2018 Hyzernaut Team Qualifier

Saturday, February 24, 2018 at Stony Creek Metropark in Shelby Township, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

Come out and play for free for a chance to win a sponsorship for the 2018 season. We will be playing both ... more
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John Allport    March 1 at 3:20pm

Will scores be posted?

Noah Carroll   March 1 at 6:32pm

Yes I had some flooding in my basement so it might be a few days

Noah Carroll    February 25 at 9:59pm

Had a busy day planned today. Scores will be up by tomorrow morning


John Allport    February 25 at 5:01pm

Did anyone ever grab hole 5 blue CTP?

Noah Carroll   February 25 at 9:53pm

All the ctps came in

Miles McLaughlin    February 25 at 4:54pm

Who won 13green ctp?

Miles McLaughlin   February 25 at 5:12pm

I was a foot and a half or closer to the pin on that one.

Noah Carroll   February 25 at 9:53pm

I got you, pm me your address

Noah Carroll    February 24 at 10:12pm

Thank you to everyone that came out! Please feel free to use the feedback option. I’m still learning and anything constructive will be appreciated

lyle downing   February 24 at 10:26pm

Had a blast and looking forward to being apart of the team! Only suggestion is to schedule a break in between rounds

John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan   February 24 at 11:02pm

No. Never!

John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan    February 24 at 10:05pm

Great time. Appreciate the chance to play for a spot. Keep up the good work

Noah Carroll   February 24 at 10:11pm

Thanks for coming!

Noah Carroll    February 24 at 3:59am

With our recent dropouts we only have 2 on the waitlist im sure you will all get in


Noah Carroll    February 24 at 3:31am

Just getting home from glow league. I’ll have the reg list updated in a bit


Steven Massey    February 24 at 2:42am

I’m gonna have to cancel as well. My boss needs me at work tomorrow last minute :(


Jeff Dible    February 24 at 2:17am

Will I have to pay to use the course tomorrow.

Noah Carroll   February 24 at 3:31am

It is a possibility

Noah Carroll   February 24 at 3:57am

Jeff i have you registered twice?

Anthony Dimech    February 24 at 1:30am

Hey guys i have to drop out cant make it out tomorrow


John Allport    February 24 at 12:55am

If possible, Jason Williams and myself on the same card. I'll love you forever.


Kyle Newman    February 23 at 10:59pm

I’d like to play, can I wait list? Am2


Juan Ruelas jr    February 23 at 10:50pm

Noah unfortunately I can't make it just been informed I have to work tomorrow. Attendance Mandatory. Freaking sucks.


Mike Shaw    February 23 at 9:23pm

Unfortunately Kathryn Chappell and myself are unable to make it, have fun everyone!


Noah Carroll    February 23 at 6:57pm

Pretty sure the registration/waitlist is up to date. If I made a mistake please let me know. For you guys on the waitlist, if we are a few over the limit I will get everyone in. Pay to play may or may not be in effect tomorrow so plan accordingly. Please bring $5 for ace pool/ctp if you want in.

If anyone else can’t make it please let me know

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James Cherry   February 23 at 7:06pm

Awesome. Can't wait. See you out there.

James Cherry   February 23 at 7:08pm

Pdga 95244

Miles McLaughlin   February 23 at 7:20pm

Yay thank you

James "Chef" Wilhelm    February 23 at 5:45pm

I will not be able to make it out. Please remove me from the list. James wilhelm #26815


Miles McLaughlin    February 23 at 5:10pm

Looking forward to playing this. #2 waitlisted. Trying am 2

Miles McLaughlin   February 23 at 5:11pm

If possible same card as mike visger

John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan    February 23 at 1:15pm

Have to back out. Just got asked to work tomorrow. Sorry.


Mitchell Wilson    February 22 at 5:57pm

please add Mitchell Wilson and reid frescura to the waitlist for open please, thank you