advanced? If not it’s perfectly okay, and I’ll just hope someone withdraws from B pool

Brent Gann   January 6 at 12:03am

We are holding the pro spot until 7 days out (this Saturday) at which point we would open it up for AM players.

Brent Gann    January 4 at 9:11pm

Caddybook - http://baydgc.com/2021kickoffcaddybook

Everyone on hole 1 will be playing to the current blue basket, we plan to have the band updated to be red by the event. The red tee pad on four will be painted/flagged on the cart path this upcoming weekend along with some of the tighter OB lines to protect other fairways.


FRitZ FiNch    January 4 at 4:52pm

Hey Brent, I'm going to have to miss this event now. I dont want a refund and would like to just support the club over there by purchasing more raffle tickets and a Bay County Club membership at the discounted rate. I dont need a players pack as I would assume there are folks on the waitlist to get in. I believe I already have some raffle tickets purchased and whatever balance I have after taking my membership fees out, I would like to just put towards more tickets. I'll have friends o ... more

Brent Gann   January 4 at 9:11pm

Fritz, bummed you can't make it. I moved your stuff around and hooked you up with some more raffle tickets. We will make sure you get any prizes that you win.

FRitZ FiNch   January 5 at 12:55am

ya'll the best

Brandon bennett    January 3 at 8:03pm

I signed up for the intermediate waitlist, we live about 3 hours out so I was just wondering would the decision be made the day before the tournament? Also, I will play either intermediate or advanced, whichever spot opens up first. Thank you!

Brent Gann   January 3 at 8:14pm

Hey Brandon, we will be watching for anyone who drops this week. We will not be adding any spots beyond 90, but if a spot opens up and you’re promoted you’ll get an email as soon as it happens. We will keep you in the loop.

JOHNATHAN KING    December 28 at 11:26pm

any timetable for caddie books - new tee distances - OB rules - tee assignments to be released yet - sorry if I am sounding pushy - I know you have 3 weeks left - We may come over a day early to play before tournament - also is it true the carp in the ponds have two heads and three eyes

Brent Gann   December 29 at 4:59pm

Johnathan, the new red layout is mostly the existing white layout with modifications to 1, 10, and possibly 4. The OBs will be painted a week out for lines, but generally speaking it's water and cart paths. A few holes do have additional lines painted for safety purposes.

Brent Gann   December 29 at 4:59pm

As far as the carp, the two-head-three-eyed one is the small one.

Brent Gann   January 1 at 12:28am

Caddy book distances are being finalized this weekend. Planned to be published first thing Monday morning at the latest.

Will Schoen    December 25 at 3:51am

I just submitted a registration for Darryl Ruth in Novice. It has him on a wait list at #1. It looks like Jose Garcia is listed twice taking up the final spot. I wanted to reach out and see if there was supposed to be two Jose Garcia's or is there enough room for Darryl?

Brent Gann   December 25 at 7:02am

Will, I believe that's a father and son, but I will check into this. We will also be looking if anyone drops or changes division as well.

Will Schoen   December 25 at 7:48am

Understood. What would the refund situation be like if no one drops before the day of the tournament? We live about 3 hours away, so its just a dicey situation driving that long of a distance if there's not a guaranteed spot.

Brent Gann   December 25 at 9:04pm

We had some movement today and he's in the field! We are excited you guys have decided to drive to come join us for this event.

Logan Park    December 25 at 3:20am

I am currently registered for recreational and would like to be moved to intermediate please.


Brent Gann   December 25 at 7:01am

We will add you to the list if a spot opens up in the B Pool.

Brent Gann    December 1 at 4:21pm

Due to some changes in plans, we will be doing the raffle the day of, which will allow for people to buy tickets the day of.


Phil Prichard    November 30 at 8:24pm

If im wait listed and don't get in is there a full refund? Also how will we know if we did get in off the wait list?

Brent Gann   November 30 at 9:28pm

Yes. We will refund your $50 if you don't get in. Anyone promoted from the waitlist will receive an email at the time of promotion with information on how to complete you registration.

Jason (BoBo) Noble    November 30 at 4:10pm

Boy really wanted to get into this one. But you put it to get into before payday. That's the saturday before my birthday too. Well good luck everyone, would have been great to have been able to play.

Brent Gann   November 30 at 4:25pm

We've always had some people drop when we run an event, so hopping on the waitlist is the best way to ensure you have a spot if any open up.

Jason (BoBo) Noble   November 30 at 4:26pm

I will when I get paid. unfortunately thats over a week away.

Brent Gann   November 30 at 4:35pm

Fingers crossed for you!

Brent Gann    November 30 at 4:55am

We have reserved 4 spots from the pools to do final adjustments. Once the final pools are set we will promote into one of the pools from the waitlist.

Please make sure to get on the waitlist even if your pool is full.

Thomas Anderson   December 19 at 7:50pm

Does this mean since I'm waitlist 4 in the b pool I should expect to get in?

Jaden Yohe    November 29 at 9:06pm

Is 72 a hard cap?

Brent Gann   November 30 at 4:03am

We are not anticipating any spots past the initial 72 being available.

Jaden Yohe   November 30 at 1:56pm