2019 Farragut Open Presented by Dynamic Discs

PDGA logoFri-Sun, September 27-29, 2019 at Farragut State Park in Athol, Idaho
Pro A-tier / Amateur B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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Christine Huestis    5 days ago

Any chance of another FP40 getting in? If not, I will move to FPO. Thanks!!

Jason Petersen   1 day ago

Anyone can get on the wait list, it is very likely I will let in the wait list entrants.

Vlas Bezugly    August 14 at 6:30pm

Is there still any chance to register? Or at least get on a wait list? Thanks.

Jason Petersen   August 15 at 2:47am

Wait-list is open!!

Ron Krippner    August 2 at 6:22am

I messed up on the deadline...any chance I can get in? I played last year and would love the opportunity to play the amazing courses there again. MA50. #89220

Jason Petersen   August 4 at 9:01pm

You're in!

Keahi O    August 1 at 5:10pm

Can I get a withdraw and get a refund. Wont be able to make it.
Alan obra


Jason Petersen   August 1 at 10:37pm

Refunded! Sorry you can't make it!

David Nunez    July 31 at 4:45pm

Can i reg today and pay tommorow?

Jason Petersen   August 1 at 5:39am

Sorry I'm not able to do any of the 20 favors anyone had asked. Today alone I've had 7 requested.

Jason Petersen   August 1 at 10:48pm

If you want in send me your info.

Jason Petersen   August 5 at 3:23am

Last chance if you want in.... contact me

Loren Marchand    July 30 at 4:44am

How can I add camping to my registration?

Jason Petersen   July 30 at 6:26am

Your email should have an "update registration" link in it. Follow it to add camping to your registration.

Wes Warren    July 29 at 5:13pm

I'm bringing a 25' camper trailer. Can I get in the 5$ camping with it? I saw the 5$ camping at sign up but didn't see specifically that it included trailers. Possibly I can pay the 5 a night for camping? I plan to arrive on Monday. Should I plan on camping at another location until 5$ camping is available? Thank you for your time.

Jason Petersen   July 30 at 6:28am

Great talking to you today. Thank you very much for sponsoring. You can use the "update registration" link in your confirmation email to add camping prior to the event.

Floris Lanske    July 18 at 2:43pm

I've never played a sanctioned event. New to pdga... I'm guessing it may still be warm in sept... is there a dress code? For men or women?

Jason Petersen   July 21 at 7:54pm

A tier so yes casually there will be a dress code. I don't plan on being to harsh on that however. it might be cold, or even raining, I'd bring clothes for both conditions unless you track our local weather.

Carolina Halstead    July 14 at 5:12pm

If we decided to camp, can we stay longer than 4 days? We’d need 5 night for sure. Also, is there running water or electricity?

Jason Petersen   July 16 at 12:27am

We only have 4 nights. If you wanted a 5th you would have to reserve it with the parks department for the extra night. There is water but will not be power.

Carolina Halstead   July 19 at 8:11pm

Awesome...thx! Are the nights specific?

Jason Petersen   July 28 at 2:33pm


Rick McCabe    July 8 at 4:38pm

I really hate to withdraw this toury.. I got wedding go to :(. will see you guys next year!!! please refund. thanks


John M    July 6 at 10:05pm

In regards to the camp sites, I paid the $20 for a camp site during the registration. Is there anything that needs to be done? Do I need to contact the park and reserve a specific spot etc? I just want to make sure I do whatever I need to do to ensure my camp spot is reserved. Thank you!

Jason Petersen   July 16 at 12:25am

Campsite is a huge area. No need to do anything except check in with our host when you show up.

Damon Severson    July 1 at 9:15pm

Have any idea what's the schedule like ? Gota ask for time off to play just wondering what days I need to before I sign up. Also what courses am40 play?

Jason Petersen   July 4 at 11:26pm

Round 1 will be Friday, 10am. Not sure your course yet, but advanced and above will be on cutthroat. September 27-29th.

Travis Crawford    July 1 at 1:34pm

I'm sorry, I'm going to have to drop out of this tournament. Please refund.

Jason Petersen   July 4 at 11:26pm

No problem I will refund you today.

Justin Picard    June 28 at 2:31am

Any word on the players packs and maybe/or how the event is going to be going. Having a hard time finding anymore info besides just the dates for the tournament.

Jason Petersen   July 4 at 11:24pm

Packs haven't been fully done yet but ams will receive a 1/4 zip embroidered longsleeve and multiple discs as well as other items valuing over the reg fees.

Johnny DeArman    June 11 at 2:20am

How far is the camp ground from the main parking lot

Jason Petersen   July 4 at 11:23pm

Campgrounds are approximately 2 miles from the courses. There will be people with room to carpool over if you do not have a ride.

Jim Van Scyoc    June 6 at 12:37am

What are the campgrounds used by rv's. We'd like to pay early to make sure we get one, thanks

Jason Petersen   July 4 at 11:22pm

You can park your RV at the same campsite as the campers for the same 20 dollars. There isn't hookups, but it's a lot cheaper than the RV spaces in the other parts of the park. We do not have hookup sites but you can contact the park directly if you would like to find out more

Jim Van Scyoc   July 6 at 4:12pm

Ok thanks

John M    June 1 at 3:57pm

Is there a players pack? If so, what’s in it? I already went to your website, but it takes me to the 2017 Tournament page.

Jason Petersen   July 4 at 11:19pm

Players packs haven't been fully decided on, but all ams will receive an embroidered longsleeve 1/4 zip and multiple discs along with other items. The website change over hasn't happened yet, I will update when it does.

jared Mcglinchey    May 28 at 6:56pm

I have to drop this event I have a wedding I have to attend.
UGH!!!!!!!!!!!! Life is so complicated. Please refund me

Jason Petersen   July 4 at 11:28pm

You've been refunded. Enjoy the wedding!!

Jason Petersen    May 24 at 3:00pm

It is per person. The park is 17 minimum per day for locals and 52 pretty day for anyone who comes through. So we are getting the best camping deal every at Farragut for this event at 5 bucks a day. You can pay day of when you get to the camp site.


Dennis Stoneman    May 21 at 2:14pm

Is camping $20 per tent, or person. I want to come up with 3 teen boys to compete as well, but we will all be in the same tent.

Jason Petersen   July 4 at 11:20pm

Per person is technically how it is, but just pay for you and I will allow the boys to stay free.