2019 Moccasin Lake Open ( Rec,Int, GM)

PDGA logoSat-Sun, November 2-3, 2019 at Cliff Stephens Park in Clearwater, Florida
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

The Moccasin Lake Open is a 2 day, 3 round tournament held at Cliff Stephens Disc Golf Park in Clearwater Flor ... more
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James Jurden    November 3 at 11:39am

So 9am start today?


Ed Dentzel    November 1 at 6:41pm

Is early check in happening?


Robert Gillis    October 27 at 4:56pm

Are you moving people due to rating updates that are over the rating for that division?

Alyssa Backus   October 28 at 12:16am

Yes if there is an issue than it will be addressed before the

James Letts    October 23 at 1:35am

I'm not gonna make it this year got another tournament that week.

Alyssa Backus   October 24 at 1:15pm

Good luck!

Christopher Sandoval    October 21 at 12:59am

I would like to be moved from MA3 to MA2 if possible. -Christopher Sandoval 107771

Alyssa Backus   October 21 at 2:16pm

You have been moved.

Lester Register    October 14 at 2:01pm

I sent a request for refund on 9/28 and have not received a confirmation email. Thank you

Alyssa Backus   October 14 at 11:53pm

Refund has been issued. We are sorry you cannot attend.

Shane A Paul    October 5 at 3:29am

I'm trying to sign up but having trouble and have been charged twice by DG Scene and pending refund....do I have to use pay pal

Alyssa Backus   October 5 at 5:03pm

I'll look into this and contact you

baxter Frost    October 1 at 6:09pm

good afternoon. just checking on a refund request I has sent on the 20th for player #79499. ty

Alyssa Backus   October 1 at 8:13pm

Refund has been issued. We are sorry you cannot attend.

Keith Steinmeyer    October 1 at 1:28pm

I also unfortunately have to withdraw from this event.

Alyssa Backus   October 1 at 8:14pm

Refund has been sent

Brian Polk    October 1 at 1:22pm

Hello Alyssa, I regretfully need to withdraw from this tournament. I have submitted a request. Thanks, Brian

Alyssa Backus   October 1 at 8:14pm

Refund has been sent

Brian Polk   October 27 at 10:58pm

Thank you for the refund. I am still on the registered players list. Can you please remove me so that waitlist players can get on.Thanks,Brian

Dusty Cantrell    September 21 at 6:25pm

Dusty and I both are submitted our withdrawal request, but we both are still showing registered? thanks

Alyssa Backus   September 23 at 1:06am

Sorry you can't make it! Refund has been issued.

Gary P    September 16 at 3:49pm

I've submitted a withdrawal request a few days ago using the link provided with my sign up on line. Can this be taken care of as I still see my name on the registered players list? thanks.

Alyssa Backus   September 16 at 7:41pm

Refund has been issued. We are sorry you cannot attend.

Doug Crenshaw   September 19 at 7:25pm

Do you have a host motel?

Alyssa Backus   September 20 at 2:31am

Yes the La Quinta Inn

Dipankar Biswas    September 4 at 8:52pm

Is there a place to camp nearby?

Alyssa Backus   September 5 at 6:42pm

We have a discounted rate going at the la Quinta inn off Drew Street and 19. It will be under the Tampa Bay disc sports club

Ray VanDeWalle   September 17 at 5:51pm

Is there camping nearby?

Reed Hancock    August 21 at 3:05pm

What tees will each division be playing?


Mike Kessinger    August 12 at 2:18am

I have to back out. Please refund my entry fee.

Mike Kessinger


James Jurden    August 6 at 6:45pm

No Advanced Am Group?

James Jurden   August 6 at 7:30pm

AH, thanks!!

Big Matt Hodges    August 5 at 3:00am

Players pack? Trophy only?

Alyssa Backus   August 7 at 1:55am

Player pack plus trophy

Matthew Brobst    July 31 at 11:42pm

What is the cost of this tournament?


Ken Sapp    July 21 at 10:30pm

Will this be a 1 park tournament?