2018 Hands to the Sun

PDGA logoSat-Sun, July 14-15, 2018 at Seymour Lake Park in Oxford, Michigan
B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Come join Murder Mitten Disc Golf Club at our 2018 Hands to the Sun tournament. This will be a B-Tier event fo ... more
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Shrimp Boat Captain    July 16 at 1:46am

Great job Miles and staff! Curious to see the ratings for seymore!


Miles Lawrence    July 15 at 10:55pm

Thank you to all who came out and made this year another success.


Curtis Stimac    July 15 at 9:26pm

Great Tournament!! thanks for everything! Loved the all the extra holes that were added. Good JOB!


Michael Lee Cook    July 14 at 1:44am

Bump to an 2 please I'll pay the difference tomorrow


Jeff Bauman    July 13 at 3:22pm

Mama said I can play. As long as I’m not gone all weekend! Yay!

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Jeff Bauman   July 13 at 4:37pm

Believe me I wish I could! I love that place and had free room and board to boot. Life got in the way of this one.

Tim Sylvain   July 13 at 7:35pm

All good Jeff, just giving you a hard time.

Daymon Pugh   July 13 at 11:39pm


Miles Lawrence    July 12 at 10:54pm

For those that plan on attending the 2018 Hands to the Sun tournament this weekend we will have a water cart patrolling the course keeping people hydrated.


Miles Lawrence    July 11 at 12:12am

Distances for the extra 9 holes for Hands to the Sun are now final. Orange stakes with pink ribbons are at the tee pads. Orange stakes with yellow ribbons are at the baskets. Hole A starts after hole 3 across from the silo where tournament HQ will be. Hole E shoots to a 100’ radius island. Hole F is not laid out because there are baseball games through the week but the tee pad is 15’ off the home plate and the basket in on home plate at the other end. Hole I does not have a basket ma ... more


Curtis Stimac    July 8 at 8:34pm

can you move me to AM3

Miles Lawrence   July 8 at 11:41pm

got it

Curtis Stimac   July 9 at 12:45am

Thank you

Miles Lawrence    July 3 at 3:03am

I’ll have the extra 9 holes layed out and playable (with flags and stakes) by Monday afternoon.

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Curtis Stimac   July 9 at 8:31pm

did the extra holes get put in?

Miles Lawrence   July 9 at 9:06pm


Curtis Stimac   July 10 at 2:40am

Thank you

Brandon welch    July 3 at 2:20am

what's par for the 27

Miles Lawrence   July 3 at 3:00am

83 but it could be 84 depending on if I can stretch one of them far enough.

Steven Farrell    July 2 at 10:57am

What is "Vendor Booth"? I've never seen this before. Thanks for any info

Miles Lawrence   July 2 at 1:20pm

It is for people that want to set up and sell discs and merch during the player party after the first round.

Steven Farrell   July 2 at 4:05pm

Ahhh, gotcha. Thanks for the reply.

Miles Lawrence   July 2 at 4:20pm

No problem. Hope to see you at the tournament

Jeff Dible    June 24 at 11:52pm

Is there a reserved amount of players that have to sign up in order to still have the tournament

Miles Lawrence   June 25 at 1:51am

No, I anticipate people will be siging up closer to the event. We've had good turn outs in the past for this event.

Jeff Dible    June 21 at 6:48pm

Where can someone camp at cheap that is from out of town

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Miles Lawrence   June 21 at 10:17pm

I believe Addison is closer

Ben Jackson   June 22 at 3:11pm

Addison is closer, and has a better course, that's never flooded with people like holly gets.

Michael Lee Cook    June 18 at 6:39pm

Players pack sponsor?

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Benny G.   June 19 at 1:25pm

Trilogy stamped discs****!!!!

Miles Lawrence   June 19 at 3:56pm

Yea if you’re wondering what manufacturer we went with it’s Trilogy. The discs will be quite colorful, one could say their bursting with color.

Michael Lee Cook   June 30 at 8:06pm

Sweet !

Matt London    February 23 at 11:00pm

If I want a players pack will that be available for purchase when paying for the registration on 3/1? Or do I need to contact you "Miles" after registering? Thanks!

Miles Lawrence   February 24 at 7:30pm

It's available upon registration like the side bets and vendor booth.

Matt London   February 26 at 5:43pm

Awesome thanks!

Miles Lawrence    February 4 at 6:03pm

Player pack contents and cost has been updated.


Miles Lawrence    February 4 at 4:07pm

The 2018 Hands to the Sun tournament date has changed from June 16-17 to July 14-15. The tournament has also changed from a C-Tier to B-Tier event. The cost for entry per division has not changed and I am considering trying to do some sort of added cash. More info will be given at a later date.


Miles Lawrence    December 23 at 3:57am

If you dont see a division you want i can always add it.

Mysti Belcher   June 23 at 11:10pm

Are women allowed and what would they sign up under if they can?

Miles Lawrence   June 23 at 11:13pm

Yea women can play, we actually encourage it. We have 6 women’s divisions currently.

Mysti Belcher   June 24 at 12:19am

Awesome thanks!

Miles Lawrence    December 23 at 3:56am

Looking at Trilogy for this years player pack disc. Info updated about the player pack in the about section.